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161 Coal
162 Stockton

It's a great last name, my best friends name is stock so I wouldn't mind having that name

163 Chandran
164 Kumaran
165 Potter

Dobby will always be there for Harry Potter

Holly Cricket! You're Harry Potter!

I'd never want this name. You'd always be referenced to Harry Potter, it probably becomes annoying after a while.

HARRY POTTER! - marshmallow123

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166 Reguero
167 Jericho

Chris Jericho is a great wrestler. And also a great singer so I definitely agree.

I love Chris Jericho the wrestler and singer. He's awesome and the name Jericho sounds so cool and fun to say.

Chris Jericho for life. I just love this name because it's the last name of one of my favorite wretlers.

"And the walls came a tumblin' down..."

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168 Allen

That's the perfect last name for the girl in my story! Thank you!

Allen because my friends last name is Allen

I love this last name

so cool - Organ

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169 Brooks

I literally have the name River Brooks. Seriously you don't know where that gets me in life. I mea. People go "you're kidding right? " Nope.

My first name is Brooke... so nothing against this name, but it's a common last name, and it's quite annoying having my first name be similar to a common last name... especially when my peers have it as a last name. Oh well. :P

I'm writing a story and Aaron Brooks is the perfect name for the annoying cute boy that my narrator hates, then likes name

Love this last name! It's perfect for my book

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170 Bird

Yay my last name, when explaining my last name is bird sometimes people hear bert. I reply with "bird you know tweet tweet bird", usually gets a smile or a giggle

My mom's last name is Bird and they say "Bird's the word ya heard? " and it's too funny.

I had a teacher with this last name in 5th grade. She was so intimidating back then, but now I'm taller than her!

Oh I really like this name. It really stands out.

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171 McFadden

Such a cool name! I know a cool guy with this name too!

I know a girl at my school with this last name. It sounds kinda weird... Just saying

This is perfect for a story I'm writing

My teacher's name - marshmallow123

172 Bennington

Chester for the win

Sounds like a famous monument somewhere in London

LINKIN PARK! Best Nu-metal in the world.

This sounds so cool!

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173 Acosta

Sounds so chic! Maybe like a designer's name or something... Probably just thinking that because of Lacoste or something. Haha!

Aurora Acosta would be a really cool name.

My two last names are Flores and Acosta, I love my Mexican haritage and names.

I don't know, I like this name a lot, but to me it sort of sounds like a cliche bad guy with a lot of money to burn. Like, "I don't care how much money it was, all I know is that it Acosta lot." :[

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174 Trump

This is a really good name, only real cool kids have this name. Let me tell you about this name, a friend of mine down south, real cool guy, he had this name and he was great guy y'know real cool kid. Best part about him was he really liked walls, liked making walls great. I think anyone with this name can make anything great again. The wall just got 10 feet taller

No offense, but not a Trump fan

It's not common that's for sure. I prefer one syllable names for people of action, noble characters. Trump fits but it's famous by another of enormous fame.

Amazingest last name ever!

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175 Daniels

This is my last name. :3

Laugh out loud This is my last name too :D

I like Daniel bacuse it is nice and Irish. My last name is Kerst, which sounds like cursed­čśĹ

176 Ellis

Love this last name! I'll use this one for the main character in a short story I'm writing... Nina Ellis.

This is justa really nice, cool, and classic last name. I know that a lot of authors, have the last name Ellis. I love thjis name! I think that it's so awesome!

It's my last name. Laugh out loud. My name is Acacia-Rae Ellis and I think it works for a lot of names such as a crazy name like 'acacia-rae.
A lot of authros do have this last name as well as some characters too. Just make sure you do say it with the 'e' sound not an 'a' because some one once said my name as 'alice'!

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177 Fisher

Our old school principal's last name was Fisher! He unfortunately retired last year, but every single student loved him. He was an all-around great guy and I have nothing but positive associations with this name!

Sam Fisher, any questions, thought not, maybe one of the most badass name

Cousins last name is Fisher! It's a really unique name and can produce the nickname 'sushi' witch I think is super sweet and different, as well as there being a reason behind the name.

Iv got two words for you: sam fisher

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178 Arnold

It sounds like a butlers name, but it is certainly better than Neild.

179 Morris

This is my last name and no one has even put it yet so I was forced to add it in order to feel better! - JHLover321

Heather morris! Love this last name

My last name is Morris. cx (My name is Cura Morris..._. It's strange yet I like it. )

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180 Malik

Zayn Javad Malik because this guy was in my favorite band for 5 incredible years

He's better off separated from 1D. It's about time he came to his senses and thought "what am I doing with these"

My awesome friends last name is Malik!

I FOUND MALIK... 3 down two to go

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