Top 10 Best Lego Animators On Youtube

The Top Ten Best Lego Animators On Youtube

1 ForrestFire101

My favorite YouTube maker - 9361721

2 Metalzora

his animations are funny as hell; shame he hasn't uploaded anything recently

3 Michaelhickoxfilms


4 DarthMilo77
5 EAnimation
6 Ozzyprod
7 Blobstudios
8 Keshen8
9 The Awesome Brick Master

Um who is this guy

His videos are awesome!
You've got to subscribe to him!

You've got to subscibe to him!

he's cool

10 ZachMG

The Contenders

11 ABCD123toast
12 esek64
13 FlapJack Films

the spiderman bank robbery video is just halarious

14 captaincomedy17
15 CustomLegoMinifigure
16 Brotherhood Workshop

Love it, funny and brilliant{^_^}

17 Ray Films

He does cool videos an MOCs!

18 Taco cat58

that's me

Although his audio is so shaky, it's amazing action packed his videos are

19 Dino5500
20 raptor5120
21 Mixels Mixels is a 2014 comedy animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network, co-produced by The Lego Group and Cartoon Network Studios.
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