Best Left 4 Dead 2 Characters

The Top Ten Best Left 4 Dead 2 Characters

1 Ellis

Ellis is cute and though some peole think he stupid, even if he is, he stupid in a good way! I think its just cute

Ellis is way better than everyone in lfd he deserves first place

He is awesome I love him he is awesome

I love ellis (no homo)

2 Coach

Coach is fearless! I love him and I am so glad that he is number 1 on this list. Left 4 Dead series is the best and the funnest ever! If you have never played L4D you need to because it is the best and so is Coach.

Coach is the greatest! He has tons of power and is the most fearless of the group

One man cheeseburger apocalypse.

Damage resistance he gives

3 Nick

He makes everything better with his sarcastic snarky lines, and also gets some of the best lines out of other characters from interacting with him, and he shows himself to have a softer side later on so he's not just one note. Honestly what's not to love about this smart ass in an expensive suit?

Nick is very cool! I don't know why coach on the 1st place!

Nick is awesome how is he behind Ellis? And coach?

Most badass and cool guy in the game!

4 Charger

I love chargers because you never know where they are or when they are going to strike. But if they see you and attack... Your gone.

He cool with his big arm

5 Boomer
6 Rochelle

Evil laugh is evil.

The best character to troll on with voice command spam. - andrewkew

7 Virgil
8 Jockey

They hump you till you die.

9 Spitter
10 Whitaker

The Contenders

11 Hunter

The zombie will stalk you from the tops of buildings. Don't get far away from your teammates or you'll be seeing this guy!

12 William “Bill” Overbeck

Not only did he die in-game, but his voice actor died in real life,

Best old man in video game


13 Tank

I love tank beacause he is strong

14 Smoker
15 Witch
16 Francis

The biker version of nick.

17 Zoey

I love zoey so much and if ellis is at top list, his crush (zoey) should be too! I can't believe no one added her! coach is a fatty, rochelle is so WRONG, nick isn't too bad, ellis is my other fave, francais is a weird biker dude, louis is too positive, bill is a dead old man, and who cares about infected?

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