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101 Faroese
102 Sicilian
103 Cambodian
104 Balochi V 1 Comment
105 Lao
106 Jarawa
107 Korean

Korean is wonderful and smooth to the ears. The flexibility of the language even allows it to pronounce words in other languages almost identically. It really puts a person at ease just by hearing someone speak the language (calmly), it's not heavy and doesn't have a lot of twists and turns to the sound. Although it was "borrowed" from Japanese, the way it's written is totally different. The shapes of the letters are adapted from shapes of nature, and looks simple and clean to one's eyes. Korean, like other languages, is cool.

Korean is very easy to learn with the right mentality and it is very structured and is good for all practical uses (sciences or daily life). It can also pronounce out sounds like English can do with most languages and has a complex history. Many of us English speakers don't know anything about Korea, but it should be in at least the top 20. Japanese sounds good but not good when anybody says it, English is cool and all but we should all consider Korean more often!

It is so cool! Korean language is the sweetest language laugh out loud laugh out loud because when we talk it sounds so smooth and it is easy for us to learn! KoreaN IS THE BEST!

Korean laguang is smooth languages to everyone the writing is not good but when they speak sounds natural to the ears so much in south korea

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108 Assamese

I personally feel that Assamese is more sweeter than Bengali... Some Bengali letters have very sharp pronunciation but it is not in the case of Assamese...

Assamese is also a feminine language, the way people pronounce the language is heart touching.

I submitted a post on the beauty and importance of Assamese language yesterday. But it's not reflected here yet. May I know the reason.

Assamese is a most beautifull language of would.

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109 Pothohari
110 Sinhala

When someone speak it, it will express his feelings well. Not like other languages it can express the feelings very well. There are some languages when you speak it, it shows no any feeling, just like reading a newspaper. But Sinhala is not like that.

The best Language which gives the deepest meaning of every thing we want to express in our lives. Also it's unique!

Many don't speak it. It' has a wide range of syllabus. Tough grammer but can express each and every feeling/thought/idea!

Sinhala is the most beautiful language in the world...

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111 Maithili

I think maithili is the most sweetest language

This Is the one of Sweetest Language in The World

Maithili is undoubtedly one of most ancient languages in India. "Mithila" was mentioned even in Ramayana. Its originated from Sanskrit like most other Indian languages. One of the most beautiful sounding languages! It sounds so soft, the words sound beautiful and I basically love the way it sounds. As a saying goes "you don't need a teacher to learn Maithili".

So sweet. Language in the world

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112 Cantonese

Of course Cantonese, Canton Pop, languages for Hong Kong, Macau, some in South East Asians and overseas Chinese as well.

This is a language nobody wants to speak

113 Hukapan

Hukapan is the best language ever. Commonly used in Sri Lanka. Comes wirths a great reputation of being the most sexiest language ever.

114 Marathi

In the simplest way if you are able to convey your feeling efficiently, you know Marathi.. ! It's the language spoken in the central and Western India and have been cultured by the Great Kings who saved Maratha Empire which is today the Backbone of Indian Economy. Being very similar to the national language of India, Hindi; Marathi has very old history of literature with lacs of poems written by saints and other poets.

Many people aren't aware of this beautiful language, this is the reason why it is behind in the list.
For me Marathi and Bengali are the most beautiful and Sweetest of all..
English, Spanish, Tamil, Punjabi and others don't stand a chance near these languages...
Other languages I prefer will be Italian and French. I'm saying this because because I speak all of the languages I have mentioned above and there, MARATHI Tops the List (Bengali, being equally Sweet)

Marathi is sugar, in the world no any language like Marathi, Bengali is not like Marathi

I proudly feel I'm marathi

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115 Nepali

Nepali is sweetest language originated from sanskrit. it consists of highest vocabulary, easy rhyming, has highest number of respectable words, easy to learn, read and write,

NEPALI is the best and sweetest language in the world.

Nepali is the best best language in the world


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116 Hungarian

Hungarian is perhaps the most expressive language, but using it at such a level is extremely hard. It's my native language, but sometimes I still find myself lost, when I try to express myself.

Hungarian is hard to learn, but if you do, you can express anything in a single word. And it is also a beatiful language, which can sound however you want, for example spiritual in the Bible or agressive in a metal. Whenever somebody explores the beauty and uniqueness of this language, he/she will be pleased. And even more, the Hungarian poets write like Shakespeare, just easier to understand

It's the third most melodic language in the world
It's a very expressive language and its said that it has the most etymons meaning ancient elements than any other language today which is almost 70% the second language with the etymons that is still spoken today is tibetan-sanskrit with just 12%

117 Thai

Chinese & Indian twists combined into one that makes this language smoothed as silk...THAI! - VNTMFans

Lovely like cat speaks

Let's travel here!

Smooth as silk... - VNTMFans

118 Chittagonian

This is a local language of Chittagong, people of Bangladesh. But it is totally different with its accent and its vocabulary. of course it is one of the sweetest.

119 Santali
120 Dogri

Dogri is the most sweet language


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