Best Las Vegas Hotels

The Top Ten

1 Excalibur
2 Bellagio

I hate gardens, but I LOVE their conservatory! (and also the lobby and the fountains out front! )

3 Mandalay Bay
4 Venetian

This and Caesars Palace are the 2 best and most beautiful. Trust me and please VOTE! - rambomoore9999

The mall inside is cool. It has boat rides

5 The Mirage

Their staff is friendly and helpful. I was a visitor, not a guest (I was a guest of the Linq that is across the street) An employee at Cravings (their buffet) assisted me when I had trouble figuring out which dispenser to use when I tried to make a cup of tea. I was in the casino and I saw a menu for one of their restaurants and while I was reading it an employee that was standing nearby said hi to me. I smiled and said hi back. I would come back here.

I love the volcano out front!

6 Cosmopolitan

This hotel is SEXY! It's beautiful and absolutely perfect for women. It was made for women basically. Also, there are apartment suites, made for living permanently. This is very professional and sexy and amazing!

7 Caesars Palace

The Forum Shops is so cool!

8 Wynn
9 Paris
10 Encore

The Contenders

11 MGM Grand

What happends in there stays in there

12 Harrah's
13 New York New York
14 Palazzo
15 Treasure Island
16 Element Hotel L.V.
17 Aria
18 The Hotel at Mandalay Bay

It's now called Delano

19 Monte Carlo

Now Park MGM

20 Stratosphere
21 Riviera

This hotel no longer exists. It closed on May 4, 2015. I visited it on June 15 that same year (6 weeks after it closed), and it was imploded 1 year later.

I only checked out the exterior since it was no longer open during my Vegas trip. I liked the glass exterior and all the decorations.

RIP 1955-2015

22 The Quad

I stayed at the Linq on my Vegas trip in 2015. The rooms were very nice, the casino is clean, and it was pretty inside. The staff are friendly, too. The only complaint is that the elevators were very slow. Most of the other guests that were staying there also got frustrated with the elevators.

It's now called the Linq

23 Circus Circus

I heard their buffet is nasty

24 Luxor

I think the pyramid and the sphynx are very cool. The interior is very elegant and furnished with good taste. Also the staff was very polite.

25 Planet Hollywood
26 Bally's
27 The Flamingo

This is a classic that was one of the first Las Vegas hotels ever.

28 Delano Las Vegas
29 Trump International Hotel Las Vegas
30 M Resort
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