Best Legend of Zelda Characters


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41 Orca (Wind Waker)
42 Malo
43 Princess Ruto

Ruto is still my favorite Zora in Zelda Series...


Shes so annoying and
she yells at you for no reason

Some girls would go gay for Ruto

44 Thunderbird

Let me explain its from zelda 2 and he looks really cool check him out on google images

45 Dampe
46 Twilight Princess V 1 Comment
47 Guru-Guru

Guru-Guru is one of the best Zelda character's because he created one of the best songs in Zelda history The Song of Storms! MAKE IT RAIN!

Song of Storms creator! It's so catchy!

48 Morshu
49 Talo

From Twilight Princess, not sure if from any others but I love Talo, he's so boisterious and fun.

50 Fado

Absolutely love this character and he is my favorite Sage. I'm still heartbroken that he died but he is awesome and hopefully he appears in another timeline.

51 Cremia

" you feel all warm and fuzzy. You could get used to this"

52 The Moon
53 Salvatore
54 Bongo Bongo
55 Fi

Fi is the most best character in Zelda history. She is surprisingly helpful unlike Navi and little minda.

56 Demise

From skyward sword good game he is a good boss but ghirahim is better ok he has a awesome sword flame hair and a total breakthrough he can do anything

While its interesting and ironic to see how the "haughty Girahim" is only a sword for Demise to carry, I think I speak for everyone when I say that, for us, the true villain for the game is Girahim, and not Demise.

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57 Kaepora Gaebora V 1 Comment
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