Sunggyu ~ Infinite


Words can't express my feelings for Sunggyu. He is just such an amazing leader. He is not self-centered and he even takes care of his members. And often worries about them more that he worries about himself. He really has a great responsibilities and never fail to lead the group so well. Each of the members in infinite are so close to each other, they even share out their worries and personal things to each other. They are the most sincere group I've ever seen in all kpop bands. And they are truly a family. When they are tired of practicing for their performance, Sunggyu takes the members out and spend time together and tell every single one of them to just do their best on the performance. The songs the sang,the dance they performed, are all sincere. And the most important thing is he always does his best in everything. He is truly an inspiring leader to me. It doesn't matters if he's not the best leader. Because to me, he is the best of best!

Sunggyu deserved his place as one of the Top 5 best Korean singers. He also known as the best leader. It's great to hear that the members said they respect him.

You have to see Sunggyu in real life, the shape of his face look so nice and unique, I think he's handsomer without makeup. When you see Sunggyu's smile in real life, you would say that he have the best smile out of all celebrity. Sunggyu look tall when you stand next to him, I'm 5.5ft, but I'm not even close to his ears, and he just have on normal sneaker that day, NO heel lifts. AND his eyes are so cute, especially when he smile.

He can't stay mad in a long time.. But it doesn't mean he couldn't be a strict leader! And the members admit that nice relationship in INFINITE can become like this is thanks to the leader, Kim Sunggyu!

Of all k-pop group leader I think sunggyu is the most gave his part on doing the role of being leader cause he spent his time not only in on on-going stage but also off stage just like a father, brother of other infinite members but also a good adviser to them they follow him because they know sunggyu will decide properly for the improvement, and the best for them like true family of him. His so sweet, thoughtful, energetic, and also hardworking leader, so in my opinion his better if he ranked no. 1... iF THEY know more of about him and if they didn't know well our GYU... SO PLEASE GIVE SUPPORT TO HIM

Why is Sunggyu last? Come on, he is one of the best leaders! Even weekly idol voted for him, he got 8th place! Moreover he is very cute, funny and takes good care of all the members! I believe he deserves to be in top 10 best leaders!

When you watch Sunggyu closely you see that behind the jokes he really cares for his members. And he also let's his members just joke about him knowing that they love him ;)
And even though sometimes he looks a little harsh, eventually he means the best for INFINITE!
Love you leader Sunggyu

Sunggyu is the best singer and leader. The people said that Woohyun failed to sing 41 days, he tried but couldn't make that unique sound like Sunggyu. Sunggyu wrote that song very hard for other to sing, even the members approved. Personally, I think Sunggyu is the best when it come to sing in INFINITE. Sunggyu's voice fit all kind of songs, his high notes sound sharp but gentle. I also like Woohyun's voice, but Sunggyu's voice is better. Sunggyu quited Immortal Song due to oversea scheduled, I really wish that he'll come back and sing in his cute style again. We love you, Leader Gyu

Sunggyu deserved his place as one of the Top 5 best Korean singers
You have to see Sunggyu in real life, the shape of his face look so nice and unique, his skin still look good even when he don't have makeup on, I think he's handsomer without makeup. When you see Sunggyu smile in real life, you would say that he have the best smile out of all celebrity, but his smile also the best when he smile on television anyway. Sunggyu look tall when you stand next to him. I'm 5.5ft, but I'm not even close to his ears, and he just have on normal sneaker that day, no lift. AND his eyes is so cute, specially when he smile.

Sunggyu take care of others in his own way...
He is multi-talented leader.. Nice voice, can play guitar and piano.. Handsome and cute.. Love sunggyu!

At times he may look tough and mean to the other members, but you could seriously tell that he cares for them, with every bone in his body. All the teasing he does actually brings them closer to him and as a group. One factor that makes their strong chemistry with another is possible is the fact that he's really carefree and open with the rest, so it makes them feel more comfortable with one another. This, and other things, makes him one of my all time favorites in kpop. Sunggyu oppa saranghae~

Sunggyu, Prince of emotions, he deserve that nickname. You can see that Sunggyu actually don't cry as much as the other members, but that doesn't mean he's not emotional. The members once said that Sunggyu can hold his tears very good. Sunggyu seem to laugh very easily. Woollim's CEO even said he loves Sunggyu, and not just CEO, but also his manager and the workers/staff members in the company loves him. Everyone who's talking and working with Sunggyu said he's polite, very smart, and easygoing. The managers specially thanks Sunggyu because he can help them a lot at backstage. Sunggyu is very funny, the way he talk or his actions will causes laughter to the watchers. Wow! Best leader.

Sunggyu is the best leader because he has string leadership skills and isvrry confident. He is organised and helos to discipline the members to get the best out of them. Also he is vety considerate and caring he almost seems like a sweet protective father. Sunggyu has the utmost potential and deserves to be crowned as the best leader. Evidence is when you look at Infinite they in synch and their performances and almost perfection! ) The result is coming from the leader.

Fan fiction

Last month when Infinite are having an interview for their comeback 'Reality', some members accidently caused attention to Sunggyu's currently dating. When the MC asked them about how they would treat their girlfriend or where they want to take her to.
Woohyun- if I have one I will take her to a beautiful place
Sungyeol- if I do, I will surprise her by making a special performance
Sunggyu- I would take her to a quiet place
Sungyeol- sunggyu hyung will drive her to Jeonju, where's he grown up, because there have a lot of quiet and nice place
Sungyeol- he secretly drive there a lot these day
Sunggyu- ( smiling uncontrollable ) yah, what are you saying, enough be quiet.
Some members on the back shout out- he always act innocent every time we talk about this, hyung, one day the public need to know.
Sunggyu just smiling and seem a bit shy. We're just fan, but after hearing these thing, it's hurt our feeling some how. Of course we know that Sunggyu ...more

But a leader is a friend, help them, understand them, supports them, has been able to create a family so different being a group including

Can't believe sunggyu is not in the top 10! He's the first one that comes to my mind when I hear best leader. Though he can be lazy and playful at times, he knows when to be serious and will really get down to business. He's vry responsible and despite his cold exterior, it's obvious he truly cares and understands his members. A true leader kim sunggyu!

Honestly he seems so genuine and caring towards the members, yeah he is strict but he's the leader and their friendship and brotherhood is dead clear to everyone

Sunggyu is the best leader! He deserve 1st place. Personally, he really inspire me as a person. FIGHTING!

He loves his member a lot.. He really takes care of them.. He is the best leader for me.. Eventhough his members always tease him but actually, they really respect him.. Sunggyu will do everything to support his members

He's funny! Always cares about the group. Always buy things for the members likes Korean beef. Nice, very good vocal

Sunggyu truly cares about the group a lot and provides many advice for his members. Sunngyu, as far as I know, is a leader who really acts like one. He strives to keep infinite members constantly improving and even though sometimes he may appear strict, he just wants the best for Infinite and its members.

The best leader of the best band ever...

Sunggyu really the best for the members, INFINITE JJANG!

Sungkyu is the best leader! He is cute with his small eyes and nagging a lot around the members, I found it somehow cute

He's the best leader you can ever ask for. He's absolutely adorable, and he doesn't mind having fun with his brothers.

Sunggyu is the best leader because he always thinks what's the best of all his members.