Best L'Arc-en-Ciel Songs

The Top Ten

1 New World

They are my faith♡

2 Anata
3 Hitomi No Jyuunin

Beautiful lyric and melody!

Hyde at his best

4 Hoshizora

Only few of their songs speak of humanity. Awake Album has some of them. And to me this song is one of the greatest songs about peace/war in the world.

5 Ready Steady Go

Fullmetal Alchemist. Need I say more.

6 Joujoshi
7 Link

A great FMA movie opening. One of their best.

8 Stay Away

One of their bests. If it can keep you coming back again and again without fail, you know it's one of their best songs.

9 My Heart Draws a Dream
10 Fourth Avenue Cafe

The Contenders

11 XXX

From the last album.. This song is the best

12 Chase
13 Blurry Eyes
14 Pieces
15 HHH
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