Best Laurel and Hardy Movies


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1 Sons of the Desert

Considered Laurel and Hardy's best feature film - MatrixGuy

2 Way Out West

This is the funniest. It's number 1 on MY list. Didn't know this one existed! - Britgirl

3 March of the Wooden Soldiers
4 Pardon Us
5 The Music Box

More laughter per minute than any other film.

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6 Now I'll Tell One
7 Below Zero
8 Chickens Come Home
9 The Lucky Dog

Their first movie together - MatrixGuy

10 Utopia

After this movie they retired from the screen - MatrixGuy

The Contenders

11 Our Relations
12 They Go Boom

A very early sound short of L & H from 1929. Has many gags requiring split-second timing and elaborate special effects, for the time, and it will make you split a gut laughing. Possibly their funniest short of all time.

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1. Sons of the Desert
2. Way Out West
3. March of the Wooden Soldiers



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