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1 Snowpeak Ruins

This ones isolated location and unique concept make it stand out. Add in the amazing twist boss, and you've got a great dungeon.

It was definitely fun but I hated the part with the ice puzzles.

Music made me z

2 Arbiters Grounds

Totally loved this one. So creepy, and awesome. I especially liked the item you got (I forget the name of it but it's like the spinny wheel thing) and the awesome boss (that I also forget the name of. What kind of Legend of Zelda fan am I? )

This ones has one of the best atmospheres of them all. A mysterious desert prison, tucked away in the back of a huge desert, containing a mirror that has strange powers. Ooh, spooky.

Its might be the ruins of the Spirit Temple

Creepy, fun, hard, traumatising and the music is just sooo creepy but I loved it

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3 City in the Sky

My least favorite dungeon in the game, but the boss is fantastic! (9th doctor, anybody? ) anyways, I also loved that you could always see Argorok flying above you.

When I hear great Zelda dungeons, this comes to my mind. I would give up my kid to play this over and over and over. O-Kay? Its great.

4 Goron Mines

This one was just fun. You wrestle a Goron to gain entry, use your nifty iron boots to go onto walls and ceilings, and get an awesome item. Nice.

One of my favourite mini bosses ever.

5 Lakebed Temple

Confusing, but nice. I love how you get in with the bomb. The aesthetic Is also awesome.

6 Temple of Time

Good, lonely atmosphere. The dominion rod was great, and the weight puzzles were cool. Plus, the boss is very creepy-crawly.

7 Palace of Twilight

Ahh... Not really the best temple in the game but it had the best boss fight in a Zelda game.

8 Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle takes the toughest enemies, Mini-Bosses and puzzles in the game, and tops it with not one, but FOUR back-to-back boss battles. It's kind of a big deal.

My favourite because of the lead up to the number 1 final boss in a Zelda game.

This dungeon is different than other dungeon because when I first entered the dungeon its has no music,and only rain sfx,and I think that's make it special.

9 Forest Temple

A good introduction to the game. The monkeys give it a unique gimmick.

10 Cave of Ordeals

Ah... Is this even a dungeon?

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11 Cave of Shadows
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