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Kim Jong-hoon better known by his stage name Yesung, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior and its subgroups Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-H and S.M. The Ballad.


Yesung's voice is the husky and heavy type. He's actually really awesome in doing adlibs, no other vocalist can do such beautiful and romantic adlib like him. It probably because of his emotion... He gave so much emotions and feelings to the songs, be it singing solo or adlibing in a group. I never felt such rush of sad feelings from any other singer or vocalist out there. After hearing him, I swear, other singers/vocalists went bland in my ear. His voice is not technically the best, but the atmosphere he created with his amazing, powerful voice was always so unbelievable. Try not to break down while listening to his solo songs "Love Really Hurts", "It Has to Be You", "For One Day", if you know what I mean.

One more thing: Yesung really needs a solo album.

There's practically no reason why he shouldn't be the best lead vocalist... In every song he sings, you can always feel the emotions that he put into singing. Many people compare Kyuhyun's voice to Yesung's and choose Kyuhyun but their way of singing is different. Kyuhyun's voice is smooth and soothing, just like a lullaby that can make you go to sleep. However, as for Yesung's voice, his voice is deep and husky and it just makes the listeners feel as if Yesung himself is suffering from a heartbreak or so because he really puts all his emotions into singing. His voice is just... Simply amazing... His vocals amaze me a lot too and he can hit high notes, unlike many other people who said that he can't...

I believe Yesung as the best voice overall, even though there are other great vocalist out there. But there is something about Yesung that sends shivers down my spine. He has a very souled, dark, deep voice that echoes through my eardrums-truly remarkable. Even though his voice is low it can be very sweet and high. Oh how he hits those high notes. His voice is truly art like because he creates masterpieces every time he sings songs. From ballad, to rock, to alternative, to pop, Yesung can do it all. He is even the King of OST! I hope everyone can see that Yesung is a very powerful, professional vocalist and if not best, one of the best artists alive.

Kyuhyun does have a nice, soothing voice, but in my opinion, Yesung is a better vocalist. Yesung is really good at conveying emotion when he sings, which is something I think Kyuhyun (though still amazing! ), can't do as well. I can't actually understand Korean, but when I listen to Yesung sing, it doesn't really matter. I can hear the emotions he's trying to convey very clearly just based on how he's singing.

His unique and artistic vocals consist of various features that cannot be scrutinized into one sentence. Even if this statement is mentioned all-too commonly, it is true that the expression that is filled throughout his singing is his best characteristic when it comes to vocal talents. His technique is well-rounded and his treble is moderately high, therefore a fantastic accompaniment to his natural low and husky tone. This all makes up for his already mature and calm personality that can occasionally scare the hairs out of his fellow members.

He deserves it! No need further explanation! He is an awesome singer. His voice is unique, his technique is above the other main vocals, he is singing not only with his voice but also with his heart. That makes him deserves to be the best lead vocal. His improvisation is so cool! Although he has baritone voice but he can reach high notes. Love it! I think Yesung deserves to be the 1st, then Kyuhyun and Ryeowook behind him. KRY

Being a good musician is more than the sum of its parts. Being in tune, knowing how to shape a line, enunciating words clearly, resonance, appropriate vibrato -- all this matters. But sometimes a performer doesn't have all these perfect yet when they sing they connect and make a deep impression on the listener. Yesung is near perfect in in objective criteria as a pop singer (and sometimes he executes perfectly) but what gets my praise is that he's always looking for the way to connect with his audience, which is why his singing is a living thing for me. He's not trying to be true to the sheet music more than he is trying to express. I can think of many 'perfect' singers who are aesthetically pleasing but whose singing sounds sterile, overly stylized, indifferent.

Listen to his Here I Am album. After doing so, you will agree that he is the best.

I guess I don't have to say about this guy much since all the commenter already said it. All I just wanna say is that please stop comparing Kyuhyun and Yesung. Both have different kind of voice. Kyu has soothing and warming voice while Yesung has husky, angelic and full of emotion voice. This is more like preferable, I like Kyu's voice but I love Yesung's even more.

Because Yesung's voice is better than other members. And Yesung's technique vocal is very good. And then Yesung's voice type is very distinctive, so every part of the songs that he brought, listeners can immediately know that is yesung's voice.

His voice is really addictive. It's soft, husky and soothing, yet can also be strong, heartwrenching and powerful when he wants to. There is just something that makes you want to hear him singing again and again. His high notes are truly amazing, but I think his low notes really need more attention! They are no jokes! Seriously! His voice becomes soothing and it feels like a caress in your heart. I really love his low notes in One Man (Immortal Song 2) and Way (Super Junior Japanese Album).

Yesung is the best singer. He has an amazing voice and all around he's amazing. His voice is very deep but he can get high notes really well. He puts a lot of emotion into his songs and it shows really well.

He can give any kind of emotions to any kind of songs he sings, and he is so beautiful inside and out, caring to his members and to his fans, that's why he's my top bias followed by ryeowook and kyuhyun

I think his voice is magical. He knows how to bring feelings in his voice. Everything just fine about it!

He's very versatile, he can sing many songs. He does the best adlibs among all kpop groups. His range is crazy. His voice is naturally deep and husky but he can also sing very high notes. And the way he puts emotion to the song.. It really moves the listeners.

Although I'm a hottest I'll choose yesung oppa because he has such a great voice and that's a fact that no one can deny, he has huge singing abilities that's why he's among my favourite idols, I wish for him all the success he deserves

I can't say anything because Yesung's vocal is so deep and make someone heard miss his good voice. That's really wonder me. LOVE YESUNG VOICE...! Yesung technic vocal is also really good. Yesung also always sing with high notes.

In every way, Yesung meets the voice characteristics of a leader, from the way it manages to interpret the songs as well as how flies and other voices accompany your group.

It really is a voice in harmony

I think Yesung is deserving as the most beautiful voice in their group co'z he sing in his unique way where in we really feel the songs in our heart so I think yesung is the best in terms of singing and also in dancing... :)...

He is truly the best singer for me in Super Junior and in all of kpop...and I'm not even an ELF but I just like to find those hidden members who people don't give much credit...i usually never noticed him when I first saw SUJU...even his mother said people didn't know he was part of the group...they thought she was lying when she said her son was in SUJU..but then one day when I started listening to their music...this voice shocked me.. And I looked for the person singing but had never really seen him...Yesung-ah...what a beautiful beautiful moving voice!

Another member once mentioned (I think it was eunhuyk in their relay talk) that although there are other really good vocalists in the group, there are still many songs that they won't know what to do with if Yesung was not there. That aside, Yesung makes me understand the emotions behind the songs although I can't understand Korean and I think ultimately that's what singing is about.

Yesung deserve to be number 1 because his voice is suite in all types of songs where in we feel that message of song I really love his voice so much... Yesung fighting...!

I just wanna say.. Yesung's voice is so beautiful. He always sing with his heart, he can put a soul in it, that's make the song more beautiful. He's the best among Suju member when it come to sing, absolutely.. He's the best

The emotion that yesung puts into the song make him become an actual singer and artist. kyuhyun's voice is charming but don't really touch the yesung 's level

What I think is best singing does not mean how much high notes you can reach at... High notes are also important but feeling the emotions of the song is really more important... So for yesung does it...
Just all the best for your future programs... You r still growing...