It is also known as "Hela" meaning the language of the 'helios" or the Sun. Scientists believe that the language may have been bought to earth by aliens. Therefore Sinhala has been used to communicate the friendliness and humanity of mankind on board spaceships sent to discover extraterrestrial life.

Sinhalese (or Sinhala) is the best extensible and modular language in the world. The two most under-appreciated features of the language are:
1. The alphabet is based on the actual sounds a human can make.
2. The words have root-meanings and based on that, the meanings of more complex words can be understood.
The pure Sinhalese is NOT a derivative from Sanskrit. It in fact is much older than Sanskrit. However, the current flavor or Sinhalese is a mix of the two. Simply put, its the most scientific language I have come across.

I followed Sinhala literature and language just because I am Sinhalese. I have been USA for a long time and I can tell you that one of best and very emotional languages in the world is Sinhalese. I believed that's because the influence of Buddhism which is very advanced philosophical religion, but now a days due to globalization and competitiveness in the world the appreciation of beautiful languages have gone down and I don't see a problem because its impossible to change the world but if you wanna be little bit smarter and understanding about the world you could learn about hidden smart cultures and languages I promise that it will change your-life, but realistically its hard to learn it also there's no use in financially so I know only few will learn it but that few is very lucky, according to my perspective.

World best language to express ideas. In English we just only can explain ideas. But Sinhala language is the best that we can express idea mixing with love, affectionate, kindness, sad, sorrow etc. Also we can express and communicate as it embark at the bottom of the heart of the listener. I love my language even English is the most popular through out the whole world..

Best Language in the World. Sinhalese or Sinhala is one of the very few melodious languages in the world. Sinhalese no doubt becomes one of the most fertile and greatest languages in the world and space as well.
Sinhala is most beautiful accent and most beautiful alphabet. It has evolved for over 6000 years. It still is the most beautiful language on earth.

Sinhalese has shared its roots with PALI and SANSCRIT and has lot of usages decending from those languages. Specially PALI is the language that Lord Buddha spoke his sermons which is considered as the noble truth of the nature and all the living beings. Today the PALI is a not used, the next candidate for PALI is absolutely Sinhalese. The Total Teachings of noble truth Lord Buddha can be learned in Sinhala without any loss. Sinhalese is a language that should be archived and protected for future.

In my opinion Sinhalese also known as Sinhala is the most beautiful language in the universe. The accent, words and letters are unique. It has a great history too. A person who can speak in Sinhalese, can identify any accent in the world. That is a very unique fact. On the other hand the language is really polite and beautiful.

Sinhalese is nice language and very flexible. It can control by thousand ways to express our opinion. Some feeling can not express using other languages but Sinhalese can do it. There are interesting flow of words. On the other hand using Sinhalese, we can make songs, poems in interesting way. Because Sinhalese is most beautiful greatest language on earth.

Most advance and melodious language in the world according to my opinion. Its quite easy to use and it is nice to hear when it is speak by another person. Any word in the world can be easily pronounced by using Sinhala language and also it has a over 6000 years history which is combined with the Buddhism.

To be Honest I am not that familiar with this language but still Love it, Few months back I accidentally found some nice Sinhala Songs Sung By a Singer named Mariazelle which made me to fell Love with this Sweet language.

Sinhala has complete alphabet because of it Sinhala people can pronounce any 'sound' the world..

Sinhala or Sinhalese is a very versatile language. You will find that ancient Sinhalese is more pleasing to the ear, very simple and yet can be used to convey any message comprehensively. The other language I like to hear the most is Hindi, which is also Indo-Aryan.

Sinhalese is very beautiful language. It is said to be a alien language. Evaluation over 2000 years now its end up with round shaped fonts. It has technical sound background rules and grammar. If is isolated language which is only used in in sri lanka among sinhalese people. But it is well survived and universal language that was shipped out to the space as well.

This is also known as Sinhala. As natives in sri lanka we speak this language. This language contains many letters. So the user is able to freely express his idea easily. Having many letters has given us another advantage, we can learn and use other languages easily. So we can adopt our tounge to speak almost any language in the world with a bit of practice..

I am a Sinhalese, and I can say that for us Sinhalese it's very easy to learn any language because our mother language is very rich in phonetic and has a very long alphabet, so pronouncing any foreign world is easy for us compared to my other native language spoken friends.

Great alphabet, nice pronunciation, Sinhala is the best language because Sinhalese people can pronounce other languages very well also

Sinhalese is a the mother tongue of the beautiful little island of Sri Lanka. The language comprises of many syllables which makes it easier for anyone fluent in Sinhalese to be able to speak any other language with ease.

Best literature language in the world & has great history. A person who can speak SINHALA and pronounce well he will able to pronounced any word in any language easily.

Sinhalese is a language that probably has the most beautiful script in the world. It's letters are roundish and very pleasing to the eye when you read a passage.
What is fantastic is you can write exactly what you hear (no ambiguity) and similarly you can pronounce exactly what has been written.
Also you can write almost any sound in the world & it is amazing how this language that is spoken only in the island nation of Sri Lanka has evolved to such great heights.

The most beautiful language in entire world. And its also my mother tongue. The pronunciation in sinhalese helps to speak any other language in a fluent way.

"A language rich in words for any aspect of technology, art and sociology. Sinhalese is the most powerful language when it comes to expressing philosophy and emotions since it is easily adaptive and supportive. Last but not the least it holds the most beautiful set of letters in an alphabet.. "

A good language with lots of variations. In sinhalese we can express our feelings better than in English. A complex language. Hard to learn. But so much easier to use.

Sinhalese or Sinhala is the language that cause the least confusion when expressing anything. What ever is written would be pronounced the same by any person and vise versa, unlike most other languages thus enabling any sound to be pronounced the correct way.

This a very beautiful language with wide range of potential. Yes its bit hard to learn but once you learn you will never leave it or the people who use it.

The most versatile language. The meaningful words which can be created from the different permutations of the letters are exceptional. Even though this language is very old, it is still applicable for the modern age.