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41 Ocarina of Time: End Credits 2

! Why isn't this song in 1#?! Why?! - peyman_eun

42 The Wind Waker: Intro V 2 Comments
43 Ocarina of Time: Inside a House
44 Ocarina of Time: Sun's Song
45 Twilight Princess: Snowpeak
46 Legend of Zelda: Overworld
47 Link's Awakening: Tal Tal Heights

This is such a fun song, it should be higher on the list

48 Skyward Sword: Faron Woods

This song has an air of mischievousness, adventure, and expectancy to it that is irresistibly drawing.

49 Link to the Past: Battle with Ganon
50 Majora's Mask: Oath to Order

Why isn't this on the list?!?!?! In relation to current events, the idea of this song is to restore hope and balance to the world. ( Calling the giants theme)

V 2 Comments
51 Twilight Princess: Zant Battle

It start out as an evil song on the first 3 phases, and each phase has a previous boss/ mini-boss room. - Coleybuddy

It's an awesome mash-up of pervious boss music. Thumbs up from me!

Then it starts to fit the theme of the boss rooms - Coleybuddy

52 Wind Waker - Battle Theme
53 Link's Awakening: Mabe Village
54 Oracle of Ages: Nayru's Theme V 1 Comment
55 Ocarina of Time - Title Theme
56 Majora's Mask: Milk Bar
57 Minish Cap: Minish Woods

This is so underrated! I love it
Dragon roost island is better though

58 Wind Waker: Fado's Theme

It's so fitting to the setting of the Wind Temple. Especially that pan flute-ish instrument.

V 1 Comment
59 Majora's Mask: Elegy of Emptiness
60 Twilight Princess: Gerudo Desert V 1 Comment
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