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121 Richardson

Just because I'm bias...

So now Harper Jean Evans's crush is...
Not Spencer Dragonslayer - Magenta_Flame

122 Nightshade

One of my favorite last names ever... Zoe Nightshade!

Ya Zoe nightshade! Tell the stars hello -Bob the titan - Percy Jackson series

Isn't Zoe Nightshade from Percy Jackson. Because if so I love her. I vaguely remember her

Awe! Have fun in the starts Zoe!

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123 Ashwood V 3 Comments
124 Gretzky

#Wayne gretzky only the best ever hockey player

Sounds like stylish name.

Sounds like S.O. with a rash, S.O. who can't stop scratching!

125 Corradini

It's one of those unusual but really cool names. Just look at the flow: core-ah-dee-nee. I'm naming my character Jynx Corradini. It goes! :D

THIS IS ACTUALLY AN Italian LAST NAME! Since I'm Italian, I think it's super cool to see a popular last anme from my region on this website

126 Armstrong

So many awesome people with the name armstrong. Neil Armstrong, who walked on the moon, and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, one of the coolest bands ever.

*flexes sparkling muscles of manliness*

Voting because this is my surname lol

I love the lastname armstrong because I love the band Green Day, especially Billie Joe Armstrong.

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127 Contreras

My friend from high school has this last name. She's awesome.

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128 Frazier

Bennett Frazier

Love this last name

Nia, from Dance Moms

129 Villalba

This is the name of a town in my island lol

That is my boyfriend Angelo's last name

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130 Dong

How did this even make its way onto the list? Lol!

Someone with a long dong?

Isn't dong like dung (poop) of the DONG of a bell?

I pity the person with this last name

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131 Simpson

This is my middle name.

It's so cool its like Cody simpson


! The show the Simpson's are so lame and retarted! and what's with their hair? Lols!

132 Kumar

Kumar is a Sanskrit word meaning "Prince". It's the 8th most common family name in the world, looks like everyone wants a princely last name.

Its amazing to seen here... i

133 Hollywood

OH... On my English text book there was on each chapter a story of a girl called Holly Wood. It made me crack up

Oh my god did you just run out of last names?

My grandma's cat was named Holly Wood. So yeah. This is nice.

" Best last name EVER!

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134 Prasad
135 Raj

That's my elder brother's nickname so...yeahh...

136 Drakalski V 1 Comment
137 Leach

I'm making a story, And I need a last name for one Character, Zeke, Zeke Leach is perfect for this last name!

Badass name. Plus, Jesse Leach from Killswitch Engage was an awesome vocalist so that adds to it I guess.

That's mine. Liam Leach

Our headmistress is called Amanda Leach

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138 Djokovic

Yayy novak! Lolol. It's a really cool last name because of the letter 'v' and I agree, the spelling is cool too.

All these names suck, except for Djokovic :). Its not my name by the way. My last name is Kalenius. - TheGreatest

I had a Serbian foreign exchange student and I like this name

Wow. sounds german

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139 Brandon

Same here I loved my boyfriends name to

Brandon james from mtv's scream

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140 Phillips

Ugh where the heck is my last name. But Phillips is the best after that. How many of you peeps hate your last name, and want to change it to like Smith or Johnson.

Hey Phillips is the last name of the guy who won American idol one year! LOVE him!

Phillip phillips from American idol and my great grandparent's surname. I love it

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