Best Lego Ninjago Sets

The Top Ten

1 Ultra Sonic Raider

This is one of my all time favorite lego sets. - PeeledBanana

Looks awesome - VideoGamefan5


I has that!

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2 The Temple of Light
3 The Golden Dragon
4 Garmatron
5 Destiny's Bounty

The 2017 one is the best in my opinion

6 Epic Dragon Battle

4 headed dragon with giant snake!

7 Samurai Mech
8 Garmadon's Dark Fortress
9 Spinjitzu Dojo
10 Warrior Bike

I really don't like this set, - VideoGamefan5

The Contenders

11 Battle for Ninjago City
12 Temple of Airjitzu

Coolest set ever

13 Lighthouse Siege

Even though I dislike Season 6 this set was neat! - darthvadern

14 Titanium Dragon

I loved this one. I still have it and the minifigures. - B1ueNew

15 NinjaCopter
16 Attack of the Morro Dragon

Best Set Ever creepy dragon plus awesome characters plus greatest flying boards plus tomb of the first spinjitzu master this is the best gun

17 City Of Stiix

so cool

18 Lightning Jet
19 Sons of Garmadon Headquarters
20 Nindroid Mechdragon

Oh my gosh. I also really loved this one so much. I remember getting it for clearance in early 2015. I was just so excited to build it. And I still have some of it. Lost some parts of the set like the missile from the dragon but I still have the dragon itself. So awesome! A great memory of mine. Also the minifigures from the set were great as well. - B1ueNew

21 Water Strider
22 Throne Room Showdown

This set is like amazing! First to feature skylor without ninja hood or normal hood! Just a ponytail!

23 Fangpyre Truck Ambush
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