Best Leaders of K-POP Groups

Choose your favorite leader from your favorite kpop group. Let's see who's gets the most love.

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21 Rap Monster ~ BTS

He's a good leader and really cares for all the members. He deserves to be this list.

He tries really hard as a leader and always takes time to build the confidence of the other members and point out their strengths. He listens to them and does his best to take everyone's idea's and preferences into account.

Rap Monster is a caring and hardworking leader. He writes a lot of the music and helps produce it as well. He has been working especially hard lately with all of the English interviews where he has taken care to ensure all of the members are included even if their English isn't good. His award speeches are always lovely and make ARMY feel excited. "Let's fly with our beautiful wings in 2017 as well! "

He is amazing,fighting

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22 Yuna ~ Girls' Generation

Yoona is very caring and beautiful, but she's not the official leader, so it doesn't really count

I think you meant Yoona and she isn't the leader, she's the visual. Are you new?

I think she is the leader because she always in the center in their dance...

She's not a leader but she is caring

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23 Seung Ho ~ MBLAQ

He has a strong leadership and the other members can always count on him! The relationship between all members of MBLAQ is just amazing. Seungho fighting! You are the BEST leader a band could have!

I strongly believe that being a leader is to be able to understand your members. Seungho is a man that believes in discipline while working and in the respectful ways of daily life. HE's got the Strong charisma to put in line the members and the easygoing attitude to make them feel comfortable around him. HE promotes teamwork, he believes in honesty and makes sure his team abides by it. He is a caring, protective leader; but he still works them hard. He is the backstage leader, always making sure that everything is perfect and safe.

This handsome, charismatic, multi-talented man has amazing leadership skills. He always puts the group before himself. He may be strict but is equally kind, and the members all look up to him. He was Mblaq's manager before they were officially provided with one and would even make appointments and drive the members around. He is capable of reining in the members and is able to put up with all their madness, and at times, joins up with them. He is honest, reliable and has been a constant source of support. They have a wonderful relationship with each other and that teamwork has provided satisfactory results.

Vote for you seung ho mblaq you're the lazzy leader that I've know but still the best vote for you

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24 Bang Yong Kuk ~ B.A.P

The best leader ever. He doesn't steal other members' spotlight he's a good leader. Yes he is!

I'm here because my friend posted this on twitter. And I thought he's gonna be in top 10, maybe. But he's on #22. I'm kinda disappointed with the ranking 'because I think he deserves better! So Babys, vote for BANG YONGGUK! *proud

He led B.A. P very well to the top of their career. And obviously, with his actions he gained respect not just from his members but also from the people around him. Authority is all over him also, but not in a frightening way. :))) B.A. P JJANG!

They are like family, he is literally a father

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25 Yuri ~ Girls' Generation

She is the best leader. She is good at any thing.

Yuri is not leader in girls generation
TAEYEON is the leader she is in 2nd place.. Look

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26 Bo-ram ~ T-Ara

I thought t-ara soyeon is their leader right? But why boram is written in there?

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27 Kyuhyun ~ Super Junior Kyuhyun ~ Super Junior Cho Kyu-hyun (born February 3, 1988) is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, its sub-groups, Super Junior-M and Super Junior-K.R.Y., and a former member of the South Korean ballad group S.M. The Ballad. He is one of the first four Korean artists more.

Kyuhyun is so cute he is my idea man. His voice melt my heart down. But I am so sad because ha and ma are not the same age. I am younger them him

Because he is my bias

Kyuhyun is my bias in super junior and leeteuk too

I vote for kyumin vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote for for for for for for for for for for you you you uuu kumin

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28 Eric ~ Shinhwa

He makes sure every member is included, even if it means lees face time for him. He kept a group together through every member's personal struggles. I believe if it were any other leader, Shinhwa would have broken up by now due to the kpop industry. He is a rolemodel in not only what it means to be a good leader, but what it means to be a good person.

Shinwa is the long lasting idol band because of their great leader, he took care of everyone and achieve someone no over kpop band can achieve which is lasting for 17 years simply the best!

Always rise to the occasions when the Shinhwa members and Shinhwa Changjos need him. The fact that Shinhwa is still active in the industry is enough testament to his leadership.

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29 Bae Suzy - Miss A

She is the most talented and the most beautiful and to become leader in miss a...

Go Suzy...

Fighting unni.

She's an awesome singer and talented actress I love missA's suzy to death

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30 Jo kwon ~ 2AM

A leader who, even though experienced so much hardship, has always tried his best in everything he does and knows perseverance well enough to not quit for the group's sake. He, who been through 8 years of training in JYP before debuting as 2AM, has always show his cheerful side to the audience. With his experiences. With his 8 years experiences as a trainee, he knows how to lead the group in whatever they do. Kkap kwonnie!

31 Sunye ~ Wonder Girls

She is the best leader! She very kind and takes good of the members.. She is really respectfull to her fans

32 Soyeon ~ T-ara

Best T-ARA leader ever. I watched all T-ARA documentary, video, shows and I can see she's a natural leader even when it's not her turn. She is not the type who ordering people around but her opinion and the way she delegate with members and others are really professional.

Hands down the cutest leader of all time. Cute, while really mature.

The most beautiful and cute and talented leader of all time. - kreefan11

Bullying people doesn't make her a great leader lol

33 Qri ~ T-ara

Although she is very shy but she is still a good leader and everybody love her and she really takes care all the members of t-ara really really love her ^_^

34 Kim Jaejoong ~ JYJ Kim Jaejoong ~ JYJ Kim Jae-joong, also known mononymously as Jaejoong, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actor, director and designer. He is best known as a member of the Korean pop group JYJ, and was one of the original members of boy band TVXQ.

Because he is the best, he is a kind person, and he is always worried for others, and cheering up to his members in their differents projects

Because he's an overall talent. Voice, looks, everything etc

I don't know about him yet, but I can see it in his face, he is very awesome and has a leadership character (? ) Haha

I love kim jaejoong

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35 SooHyun ~ U-KISS

He's the one who keeps the members chins up, the one who makes everyone happy, the one who makes us laugh, the one who's silly but serious, and the one who will never let us KissMes DOWN! Fighting U-Kiss!

Soohyun is the best leader for me because he's the one who makes everyone happy in their group.. Go! Fighting! Ukiss forever

Althought you kiss are not very popular they are slowly becoming popular NEVERLAND heard of that its one of thir most famouse song I've been chasing them for only 2 years, you can aready test me anything about them I will give you the answer...

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36 Zico ~ Block B

He is extremely talented and has worked so hard. His songs and melodies are amazing, his raps are so raw and he's just a great producer and leader. Zico does so much for block b and works so hard for their success, he doesn't even get any sleep sometimes.

Why is Zico so far down the list? In my opinion, Zico should be no. 1 because he's so hardworking and dedicated. He helps with the production and song writing. So underrated.

He's the column of block B. A born leader! Powerful, respected and at the same time loving and cute ;))

I love you zico

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37 Donghyun ~ Boyfriend

Boyfriend still very new, but they now what they are doing and they not make waste of it. Donghyun as a leader, always being positive to the members and guide them not to lose focus.

Donghyun oppa, being 6 years older than the group's maknae, takes good care of the other members well. He can make his members listen to him and he's a big support to them. He also tries to maintain a friendly atmosphere among the group despite the age differences. Oppa, Fighting!

He takes care of his members

He is agood leader

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38 Seo Eunkwang - BtoB

He's a really easy going leader who connects with his members really well. Though the members always bully him, he laugh it all off with his cute little laugh lol

Eunkwang oppa is the best leader ever love him

Love this dude! He's really funny

Best leader ever

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39 JB ~ JJ Project

JB is always looking out towards his members. He can tell when something is wrong and it's always supporting them and hugging them. He's so passionate about his career and how he cares for his members proves this. He puts his members well being before his, which can be seen in their T.V. shows like Real Got7. For example: Jackson once asked him how he felt and instead of answering he asked Jackson instead how he was feeling. Overall, JB is almost smiling and is very positive an caring.

Vote for jb he is a good leader to his member

I love you JB! Fighting!

JB is the best leader.He always take care of his members and he's so hard working...lots of love for JB the best leaderā¤

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40 Jinyoung ~ B1A4

Jinyoung makes an excellent leader and even the members agree that his leadership is great. Baro once said that Jinyoung is the "best leader in history". He is strict when it comes to work, but is very gentle, sweet and thoughtful towards his members at the same time. He leads the team well by knowing exactly when to work and when to play. He is also full of talent which is evident in him composing most of B1A4's songs including the title tracks. In addition, I think Jinyoung has improved a lot compared to their debut days. Not only has his vocal abilities improved, his composing skills have greatly improved as well. He is constantly trying to improve himself, and even though it is obvious to most of us BANAs that he has no passion for dancing, you have to admit that he is quite a good dancer. From watching their dance practice videos, you would think he is the second best dancer in the group, with CNU being the best. He always works hard and is the last member to go to bed, ...more

Jin young is very good and have good talent so that he is a good leader. He is intelligence. He is lead for his group. And he is handsome and cute. His smile is very beautiful and than his eye is shining like a star (twinkle). He is perfect side by side when looking which angle. I like his voice, his voice is very attraction sharp and clearing. I love you because his manner I like, he is good elder and he love his group. He always care his group. His member what do they need that he known. I love you more than I can say. Jung Jin Young and his member (Sandeul, Gong chan, baro and CNU) GOOD LUCK! Every dangerous would they pass thought, this is my wish. WITH THE BEST WISHES! LET FLY B1A4 FIGHTING!

What makes Jinyoung the best leader is that he knows how to act as a father to his groupmates, a leader who is full of compassion, he even said before that he wanted to be known as a real musician who really really loves music. He is a leader who has a huge dream, and once you're a leader with that dream you should not forget to bring up with you your companions, and that what he is doing. He knows how to be humble, he do things to improve himself in purpose but not to be on top over his members. He's not greedy with popularity, the fans just find him admirable and worth to be admired. He is a leader who leads, he is not like a road sign who teaches the direction yet remain standing in his post, he is a leader who go with his members to the way he leads. Aside from that, he is very talented, singing and writing song lyrics are always his forte. The song he produced were all great and it's not deniable why he's being admired by the people all around. It's his personality who made him a ...more

Jinyoung is the best! I will support him no matter what happen to him. BANAS FIGHTING! B1A4 FIGHTING!

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