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381 Shelley V 4 Comments
382 Kroger

Simply because at the end of an epic movie, this guy's name comes on the screen 'Wolf Kroger" and that's an awesome name, as agreed by both my brother and myself and we never agree on anything.

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383 McBride

This is my last name! I am Irish so you see. I get teased a lot. Whenever people see me coming they sing, "Here comes the bride. " It gets annoying!

Well known barer; Danny McBride.

384 Vercetti

Like Tommy Vercetti From Grand Theft Auto vice city. Good Flordia name.

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385 Goldsmith

My friend has this last name!

386 Chance
387 Evansky
388 Skylar

Trenton Skylar is the name of one of my book characters

I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky! Laugh out loud.

389 Brewer

You all know you can say "lol" instead of "laugh out loud" all the time

Hey that's my last name. I love it because it means beer! Laugh out loud

390 Burke

The name is awesome. In fact, ITS MY LASTNAME, SURNAME. IT'S IRISH.

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391 Leto
392 Kryptonite

I'm sorry, I'm just having trouble believing that this is an actual surname. Kryptonite? As in Superman's only weakness, Kryptonite? That's just... Wow.

So there should be an evil girl in Superman that has this last name. She could be his nemesis because Kryptonite is his only weakness >

Wow I would love this last name. Supermans weakness. I love superman he is awesome I would just like the last name

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393 Normand
394 Rayne V 2 Comments
395 Amaya

It's of Japanese origin and means "Night Rain". It's my last name and I absolutely love it because it's my two favorite things as my last name! It also would really be cool for a story character's last name because it's kind of mysterious and exotic. Hope you like the meaning at least!

Beautiful name means night rain. But it's actually a first name.

It's a Japanese surname not a first name.

396 Young

My crush's last name, and it is just that YOUNG. Sounds hip, plus anyone who has this name has had to deal with people thinking they are karate warriors... Which I wouldn't mind

This last name is pretty rad. It's so classic. Plus, you can say that you are "Forever Young" which is really cool.

This surname is amazing! It's my boyfriend's name and it's so amazing

The best last name ever I wish I had this last name This is better than other last names.

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397 Fleming
398 Cooper

Cooper is just so original and it goes with everything, Liam cooper, Tom cooper, ashlee cooper.

My last name :) laugh out loud also a lot of bussinesses etc. Not to mention lots of background that comes along with the last name as well.

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399 Everdeen

Hate to bust your bubbles, but Suzanne Collins did not create this surname. Also, this is my neighbors and best friends' family name. They have bore this name for many generations before Suzanne Collins novel became published and popular.

I tried naming a character in my book Winter Everdeen and all my friends all though of the Hunger Games... I didn't even know she had a last name.

Suzanne Collins was a genius to think up this 1

Like the Hunger Games! :) I'm in the middle of Mockingjay right now! It is awesome! I can't wait to finish! I especially like Finnick!

400 Thornton
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