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41 Link's Awakening: Tal Tal Heights

This is such a fun song, it should be higher on the list

42 Skyward Sword: Fi's Farewell

This song is so meaningful. After all your adventures with her and her annoying calls, you realize she was your only friend. And now she's leaving.

This song is so pretty

It's so emotional. Even though I hated Fi as a character because of how annoying she was, this song helped me see past that. Now every time I play other Zelda Games and see the master sword gleaming, I know that Fi is there to aid me in battle. Pity that they don't play this music when getting the master sword

It's so beautiful I can't stop sining it. I definitely think it's the saddest Zelda song ever and the most beautiful

43 Oracle of Seasons: Dancing Dragon Dungeon
44 Twilight Princess: Ganondorf Battle
45 Ocarina of Time - Title Theme
46 Fire Temple: Ocarina 3DS
47 Ocarina of Time: End Credits 2

! Why isn't this song in 1#?! Why?! - peyman_eun

48 The Wind Waker: Intro V 2 Comments
49 Twilight Princess: Gerudo Desert V 1 Comment
50 Breath of the Wild: Dark Beast Ganon Battle Theme
51 Ocarina of Time: Inside a House
52 Ocarina of Time: Sun's Song
53 Twilight Princess: Snowpeak
54 Majora's Mask: Boss Theme
55 A Link to the Past: Boss Theme
56 Legend of Zelda: Overworld
57 Minish Cap: Palace of Winds

The music really fits the setting of the sky.

58 Skyward Sword: Faron Woods

This song has an air of mischievousness, adventure, and expectancy to it that is irresistibly drawing.

59 Link to the Past: Battle with Ganon
60 Twilight Princess: Zant Battle

It start out as an evil song on the first 3 phases, and each phase has a previous boss/ mini-boss room. - Coleybuddy

It's an awesome mash-up of pervious boss music. Thumbs up from me!

Then it starts to fit the theme of the boss rooms - Coleybuddy

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