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461 White
462 Faber

Short,simple and unique

463 Vargas

It is a noble last name in Spain and people with Vargas as a last name are highly respected.

464 Garner
465 Spaulding

Like the name, but absolutely the worst 5th grade substitute teacher EVER! She kept telling us this story about a baby bear she had while growing up, its name was Suzy

466 Mech
467 Wines
468 Oborne
469 Nyodok
470 Zuzuarregui V 1 Comment
471 Airhart

I don't know why, but this last name makes me remember Amelia Earhart.

I don't know why but this last name reminds me of air fart

My new married last name is Arehart. It's so unique, I love it!

I seriosly read Airhat...

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472 Dumont

Meaning from the mountains.. In ancient times the strongest men owned the mountains or hills.

473 Mendoza

Mendoza is a cool last name, and it's colse to mine because mine is Mendez. I wish I can change my name and last especially last name Into Valentine.

It is more like a Hispanic last name so... all of the students to have those.

Wow, That's my second name, and I CAN believe it is in the 158, I just think Mendoza sounds like... Sounds like.. Like, I don't know, it must be something strange asdfghjklñ :D

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474 Weedon

It's just josh wheedon spelt wrong... Once again..

Can you tell I'm obsessed with marvel?

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475 Reguso
476 Kasparian
477 Hill

My 1 grade teacher name. Best teacher EVER.

Cool name - Organ


478 Bayliss
479 Kavanagh

Laugh out loud this is my last name! I didn't think I would be on here... #260 though. At least it is better than Deltz laugh out loud.

This is my favorite teacher's last name...

480 Bennett

A family name with great significance in American history.

BONNIE BENNETT! The vampire diaries

My last name and I love it! Also, pride and predjudice, succchhh a good book/movie!

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