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21 Lee Junho - 2PM

Junho has immense talent, especially in his dancing. However, his vocal ability has evolved to a greater level after Jay left. His voice is consistent, does not crack as easily (evident in the last two years), soothing and sweet to listen to and his vocal range is quite large. Plus, his falsetto is one of the highlights of 2PM's songs of late, which is a reason why he now shares more parts of higher difficulty with Jun.K. he although is not as outstanding as Jun. K, the main vocal, but he is reliable and is slightly more solid as the 2nd lead vocal, Wooyoung; who admitted Junho's voice was better. Junho, in my opinion is amongst roughly the top 20 vocalists in K-pop

Not just having amazing ability in singing, he has composed quite lot of songs too!

He has a sweet voice and really awesome in dancing...

Junho always the best

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22 Changmin - 2AM

Why he is at the 12th? He can conduct mega high notes

He have high skill, power and filled with emotion while sing, must be big 5

He has a very amazing voice~ I love him so much his voice had me some kind of feeling every each time I heard it, soft but powerful, I'm sorry for my bad English

23 G Dragon - Big Bang

G-dragon totally have a wicked voice to everyone who hears him. I mean who can have the best rap from classy to deep husky voice, while can pulls off full wide range of singing genres. He's a truly powerful and great performer.

G-D is the best rapper! His original voice is quite different from his singing voice. That explains how much effort he puts in his singing. He raps and sings wonderfully. Unique voice. All his songs are catchy!

Hie have got a damn electric voice himself plus hhis ability to rap, sing, beatbox. damn good plus his blessed looks and brains

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24 Jay Park - 2PM
25 Sunggyu - INFINITE

Sunggyu is perfection. His voice itself is perfection. It's so unique and different from other kpop idols' voices because his voice really suits any genre of music - be it ballad or rock. He really pulled off his solo album works really well, bringing out the very rock-ish mood of the songs. If you watch his Immortal Song 2 performances, you could really feel how much passion he puts into his performances. All his performances only leave me stunned at the end. I hope more people would recognise his talent and Infinite's talent as a whole. Woohyun is as good.

This man has a really beautiful and emotional voice. He' also got the power to back it all up. Sunggyu definitely deserves to be in the top 10. It's only a shame people don't realize it yet. What a hidden Jewel.

He is so perfect! His singing skill is one of the top.. his voice really touch my soul. He put his heart and soul into the song. So passionate in singing. His talents together With his unique and cute character, make him a perfect combination of kpop idol. Really admire him.. why he is so adorable? Because.. he is Sunggyu..

His voice is perfection...

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26 Soohyun - UKiss

His voice is simply powerful! You guys should try listening to his voice and then edit this ranking. :)))

I love Soohyun's voice so much! It's really powerful, and ofc that's why he's the power vocal But serisouly. He sings any kinda songs really good. I just simply LOVE his voice.

27 Wooyoung - 2PM

His voice is so attractive and unique. He's also good at dancing. He's young but so clever.

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28 Teamin - SHINee

Taemin's voice is much better than the time he debut

29 Youngsaeng - SS501

There are MANY kpop idols with extremely good vocals. However, I LOVE Young Saeng's vocals. His high notes are AMAZING and he has an angelic voice.

His voice is clean as water but with many color.I love him not because his voice is good but his voice can touch me in the heart.

I like very much his voice... And I love him very.. Very... Very.. Much

Voice of an angel♥

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30 Taeyang - Big Bang

Best Vocalist and Great Dancer

Taeyang is a very good singer with a powerful voice.

The best male vocalist in the Korea so far!

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31 Kim Jaejoong - JYJ Kim Jaejoong - JYJ Kim Jae-joong, also known mononymously as Jaejoong, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actor, director and designer. He is best known as a member of the Korean pop group JYJ, and was one of the original members of boy band TVXQ.

His voice is very gentle and calm. You can feel a lot of emotions when he sings.

Jaejoong puts his heart and soul in to his song lyrics. he works hard and would do anything to keep singing for rest of his life. he has most beautiful singing voice and when he sings you can feel his emotions through his lyrics.

Super love with his voice. Sound so sexy!

Jaejoong voice is so calm and gentle.. his voice also unique.. I love him so much

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32 U-Know Yunho - TVXQ

He has different voices and he has only improved since the split:) You should listen to his new song November with love... I was amazed at his voice and also his voice from Purple Line

I love his voice so much... He improves so quickly... He can sing and dance so perfectly! True God of the East!

Charismatic voice, love you oppa,

33 Sandeul - B1A4

"B1A4's Main Vocal, He has the type of voice that would really catch not just your attention but also your emotions, when he sings any type of song no matter what the genre is he would convey the feelings within and deliver those feeling to the people listening to him. He has a very soothing voice that you can listen to over and over again. And He is a great singer! "

Sandeul had participated some singing competition, such as Immortal Song 2, King of Masked Singer. His performance is really great. Many artists praise him that he is good at singing ballad song although he is an idol. He has the improvement from debut till present.

Sandeul has improved so much since his debut! His talent shines through even when he's singing with his group. His voice is absolutely powerful and he has control of his voice. He knows what kind of style to sing for certain songs. Absolutely amazing. Woo

I'm dissapointed this should be in top 10,
well, we can agreed that people are being biased -__-

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34 Park Jimin - BTS

I don't know what kind of feeling is this but this man is really awesome when he sing. He has a very husky voice

This guy is the fairy prince of BTS. Love this Cutie-pie and his beautiful voice.

His voice is so cute and it's make me happy when I hear his voice.

Park Jimin Voice is so good!

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35 Woohyun - Infinite

Aww Woo Hyun definitely deserves to be ranked higher in this list! This guy does amazing things with his voice it's not even funny. Granted, he probably still needs years of experience and practice to get to that supposed professional level. But heck, what do I know about singing.
What I DO know is that he really does sing with emotion, and by that, I mean serious, deep, intensive emotions that gets you so drawn into the song like he's directly singing the song to you, even if you don't know what the hell it is he's singing or what the lyrics actually mean. laugh out loud ok I'm exaggerating, or maybe I'm not. but you get my drift. He has a really gifted voice that is loud, strong, expressive, to a point you actually get shivers all over. laugh out loud I'm writing this as if he's my all time, favourite idol but that's not the case. I just happened to listen to his song a couple of days back whilst browsing through the internet. never even knew he existed before that lolol. take my ...more

I really love Woohyun Oppa's voice. It's so sweet. Please listen Oppa's Solo Song.

I love Woohyun's voice... So romantic and emotional. He deserves a higher rank.

He is the best vocal in infinite.

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36 EunKwang - BtoB

One of the four vocal of BtoB. He is the one who is considered "expert" in singing (maybe since he's the oldest) in BtoB. His voice is easily recognizable in his range and higher pitches. Though sometimes it is hard to recall his lower range, he still produces quality voice. BtoB itself has a really strong vocal line and one of the band that rarely strains higher notes which is reputable. Overall, Eunkwang has a great potential to develop and become one of the great vocalist in Korea.

Eunkwang's vocals have been enough to give me goosebumps time and time again, which is a rare occurrence nowadays. He has such strong power in his voice and highly believe he is worthy of being called one of the top vocalists of all time in K-Pop.

He's really a good singer

He is amazing I love his vocal. he can do high notes well

37 Lee Changsub - BtoB

He has natural smoky voice and also be an attractive vocalist in BtoB. Despite being eliminated so soon in King of mask singer, he still can be considered to be one of the best singers in Kpop's idols. His voice carried a lot of emotions, especially when he sang ballad songs. He's not handsome as other idols, but he's good looking in some interesting ways. I came to BtoB because of Seo Eunkwang-nim (perfect singer, too), but I stay with BtoB because of Changsub's sweet voice. He is absolutely a good choice to enjoy Korea's music.

I like his voice so much, in my opinion he's the best vocalist in kpop these days.. 사랑'" 창섭 오빠❤️

38 Jin - BTS

I love jin so much but he barely gets any lines

He needs more lines but he is a king

39 Kevin Woo - Ukiss

His voice is so sweet! No one's voice can compare with his voice.

His voice is just amaizing! The way his voice is so sweet and charming it makes you just melt when he sings!

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40 V - BTS

When I first got into bts and looked at v I thought he was cute and is probably going to have a high pitched voice, but then he sang and I was shocked. His deep voice is very calming.

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