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The Best Zelda Songs throughout the game's 25-year history!

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1 Ocarina of Time: Song of Storms

A song that truly relaxes and makes you think of all the adventure that you have gone through. This song sounds really great on the ocarina, definitely my first favorite. I do love hearing the song of time too though :D - Globox

This song has stayed with me when I was young and even to this day it is my favorite. The combination of the mystery and somehow sorrowfulness in the song is amazing. It gives an aura of being stuck in time, but somehow it is warm and inviting.

For some reason, this little medley is one of the most renown songs of the Zelda franchise. Catchy and enjoyable, it is one of the first songs that comes to mind when thinking of Zelda. - ScarTissue

A song that gets you up beat and happy with a some how relaxing tune to it

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2 Twilight Princess: Midna's Lament

This game was so amazingly creepy. The graphics were great, as well as the music and sounds. The story quest in all was awesome as well with the different things you had to do before the end. Truly a great game

This song is so hauntingly beautiful. It creates a dark, gloomy atmosphere, which, coupled with the lovely graphics, leaves a lasting impression. Truly one of the best Legend of Zelda songs ever.

This song is beautiful. I become happy, but also sad whenever I hear it. It also fits perfectly for the amazing part of the game that it's featured in.


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3 Ocarina of Time: Lost Woods

This song holds its own musically, largely using its main unique and extremely catchy hook. It is also used effectively in the game in several different settings, and fits well in all of them. Plus, it just makes you want to dance. Lost Woods was definitely the song I played the most on Ocarina of Time.

Yes I very much agree with you finally someone understands how catchy this music is it so just I love it every time it starts playing I start dancing finally someone understands! I'm so happy!

This fantastic song made wandering around that annoyingly illogical forest completely worth it! - ScarTissue

This song is unique, and so different. I love it

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4 Ocarina of Time: Gerudo Valley

How can this not be in the top three? This song is one of the best I have heard in my life. The uplifting sound of it sounds like "you're entering a new place called Gerudo Fortress, it's really dangerous". It also sounds so awesome, I don't know how to describe it. The use of the guitar in it is very well done, along with the beats and everything else. NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA! If you don't know this song, you've got to listen to it!

This fast-paced, catchy melody is well recognized both for its liveliness and its perfect representation of the dusty valley. - ScarTissue

This song is all I listen to in the entire soundtrack on a regular basis. It's catchy, really catchy. I've loved this song ever since I heard it and still do. 10/10 should be number 1,2 or 3

Bloody lovely

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5 Ocarina of Time: Zelda's Lullaby

This is one of the most recognizable songs from the Zelda series, and by far one of my favorites! I learned to play this one on the flute along with several other songs from the series.

This song is so nostalgic for me, and is such a beautiful song. Every time I hear it, I can't help but hum along

This song is just calming and relaxing. You can listen to it for hours on end.

Love this song set it as my ringtone 🙂

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6 Majora's Mask: Song of Healing

This song gives the listener with a sense of distress, sadness, and strangely, tranquility. It's a song that sends shivers down your spine, yet numbs you into a weird, soothing trance.

This one is so eerily calm, it's remarkable. Sure, Song of Storms is a classic, but Song of Healing is too beautiful to not adore. - Mewbosses

I voted Song of Storms, but I had to post a comment for this because it is just so... Good. It actually makes me feel like I am getting healed!

This is a song with some mixed feelings.

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7 Wind Waker: Dragon Roost Island

This song is the reason your power bill is so high because you let link stand for hours on dragon roost beach just to listen, before you found out about internet

I would come to this place just to listen to the song, enough said

I love this one so much! I know how to play it on flute, listen to tons of versions of it, and I literally cried when I heard it at symphony of the goddesses

Amazing song from an amazing game.

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8 Skyward Sword: Ballad of the Goddess

There are times where I forget how much I enjoyed Skyward Sword but when I listen to this song it brings back fun memories. I just wish this was higher on the list...

I think it is amazing how much thought goes into these songs. The songs that puts her to sleep n OoT reversed awakens her as the goddess in SS.

I love the 25th anniversary version

Propulsive and powerful

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9 Legend of Zelda: Title Theme

When I hear the main theme on the title screen, I simply think "rising hero" and it relaxes me. This theme song can't be overlooked, even though it isn't.

Amazing theme for a video game! It makes you think about adventure and going on a journey travelling to places you gave never been before! I think this should be #1!

This classic melody is one of the most recognized themes in video-game history. - ScarTissue

This needs to be number 1

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10 Link to the Past: Dark World

This dark, yet adventurous theme set the perfect mood for that dark and mysterious world. - ScarTissue

Best song in the franchise. Adventurous and exciting while remaining subtle and mysterious. A winning combination.

Best zelda theme... that feel... It gives you hope that you can defeat Ganon... Dark and uplifting


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11 Majora's Mask: Final Hours

When the world is ending, I will stand in the middle of the street with this music playing.

I set this as an alarm on my phone the other day, and when it went off I was like "OH MY GOD THE MOON IS FALLING! "

This song is very depressing but great at the same time. That's not something you get every day. I just like to play the Song of Double time and get to the last six hours then go the the Great Bay's coast where I have a good view of the moon and just listen.

Majora’s Mask is my #1 favourite game. Sometimes I would just sit on the top of the clock tower and listen to this. This track gives a sense of sadness and reminds your time is not on your side. The entire world is about to end in 6hrs and it’s all up to you to save them, every time you play the Song of Time the world ends over and over again and there isn’t anything you can do about it until you have awakened the 4 giants. This track warns you your time is running out, and if you aren’t careful it’s over.

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12 Spirit Tracks: Overworld Adventure

Seriously this is one of the best versions of the Overworld theme to the Legend of Zelda. The pan flute is just brilliant and beautiful in this music had me tapping my toes every time I drove the Spirit Train

My all time favorite overworld theme, it is just so catchy and gets stuck in my head (in a good way! ) It perfectly captures the game, from the use of pan flutes to the way it incorporated the train sounds. It makes me happy every time I hear it, and I enjoy pulling my train whistle in time to it. TOOT TOOT!

I think that this song is underrated, it has such a great sound with that panflute

It's from my favourite game (Spirit Tracks)and is very energaetc and keeps you alive when you are bored as hell

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13 Wind Waker: Great Sea

This is my favorite Zelda song. It perfectly gives the impression of a vast ocean to explore and serves as the back drop to my favorite Zelda game of all time.

Very fitting of an ocean adventure

Exciting and heartwarming. I get nostalgic whenever I hear it. should be in the top ten of this list!


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14 Wind Waker: Molgera Theme

I love this catchy theme, for anyone who hasn't heard it, listen to it.

Should be too 10 at least! I think we can get rid of one of the five ocerina of time, (I'm sorry, four) songs and put this on here, even if those other songs are good.

I love the amount of hype and rhythm it's got! CHICKACHICKACHICKA...

15 Wind Waker: Title Theme

Damn, this song makes me cry every single time. It really reflects the adventurous, yet still childlike feel of Wind Waker, an incredibly underrated game. I'll be playing this song to my children as a lullaby when I have kids. It is my favorite Zelda song of all time!

Such a beautiful theme, and truly captures the spirit of the game. It is so catchy, adventurous, and I sing along to it every time I hear it

Honesty I find the title theme kind of annoying after 3 seconds. It's not that it's bad but I just don't understand why people like this song so much.


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16 Twilight Princess: Blizzeta Theme

One of the best crescendos in Zelda music history, and the unique moment in the game (one of the most memorable of Twilight Princess) would not have been the same without this darkly haunting choral chanting.

Best song ever especially part 2

I liked both parts.

17 Link to the Past: Kakariko Village

This calm, homely song was the first song in many a Zelda game. - ScarTissue


18 Ocarina of Time: Kokiri Forest

One of the very first songs I hear in this game and its chirpy tune, always makes me be happy

19 Ocarina of Time: Main Theme

Its Just So Peaceful

20 Ocarina of Time: Boss Theme
21 Skyward Sword: Fi's Theme
22 Majora's Mask: Stone Tower Theme

Honestly, I don't know what to say. Just wow. This and Gerudo Valley are my two favorite Zelda songs (although I love SO MANY others too). It's just so unique and catchy, and I'm trying to think of the right adjective to describe it but I just can't describe it. It really gives off an amazing feeling. Any remix of this song is great too.

This music is unique... I just love it. It's like some civilization used to travel here a lot but now they've turned killers almost a little bit of sadness in the tone.

It feels like you're in some temple - Lord28

It's so mysterious. It's creepy and angelic and very fantasy-eque and it's just plain awesome. The percussion part is something I'll never forget.

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23 Skyward Sword: Skyward Sword Theme
24 Link's Awakening: Ballad of the Wind Fish

I love this song because I incorporates all of the transformations

25 Twilight Princess: Hyrule Field

Very enjoyable music for you long trips through this field

Not the greatest, but it's still too low!

Best Hyrule Field theme!

26 Twilight Princess: Queen Rutela's Theme

I love it, it's my favorite Zelda song EVER!

27 Wind Waker: Ocean Theme
28 Breath of the Wild: Hyrule Castle

Its beautiful and heroic at the same time.

29 Ocarina of Time: Epona's Song
30 Link to the Past: Hyrule Castle

I don't know how this song isn't higher. Has anyone even listened to this?


31 Majora's Mask: Astral Observatory

As it plays in a room where an old astronomer watches as the moon inches its way toward the destruction of his world, this tune is representative of the peace of academia despite the imminent end.

A soft and yet wonderful tune, signifying the wonder and awe of the stars.

Love this

32 Majora's Mask: Clock Town Theme

This song is just catchy, beautiful, and nice. It really is a bright ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy, but wonderful, game.

Really catchy and fun song, it just makes you feel happy and want to dance.

'Brings so much emotion when you hear it'

On the final day it’s way different.

33 Zelda II: Temple/Palace Theme

Imagine this with the technology of today!

Easily in my Top 5. Such a masterpiece. - ItsLeAshton

People must haven’t played this game or it would be at the top for sure!

34 Ocarina of Time: Spirit Temple

This is an awesome song it makes you feel like your in Egypt

35 Ocarina of Time: Forest Temple

It's enchanting music always has had such an intriguing, mysterious, yet beautiful sound that never gets old and makes you want to play through the dungeon over and over.

The temples theme is just plain amazing... Spirit temple is great aswel

36 Skyward Sword: Fi's Gratitude

This song is one of the most emotionally powerful songs in the Legend of Zelda, and makes me nostalgic every time I hear it. I could listen to it all day!

This track is just so powerful. It shows the emotion having to say goodbye to someone dear to you perfectly

Listening to it right now, and loving it!

This emotional song is amazing. I loved the progression through the game. It started very mysterious, when you first meet fi, then it playshould itsar normal version as she dances on the water, and then this one, when she says goodbye

37 Ocarina of Time: Hyrule Field
38 Link to the Past: Battle with Ganon
39 Majora's Mask: Oath to Order

Why isn't this on the list?!?!?! In relation to current events, the idea of this song is to restore hope and balance to the world. ( Calling the giants theme)

This is an amazing piece. It always makes my hair stand on end.

So sad. So beautiful.

Gives me chills every time I hear it. This was my second favorite song in Majora's right behind Song of Healing and it is probably my third favorite LoZ tune.

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40 Majora's Mask: Deku Palace

My Favourite!
There's nothing better than getting high while listening to this song.


41 Skyward Sword: Fi's Farewell

This song is so meaningful. After all your adventures with her and her annoying calls, you realize she was your only friend. And now she's leaving.

This song is so pretty

It's so emotional. Even though I hated Fi as a character because of how annoying she was, this song helped me see past that. Now every time I play other Zelda Games and see the master sword gleaming, I know that Fi is there to aid me in battle. Pity that they don't play this music when getting the master sword

It's so beautiful I can't stop sining it. I definitely think it's the saddest Zelda song ever and the most beautiful

42 Twilight Princess: Ganondorf Battle
43 Oracle of Ages: Nayru's Theme

... This song is sad, hopeful and haunting all at the same time.

44 Majora's Mask: Milk Bar


45 The Wind Waker: Intro

The title theme is fun

This song is the bomb!

46 Boss Theme: A Link to the Past
47 Link's Awakening: Tal Tal Heights

This is such a fun song, it should be higher on the list

48 Oracle of Seasons: Dancing Dragon Dungeon
49 Ocarina of Time - Title Theme
50 Fire Temple: Ocarina 3DS
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