Best Lego Modular Buildings

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1 Pet Shop

The best one. Awesome on the outside and really awesome on the inside

I think this will be the set that will make my 1st modular building

2 Parisian Restaurant

While I like both the Detective's Office and Pet Shop, this one takes the cake (until the day they make a Lego Jersey Mike's. I shall be patient! And we still need a Post Office...). The exterior is beautifully designed, as always, with a fitting color scheme. The bottom floor is a fancy restaurant with a good amount of seating, comparatively, and an awesome fully detailed kitchen. The second floor is a studio apartment which they so nearly got right this time (still no toilet or washer/dryer). The foldout bed is pretty neat, and they got a kitchenette, dining area, and sitting area. The final floor is an art studio with an innovative kiln design.

Full kitchen. Nice architectural details using white shells and croissants.

Best combination of inside details, outside details, and a storyline.

3 Town Hall V 2 Comments
4 Pasta House

So awesome, better than anything else

Nice design, and a great new model

Greatest model

LEGO finally got one right

V 5 Comments
5 Cinema Palace

Love the limo that comes with the set! I want to see the brick separator!

V 1 Comment
6 Assembly Square
7 Grand Emporium

Awesome. Although lacking inside, the outside is cooler than the rest

8 Green Grocer

The mixture of the grocery store and the hotel is cool

9 Detective's Office

So many feutres

10 Fire Brigade

Should be higher, the fire station was the first Lego modular building that wasn't completely basic. - aldwych94

The Contenders

11 Cafe Corner

Cool exterior, but there is absolutely nothing inside

12 Brick Bank

Nice, but little space.

13 Market Street

Not quite the same as the others

14 Downtown Diner

I really like the freshness of the model and the new direction they are going with this one. I also really appreciate the nice, smooth curves and overall nice look the designer(s) got with this model.

Very cool, and a fresh look.

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