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281 Blue
282 Burns

Heat burns and so does this

Really cool name - Organ

Seeing this made me think of Mr. Burns, the mean, old, rich guy from the Simpsons. 👍

283 Sterling

Linsey Sterling. Just a cool edgy name.

Yeh Lindsey is pretty cool.

284 Occhipinti

MY LAST NAME! A Crawford member is my enemy take Crawford off that list - Jake09

285 Russell

This last name actually is pretty cool! Iv'e never heard a last name like this... And whoever put the longer comment your right, it does sound strong and brave but also generous. Hearty name! :) Plus Jack Russell is a good name! So is Fred Russell, Jane Russell, you need a really strong first name though... names like Alice Russell, Lily Russell, don't really add up.

To me this last name sounds strong and brave. I like names that somehow add to your personality. Think about it... Nina Russell, Jack Russell, AMAZING! They sound like something out of a book! Maybe I could use it for my new book... :D

This is my mother's maiden name. I've always loved it.

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286 Evertson
287 Stormrage

Storm rage...damn, we got a badass over here


Very badass

288 McKinley

I like it because it sounds great!

289 Nawrocki

Hey! This should be on this list it's my best friends last name! - Jackal2272

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290 Stalin

Do you guys realize that Joseph Stalin muddled millions of people? And you call it "sexy?!?! "

So beautiful and sounds so sexy!

Joseph Stalin. All I have to say.

I really like this last name. It's unique, I don't think I've ever seen it before.

291 Messina V 1 Comment
292 Metz
293 Hatchaway

I think someone liked the name Hathaway and just modified it to make this name.

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294 Jennings
295 Rogers
296 Jutras
297 Standridge V 1 Comment
298 Bruce

I think this last name is awesome because I love Ben Bruce from asking alexandria

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299 Malloch

OH.NO. I had a teacher who's last name was Malloch and he taught us CTS, math and art... I think. But we probably only had one social and art class a month because all he did was math... and it wasn't even the right kind! It was addition for kindergarten and we were in grade two and so now whenever I do math I feel REALLY pressured.

300 Murdoc

I love this name, I love the gorillaz

First class just rolls off the tong

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