Jung Yong Hwa - CN Blue


Yong Hwa has a very versatile voice with so much power, you need to hear it live to truly appreciate what a strong vocalist he is. His voice is able to carry above the instruments when he does his rock numbers with clarity, nuance and emotion - I've heard him sing live in a concert with other singers and you can tell the difference. His is a true rock voice, it's not about shouting but projecting his powerful voice above the music. I love how he can go from sexy and raspy, emotional and rock, to smooth and jazzy and his transition to falsetto is so natural. And when he raps, you feel that he's telling you a story... I now love everything about Yong Hwa, but it was his voice that first got me to truly notice him.

He is awesome as a singer.he got a wide range.Hearing him live and in action is the best thing ever..When you know he is about to hit the high note, your on your tiptoes. Y, why is the reason why I became a fan and hearing it live made me a fulfilled fan..can't wait for my next CNBLUE concert...but I hope he takes care of his voice because its so precious and such a rare talent..

In a boyband or group, too many instruments or effects in their song which will cover the lacks of vocalist. However, since CNBLUE is band, it's difficult for the vocalist for not having good vocal because band more focus on melody and lyrics of the music..that's why Yonghwa has special voice than others..rasp vocal together with emotionally feeling..as well as awesome self-written song..Keep up your good work Yonghwa and CNBLUE

There are many talented vocalist. Both vocals and techniques, but I think, HE IS one of the best vocalist who could sing almost every kind of songs. Named it your genres. Hip hop, rock, pop, jazz, more and even reage! Not all vocalist have that kind of ability. And he is one that truly blessed. He is also one of kind vocalist who could sincerely deliver you emotions through his singing.

Since the day I heard the voice of Yonghwa, I have formed a habit of listening to CNBLUE's songs every day! Yonghwa's voice is amazing! It's so powerful that it can make you inspired! It's so gentle that it can keep you warm. I love this guy and his band so much! CNBLUE is unique! Though they are handsome, but they work so hard that you can not refuse to notice their talent and the real soul of CNBLUE! Thank you CNBLUE! Thank you for your music and the way you teach us to protect dreams!

Love light really shows off how smooth his voice his and how well he raps. He's also featured in stupid by juniel and their voices blend nice together

If any one think this man is not THE top vocalist just watch The Blue Storm Concert and you will be shocked at how good he is. Lots of singers can sing behind the vocal booth but very few can sing well live. Yonghwa's voice live is even better because he is so full of passion and power. Listen to him singing One Time at that concert and also Because I Miss You,...beautiful man with a class A voice. He is a rock star with a wide vocal range..not a lot of those around.. Keep up the good work Yonghwa, we love you..Fighting

He has that powerful and emotional voice that you can feel and understand the lyrics of the song he's singing. He is also versatile that he could sing different genres from rock, ballad to rap

Unique voice in that it's strong, but has a thin sound at times. Extremely broad range and capable of multiple genres. Maybe because their group is so music centric and do many live shows each year, his voice is becoming even more stable and strong. Wonderful growth in 3 years.

Firstly Yonghwa's voice range is very extensive. He can sing at different genres. Rock, pop, ballad, rap, even R&B. His timbre is sometimes so strong, sometimes so soft, it depends on the theme of song. Moreover, he's not only the best with tecnichal perspective but also he's the best at make you feel song's theme without dispute.

He is simply the best. He sings beautifully and effortlessly. He has an authentic rock voice. So talented and writes his own songs, I mean what more can a person ask for. He is way better than those fame wanna be idiots who knows only how to sing about sex and other foolish things. Yonghwa is awesome and deserve to be with top rockers of the world... No cross that He IS ONE OF THE TOP ROCKERS OF OUR AGE.

Yoh Hwa's voice is strong and unique, masculine and sexy. His voice is different from the other Korean vocalists. Moreover, he's a full package. Besides his brilliant ability in writing songs and composing music, he's got a perfect face, sexy appearance and manly gestures, always wrapped in high-fashioned styles. He is everything a woman wants.

Yong Hwa is humble, He has it all (looks, talent, sense of humor,.. You name it) but He's humble. Also He's good acting skills. He's a good example for the youth. He has determination, no fear, respects his fan, has a good heart, has great personality, he's a good leader (for his band)...! I really love him wish all the best for him! I thank God for him!

After reading all the comment of how great and awesome Jung Yong Hwa's voice, I can only agree to all of it. He really had a powerful voice! I did watch almost all videos that feature his singing different genre of music and I can say that He nailed all of it! Go Fighting Yong hwa! More power CNBLUE!

He simply is a humble boy with a passion for music which resonates in the way he sings. Watching and hearing him perform live is the best way to experience his talent and it's astounding.

He's a great lead vocal. Love his voice, the way
He perform on stage is very awesome. CNBLUE
Emotinal Leader Jung Yong-Hwa No.1Fighting!

Yonghwa's voice is so enchanting and beautiful! It's so calming and soothing too!

He has a very sensual voice that keeps on improving. Not only can he do a solid rock number, he can also sing sweet and emotional love songs. On top of that his beat boxing and rap is also quite good. He is just such a versatile singer.

Yonghwa rocks... He is simply the best out there... he is even miles better than American and British singers. if you want to be convinced just go to youtube and watch Blue Night concert.. He is a rockstar and a great person... Love you Yonghwa... No one is better than you. wish you all the success in the world

Yong Hwa's voice is my absolute favorite. If you ever hear him sing and hear others sing after, you'll realize how trained and perfected his voice is. But if you just listen, his voice soars effortlessly through your heart. You can really tell how much he loves music when he sings. Once you go Yong Hwa you can never go back.

Aside from singing he can do so many things that will make you to believe that he should be the best lead vocalist.

His voice I believe is one of the best, he has a very powerful vocals, he can sing a wide range of style from rock to ballad and can belt high notes which shows the versatility of his vocal prowess. He can also convey right emotions while singing which I think only few singers can do well.

Yonghwa is the best singer ever! You can watch his live perform. That was amazing...

Jung yong Hwa. Is the best male lead vocalist in korea even in the philippines or here in Saudi Arabia I always watch his performances in youtube. I'm totally inlove with his voice not only me but also my friends.. Go CNBLUE I wish to see you soon..

Yonghwa is an amazing singer. His strong voice n singing style is unique in kpop. The best thing about him is that he can sing any type of song and still sounds good!