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101 Phoenix

Such a cool and unique name. Definitely works better as a last name than as a first name though. - Organ

I wish this was my last name

Derrived from my favorite-- River Phoenix

This is a first name for one of my characters. Phoenix Nakumara.

102 Bieber

I hate Justin, how can you love him?!

Justin beiber is a terrible person and I would feel sorry for anyone besides him who had to have that lastname. JB spits on his fans, arrives 3 hours late to concerts, he's gotten drunk and pissed in the cleaning supplies of a restaurant, he forced one of his security guards to carry him, he asked a beautiful young girl who was hanging out near a pool with her friends if she was Hawaiian and when she said no he said "oh well I thought you were since you look like a beached whale" and many other terrible things! This pop star is someone I'd never want as my last name.

Gross name. Sad person. Terrible role model. He's not "misunderstood" he's just plain stupid. I like Usher... But man... He made a mistake. Should have left that kid alone in his bedroom making stupid music. We shouldn't have to deal with him. Get your act together boy.

My brother in law name is Bieber

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103 Cole

Cole is a good name for someone who is big, brawny, and wants the ladies.

It's kinda mysterious.. good for my fictional character

Cole Holland, ha

J Cole

104 Finn

As soon as I saw this I thought 'finn hudson' that's how addicted I am to glee

Love this name as a first or last name.

I love it because of Finn Hudson


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105 McCartney

;) Nothing like the famous singer Paul McCartney! I love his music it's good no doubt and timeless. I don't know I just find his song writing easy to relate to and good. Don't kill me if you disagree.

I love it... that's my last name, I'm gonna be missing it considering I'm the only daughter so the only one who has to say goodbye to McCartney.. and hello to this next guy who is gonna have a hard act to follow behind Paul and this lastname.

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106 Sming V 1 Comment
107 Cassidy

Hasn't this name already made an appearance? Oh well, I guess it's fate that I choose it.

Does make me think of wind club man I love that name

108 Doshier

WOW! That sounds just like Dasher! My crush's last name!

109 Forbes

Good strong name! It doesn't hurt Forbes tell Us who makes the most money$$$

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110 Polanski

This is polish last name

Polanski is kind of uncommon like my last name so that's why I like it.

I think Polanski is a wonderful surname cause it's like Russian plus German and it's also UNIQUE!

This name is cool!

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111 Guns


This list name cracks me up. Haha
DAMN. Is there seriously someone out there that really has this last name.

This is amazing, I would so want this as my last name

Don't say swear words!

Just imagine your teacher on the first day of school (this will be random names of kids t and teacher) your teacher Mrs.Gonzales is calling role call Jeff Anderson Billy Baker Carter g.. Guns... *everyone laughs* - Carri796

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112 Harry

I actuually think about the book harry potter whenever I hear this name and I think it is good. I like it

I love the name harry. When I hear it I think of harry styles from one direction. Love that name.

I love this last name because when I hear it I think of HARRY STYLES I love him so much by the way he is from one direction!

Adri Harry... no... Harry Potter... no... Harry Styles!

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113 Gayheart

This would be THE WORST last name to have in 6th in middle school. You'd totally be teased and locked in lockers. I shudder to think of it. If you're last name is Gayheart, you're probably a cool person but I pity what you had to have gone through in high school.

I think it weird it like "hi my name is john gay heart and no my heart is not gay! "

Who says gay is bad? Oh yeah... Bigots

Teacher: This is our new student... would you like to introduce yourself?
Me: No not really.
Teacher: Why?
Me: MY NAME IS *bleeping* GAYHEART

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114 Electra

Awesome surname! Reminds me of Carmen Electra, rawr

Reminds me of a marvel superhero.

Makes me think of the plane.


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115 Ice

Well, it's my last name, and I've been told its really cool and unique sounding and it fits with my weird first name too so I like it!

Gives a cool chilly, mystery feel to the character. perfect for me

Blaze Ice... yeah...i don't think. Blaze is hot and Ice is cold (temperature wise)

Whoever has this last name is either as smooth as ice or...really cold. - Chocolate-Chip

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116 Muslim

Muslim is NOT a fake religion! You have no right to say it! This it why people these days are dying: BECAUSE WE ALL THINK OUR RELIGION IS THE BEST.
personally I wouldn't choose this last name, but I guess it's okay

I love this last name, but is it really a last name? Sounds like I'm dreaming my fantasy

Amazing just like the Religion

Thanks ♥️

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117 Costa

When I think about Caroline Costa, I just have to say that I love this last name. It is a beautiful French last name, and it flows perfectly. Very elegant and casual-sounding. I just love it.

I like this surname for stories... And this good if the name in your story is Chloe Allison Costa its sounds like cute right?...

Cool because costa sounds like an awesome plate of food

Just like where I live. Costa Mesa, California! ❤❤

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118 Sage

Cute, but not my favorite.

This is my first name!

This name is really cute.I might use it if I write a book

Short, catchy, easy to say, not use it being a last name...

PERFECT! Alaric Sage, I like it

119 Fitzgerald

My friends last name is Fitzgerald

JFK's full name is John Fitzgerald Kennedy; F. Scott Fitzgerald was an American authour during the 1920's.

Like Ezra from pretty little lairs! Xx

It's Fitz

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120 Coleman

I feel it goes with so many things. I'm writing a novel and some of the main characters are Pearce, Avery, and Tori Coleman. Easy to work with.

Coleman like Jenna Coleman, the actress who plays Clara in Doctor Who

I absolutely Love this last name! Its just my favorite last name, I'm not sure why but it is

My last name Cameron Coleman

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