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21 Rocio Durcal

Lovely classy lady great style, the songs that she sang we're beautiful I miss her very much. I'm glad she recorded a lot of songs in her life.

I wish I would have discovered her earlier in my life. A gringo, it took me a while to get into researching the great talents from Mexico and Spain. This lady was tremendous talent.

I loved her singing and the way she holds her self when she sings

The best!. She is not the best rankef in billboard because the latin tracks, pop latin sings and albums were created at the enf of the 89s, if not she would be better ranked. That is why sings like La gata bajo la lluvia, tarde, fue tan poco tu cariño, me gustas mucho, no lastimes mas, jamas te dejare, tu que fuiste, costumbres, amor eterno, dejame vivir, diferentes and many others are not included in her billboard hits.
She is the greatest if all the times.

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22 Maite Perroni Maite Perroni Maite Perroni Beorlegui is a Mexican actress, model and singer/songwriter, who is best known for starring in Rebelde, Cuidado con el ángel, Mi Pecado Triunfo del Amor, Cachito de Cielo, La Gata and Antes muerta que Lichita.

She is a good singer I like the song eclipse Luna wow amazing song

Very talented and a good singer. She is beautiful.

The best and pretties singer and actor.

23 Gloria Trevi

She is the queen of latin pop, she is the Mexican Madonna, she is the best Mexican singer, you can hear her son Me Rio de Ti, Habla Blah Bah English version, Dimelo al reves

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24 Ana Gabriel

Cannot believe she isn't in the listing! Should be at, or near, the top of the list!

Raw emotion and true devotion to her craft

25 Irene Cara

Nice expressive voice with a few great hits she wrote or co-wrote

26 Olga Tañón

Olga is the best singer in her generation. Her vocals are absolutely amazing. She has it all as a performer. She is the ultimate role model for any young artist!

27 Anahi

She is a very good actress. She sings good and is very pretty.

Bery good actress and singer! And she also very very beautiful

28 Manoella Torres

One of the sweetest and beautiful voices that I have ever heard for me she's number one, I wish she had more songs recorded especially Trio and mariachi songs

The most beautiful voice in the world, I knew her back in the 1970s she puts so much feelings in the songs that she sings her singing makes the beast in me calm down.

Great female singer has the prettiest voice I've heard. Very soothing. I love the songs that she sings.

She puts so much feelings in the songs that she sings. Who does that?

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29 Dulce Maria

Dulce Maria is a great latin singer and songwriter

She is so pretty

30 Ednita Nazario

I'm in shock that this singer was not added. Her voice is very soothing and the quality of her work is impeccable. She is a true singer, timeless and current. She is not as young as the rest listed which leads me to believe your comments are added by a younger generation.

Love Ednita! Great songs, wonderful interpretations full of passion...

31 Caro Esmeralda

Considered the "Queen of Mambo, " this highly talented Jazz star from Amsterdam in the Netherlands sings "A Night Like This, " and "That Man. "

She is also known as Caro Emerald and Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw.

32 Sheila E
33 Soraya

I couldn't think straight when I look at this lovely woman. Her face is gorgeous, her figure fantastic and her legs are awesome. She is so sexy and so beautiful. When I listen to her albums I cannot forget how sad it is that she is gone. Luckily I cannot get her out of my mind, she is there every day. Her voice is so pure, her interpretation of songs is wonderful, she plays guitar with passion and she is such a kind and lovely person. Soraya was and is the most gorgeous woman in creation. I love her and miss her so much.

Very beautiful and very talented. Great songs and a lovely person. Cared so much for others. So sad she is gone. Very very lovely person. Miss you Soraya I love you forever.

Lovely woman - great singer and very caring person. Although she is dead now - when I watch her videos she still lights the fire of desire in me. Very, very beautiful woman.

Wonderful singer and performer. Miss her to this day.

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34 Kika Edgar
35 Lucha Reyes

Another wonderful singer who's hardly mentioned any more. Great voice.

36 Paula Fernandes

"Sertanejo" singers, well-known in Brazil and Portugal.

She is best...wondeful singer and person

37 Natalia Jiménez

She is an awesome singer... I prefer her songs at LA QUINTA ESTACI�"N, however she is still a great singrer (I know she is "Spanish" but is latin music)

38 Rocio Banquells
39 Rosita Serrano

Better than any other female Latin singer

40 Concha Buika

You can listen to her and make her nr1, or make mercedes sosa nr1 and buika nr2 I don't know but you should listen and reconsider. come on!

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