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21 Mars Mission

This should be number one in my opinion. How in the heck is this not even in the top 10? The story may be fairly simple, but the model designs in this one are awesome. And the Crystal Alien Conflict game is the most well made game that originated on the website. Honestly, Star Wars sets are literally based off of already existing ships, whereas this one has completely new and unique designs. I can't believe how low on the list Mars Mission is.

This is was my favorite theme, hands down. The models were the coolest looking things when I was younger, the ultra drill walker and the armored mining unit are great examples of the epic designs. I still have them for display just because they still look awesome. As others have said, the game on the Lego website was the best one they had. Too bad not very many people remember the series today. - Treehero

If only it had lasted longer! This series exhibited a great combination of awesome space ships and amazing ground vehicles, with two distinct architectural styles to differentiate the aliens from the humans. Apparently, the aliens weren't from Mars, they also came from another planet. I always wanted to know where they had come from...

I understand that Mars Mission is not the higher set in this list (actually I love Bionicle too), and I think it is because it doesn't have a story as good and as developed as the other ones. However, it has a playability as great as, for example, other sets of this kind such as Power Miners, and it has the coolest designs. Just look at the alien ships: they're so unique compared to other space-themed Lego sets! Also, the game crystalien conflict was the first rts I ever played and I love rts. I only have one regret about this theme: why can't aliens move their arms?!

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22 The Lego Movie

This theme is awesome I have some of the sets I love the movie double decker couch is my most favorite

Every set has a memorable scene from the movie

How does the Lego movie get #25 almost all of the sets transform its awesome

Ninjago is trash. Double decker couch is art - GGGofluckyourself

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23 Rock Raiders

It was a very original theme with cool vehicles and an interesting premise (one which they later copied with power miners)

A strong original series still used as inspiration for other series, such as Mars Mission and Power Miners.

This theme was so cool because of all the cool pieces and minfigures

24 Minifigures

I wish you could see which mini figure you're getting instead of crinkling the bag to get the one you want. This method has hardly ever failed me, though. I'd always get the cool ones like a samurai and a snowboarder. - Mcgillacuddy

They should sell all minifigures ever made from every theme.

I have a book that lists all the mini figures in series 1-10

Minifigures is a legend. You can collect 16 awesome figures (with exception to the Disney and team GB but all the figures in the series were awesome just that they didn't have 16 figs in the series. Good thing its in the top 25.

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25 Pirates

Islands in the sun. Bounty! Loot! Secret pirate bases. Sea forts. Fair maidens. Mutinies. War on the high seas! Sunken ships. Buried Treasure! What's there not to like?

I loved the setting. With only minor modifications you can have historical battles as well.

It's ok it's not the best in my opinion. They could've added more things to their sets to make them better

Pirates is so underrated, it had amazing minifigures and amazing battles.

I'm not a 90s kid and I know!

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26 Space Police

This should come back

Its got an amazing story line, cool sets, and can help people imagine blasting off into space.

The figures in the theme are amazing!

Why the hell was this even replaced with Alien Conquest... Luckily we have Bricklink and Ebay

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27 Pirates of the Caribbean

Nice Disney accurate theme I don't have any sets though hope it comes back next year with the new movie

Movie accurate sets, cool minifigures, and really fun builds. Too bad it didn't last very long. I still think they should have made the Flying Dutchman with the kraken

This should be in the top ten

28 Life On Mars
29 Friends

This should be taken of the list of just how stereotypically girly it is, just about a bunch of dumb, blonde haired girls who are always smiling creepily and think everything is great in the world. Plus they don't even look like actual Lego figures. PLEASE stop making this Lego!.

Idiotic, stupid, girly, and overrated!

It's the worst Lego theme ever! This can't be here!

Hey chill bro, LEGO has to appeal to the girls somehow

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30 Spybotics

It was a super small series, but it was the first to use computer functions and served as the predecessor to Mindstorms. For that, it at least deserves to be on the list.

31 Creator

The Creator sets are fun and sometimes they can be creative (no pun intended). My favorite set was the Offroad Power (5398). So much detail on it. Another is the Highway Pickup (7347). Again, so much detail. Creator is the best at detail. (Or maybe it's Stars Wars? )

I love the creator sets especially the lego creator expert sets which lets you create a street and has lots of fun play ability features

Creator is better than most of these because it allows for so much more imagination with most sets being themed after a color and mostly having 3 builds in total

If only they would cut the prices, then I would get more. Only need 10-15% off for most, thank you!

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32 Alpha Team

My favourite Secret Agent themed series of all of them! The characters were great, for the first two story arcs at least. The sets were cool. And who can forget the Gilliam, Ogel? I mean, his name is Lego spelt backwards! He made cameo appearances and was referenced in many other original Lego franchises.

33 Knights' Kingdom

Had a great story, and neat characters, something the other castle themes lacked, and didn't sacrifice set quality to do so.

These action figures were so great. And the special features in the Castles. It is the Best set ever made!

It is fun to build but they changed the stupid theme name

Set the standerd for things like ninjago and is the best castle themed generation ever

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34 Minecraft

This theme is actually really good. True some of the sets are money grabbing but if you get over that the theme is epic. I prefer ninjago, star wars, the lego movie, and a few more themes.

Why don't you just actually play Minecraft? This has got to be one of the worst ones. This one is just money-grabbing.

Not the worst but pretty awful. I would probably like it if I was 6.

This theme is AWESOME! I mean sure, you could build the set anytime, but what about the minifigures? Plus you probably haven't tried connecting all the sets together to make one SUPER lego Minecraft world. IT IS SO COOL! This is my favorite theme and it will be until I die.

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35 Modular Buildings

This should be at least number two, the sets are expensive, but are very realistic and are very high quality.

The best looking Lego sets there is and also the highest quality.

The modular buildings are better than creator and I think are all around awesome.I think the modular buildings should be number 1!

The best line of sets ever (Although they belong to the Creator theme). Complex building techniques, rare pieces, and they look... Hmmm, what's the right word? Smashing, wicked, sweet, unbelievable, great, fantastic, cool, and just absolutley awesome when completed. Worth the money, and should be #1 on this list.

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36 Alien Conquest

This is my absolute favorite LEGO theme of all time. It is really cool, including fun minifigures, cool looking builds, and an odd premise. The A.C.U Squad was a great inclusion, and the aliens looked really cool. Plus, it is one of the most interesting non-licensed LEGO theme, aside from Ultra Agents, Atlantis, Ninjago, etc. I really enjoyed this theme. It was the perfect inclusion to LEGO's roster of amazing themes. I'm surprised it is so underrated. - NoEntranceHere

37 Ultra Agents

Interesting theme! I don't get why it's so unpopular.

This is a great theme Lego added in 2014, and I believe that this should be on the 10 list! This one is so much better that the Agents theme before it! These are the rason it should be on the 10!
-Better storyline
-Instead of the monotonous black-and-orange colors for the bad guys there are more diverse villains with unique abilities and colors
-The agents are cooler with a better color scheme
There are so many more reasons as well!

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38 Galaxy Squad

Why the heck is this so low? it's definitely in my top ten, they need to continue this!

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39 Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters is amazing it should be in 6th!

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40 Dino Attack

First lego line that I ever got as a kid.

Best sets ever.

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