Yong Hwa ~ CNBlue


He is the best leader in K-Pop, have a entertainment show that I saw, BigBang's Seungri asked Yong Hwa is it CNBLUE's member buy clothes are use his personal card to pay? He answered yes. And in another show, CNBLUE's member also said that when the year they debuted, only Leader Yong Hwa was working and doing all activities, and when their name were getting known, Yong Hwa could show some kind of attitudes to them. Not only these, Yong Hwa get all the income will absolutely divide with his member. He such a good brother and good leader. Keep it up Yong Hwa Oppa.

One of his many best qualities is his considerate nature! He thinks deeply and further ahead! He genuinely cares about the feelings of the people around him! His passion for music and to succeed gives off a very positive effect too. I kind of feel the energy so those closest must definitely feel it! He is also quite the fun mood maker! One serious hardworking leader but on the other hand can make you laugh TOO much!

This man never takes a rest! Not only does he have an amazing voice and a lot of charisma, he pushes his band members to practice as much as they can and works hard to make the best songs he possibly can! I love you Yonghwa oppa! Fighting!

The best leader. Knows how to balance everything. He is also a very good hyung/elder brother to his members. He's not greedy/selfish and always shares his spotlight to his members and give a part in every song especially on live concerts. He loves his members so much like real brothers.

He has his share of frustration, dissapointment, and drama in life but when he face his members he never shown any sign of it. Instead he show them a strong, realiable, and dedicated leader that they can rely on. This is to make his members be inspired and not be discourage at all. Facing the so complicated entertainment industry, he show a stronger, passionate, and determine leader of his band. Always leading his group in achieving their goal. As an artist, he is always appreciative towards his and their band's many fans. As an individual, he is matured in his age, talented, charming, charismatic, passionate, responsible, and kind hearted. His cheerful personality also added to his charm. Bonus factor is that he is extremely handsome.

He is passionate about his music and I like that he's the role model of his whole band. He's a very talented lad and his compositions and music has great quality in it.

Yong Hwa is probably the best leader in K-POP right now. He is not only Multi-talented doing everything from composing songs to singing to acting to variety shows to MC-ing, he also promotes the CNBLUE albums with as much sincerity as going on a world tour. He ensures all his band mates were giving importance and helped them grow as well. When they were a rookie band in Japan he single handedly promoted CNBLUE and ensured that all the earnings were split amongst the four band mates thus encouraging the feeling of loyalty and brotherhood by his actions.
He dares to take risks and is also very smart, intelligent and avoids scandals that can hurt the image of the band.

Multi-talented Yonghwa is an all rounded entertainer. He is Singer, composer, producer, musician, event host, actor & what say you. Above all, he puts his heart and devote to CNBLUE. He leads them in through debut to fame. He put in all his energy in their albums, during the concerts. He makes sure that his band members has places to shine in his compositions, be it brass, drums or guitar rift. Always the best.

He's charismatic, incredibly quick on his feet, innovation, funny and he can play multiple instruments, compose and has a voice of an angel. He is an inspiration to his band members.

Emotional leader.. He wants his members always at his side and they always loved being together as four.. he's so cheerful yet serious leader when it comes to work he wants everything in order to make it perfect he wants everything perfect for all the fans that they loved.. He can create their own music within a minute and dedicate it to all boices like me that's why we loved yonghwa and we love cnblue and we are proud if it!

An amazing leader and so talented! Can't wait to see what CN Blue does next!

Yonghwa always take care of his brothers and his music talented is wonderful. He is the interesting composer. I think he will stay in music industry no less than 15 years!

YH had killer schedules promoting CNBLUE when they first debut and he shared the earning with his members without complaint. He leads by example, inspiring his members to work hard too. He articulates his vision for CNBLUE clearly and brings them step-by-step to achieve their goals. He is an awesome musician & composer and more.

YongHwa is the best leader among all I think because he has difference. He is mature enough to lead CNBlue

... Yong Hwa is a very talented leader. No need for words. He can sing, rap, act, compose songs

Yong Hwa is the best, he so handsome and he is good leader, so he sings very good, I love him so so much, I want he is my boyfriend. I love Yong Hwa and love CNBlue very very much

Charismatic and all round talented. He leads by example and shoulders most of the responsibilities of the group while encouraging his band mates to develop their strengths and take on new challenges.

His charisma always gets his team up and going and his interaction with fans are always good as his other bandmates are more silent. A great multi-talented leader, who will be there for his members through thick and thin. Always trying to protect them and also not worry fans. He never gets into scandals of any sorts, he is the perfect idol. He only works hard for the sake of music, members, his company, and Boices out there.

He's the head cheerleader of the group. And he always cheer and encourage his members in their individual activities.

Yong oppa is a perfect leader with multi-talents!
He is gifted in composing lyrics, leading the members, acting in drama and being a model!
He is really tough and charismatic!
Totally impressed by his marvelous!

Yonghwa is the multitalented person What more is there to say
Good singer and handsome
Yonghwa is the multitalented person What more is there to say
Good singer and handsome
Yonghwa is the multitalented person What more is there to say
Good singer and handsome
Yonghwa is the multitalented person What more is there to say
Good sing

Very natural... Not scripted... he knows how to handle his audience and make his fans go crazy.. He knows his way to someones heart... no dull moments... the way he smile and move... he's captivating everyone without knowing... effortless... no need to show off too much...
Good looking + voice + instrument + gentle + friendly + bubbly + other talent = package of awesomeness 'yong hwa'...

He's good singer and songwriter, almost of his song has a deep meaning inside..multitalented man, and a charismatic leader..

He is charismatic, talented, humble and always take care of the people in the group

He is a great musician, composer, actor,... You can add many items to this list. But what is most attractive in him for me is his personality. Powerful yet kind and charismatic yet humble.