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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Product Image

While this was not my first Lego game (Lego Star Wars II: The Original Saga was), this is easily the best one for merging the first two games, then adding tons of cool bonus features. They also improved upon some of the worst levels in the first two games (like the Pod Race level, which turned from ridiculously difficult to one of the best ways to earn money in the game).

Plus, it's just so addictive. It's one of the only Wii games I have that I can play for hours at a time.

Amazing. You can be Darth Vader fighting Darth Vader. You can replay levels with the best characters. It re-creates the entire Star Wars in a humorous Lego form. The only thing missing is the seventh Star Wars movie.

This had everything. It has Star Wars, it has lego, it has the contents of the first 2 game but even more. I've been playing this game since the year it came out and finally plan of beating it to 100% latter this year.

This was the first overall video game I've played and the first Lego one at that. I am a huge fan of Star Wars and this game will please any fan of Star Wars. I'd say one of the best video games of all time

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Lego Marvel Super Heroes Product Image

Now, Complete Saga is great. It made the prequels enjoyable. But it's really two games. I feels like a cheat, to me, to rank it as the best when it's just a repurposing of two other (quite good) games. LEGO Batman is also great. Surprisingly a game the represents Batman in many different forms very well. But some boss battles are too easy or too weird (and, thusly, very hard. Harley is the one I have in mind). This is one of the best SUPERHERO games. It has a fun, large hub. Tons of very different characters. Some decent humour. Fun levels. It's a blast. Definitely the best LEGO game. Excelsior!

Honestly the best, not only does it have consistent leval lengths, simple mechanics, fun charechters and charm, pretty easy to 100% and finaly compared to other Lego games every charechter makes sense, for example, Lego avengers has some really random choices however with less than 200 charechters it's easy to find the one you need especially because the story charechters are on the first two Rows this game is great co-op and single player...

This should be above Lego Star Wars because there is so much to do! This game is seriously one of the biggest free-roaming games out there, it has classic Lego humour, the plot of the story is pretty decent and it has the biggest character roster of any Lego game to date and most of them have different powers/abilities. Amazing game!

There are 2 cons I have with this game. 1: no iron spider and 2: no character wheel (would've been so useful for iron man.) anyway, this game beats TCS because of the fact that you have a whole city to explore. while web-swinging wasn't their main priority, it still was fun. and it did what the lego batman trilogy couldn't do. it had a good story. what was the story for the first 2? same with star wars. if it wasn't for the movies, we wouldn't know what was going on. lego BM3 was just flat out stupid. why would you go to some random lantern planet when it could be cool to JUST STAY IN THE BATCAVE. with lego marvel I know what's going on; loki, magneto, and doom are trying to rule the world, but loki wants revenge and destroy it using galactus (that's where the cosmic bricks come in), doom just wants to rule, and magneto wants the brotherhood to take over. eventually loki wins and brings galactus, mind-controls him, and EVERYONE takes him out. that's awesome

Lego Batman Lego Batman Product Image

Best Lego game ever!

the concept about 3 gangs that have each different plans is a great idea.

they designed the games atmosphere after the animated series and it rocks.

the 1989 batman soundtrack fits better than ever!

they even let you play the game from the villains perspective!

they have all your favorite characters, the only 2 they missed were: firefly and ventrilloquist/scarface

you can have fun with a brother/sister/friend and have some challenging puzzles but they aren't near as fun as Lego Indiana jones 1.

but its still fun.

One of the best in my opinion it was lego's first superhero game and they nailed it. This game introduced many of the same abilities that are still used in Lego games today such as gliding, super strength, grapple, freezing, and the targeting system used for batarangs.

I remember when this game first came out I was like wow my favourite super hero is being transformed into a Lego game. I thought that was pretty good.

My favorite along with Star Wars purely on nostalgia. Also characters and character design. Star Wars has better levels I'll admit

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Product Image

This is one of the first Lego games I ever got. This had better free roaming than Lego batman 3 did. I like how you can free roam in Oa and other planets but they just felt flat out boring. They just felt empty. You know how in this game the criminals throw explosions and other stuff in Gotham? Well, I expected when you were free roaming in Oa there would be lanterns flying in the air and shooting other lanterns like if it was a star wars. The only thing that Lego batman 3 did right was the amount of characters it had and what they were able to do. For example, in this game Lego batman 2 green lantern was only able to fly and not shoot enemies. In Lego batman 3 you would do that and that is what this game was mostly missing. The characters. The other improvement was the story. It had a good story. The other thing was the justice league used more. I also liked unlocking characters in this game more than in beyond Gotham. Overall I liked both games but I just prefer Lego batman 2. I ...more

I really enjoyed this game for a few reasons. The storyline was well-built and not too clique, the humor was appropriate and actually pretty funny, and the free roaming was fun: I never got bored of it!

Amazing game. You can play the whole justice league. The plot is good and the levels are interesting to play through. One of the best

Had lots of improvements from the last games. It was kind of a test and that is when Tt games was changed forever but batman 1 and 3 are better

LEGO Lord of the Rings LEGO Lord of the Rings Product Image

It's a great game. But it's very complex and there's a lot in this game, too much for me. This is made even worse since the levels are long and boring.

I've played and own almost all of the Lego games and this one by far takes the cake. I love the quests and map with the ability to warp to any location. It just makes it so much fun and convenient. Music is awesome, I just put it on and let it play while I'm doing stuff around the house.

Way better than lego The Hobbit. Another reason I liked this one is that I suck at free roaming and exploring, so the map made everything easier. Number 6 is right where it belongs.

The most in-depth of the lego games, filled with amazing imagery straight from Tolkien and incredible music played at just the right time, it's simply gorgeous.

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Product Image

My first videogame as a child. Ill always cherish the memorys tied into this game. I then watched the movies with my father, making the connections from the game to the movies and I became a fan of Harrison Ford for playing as one of my heroes. The puzzles are no longer hard because I'm not a dumb 7 year old anymore . The story line matches perfectly with the movies as well as making the lightheartedness of the jokes that most Lego games are known for. This holds well compared to the newer ones but without the annoying voice acting. This game will always be one of my favorites of all time even if it doesn't receive the recognition it deserves.

An awesome game. Beat it 100% and unlocked Han Solo. Fun Star Wars Easter eggs and great levels that stay true to the movies. While Lego Indy 2 has free roam and all four movies, the levels are literally nothing like the movies besides plot.

Excellent games that follows the movies well, with lots of great characters and missions. 100% better than the terrible sequel

This game is so much better than IJ 2, 2 has better characters but horrible gameplay, this one has been one of my most favorites since 2008.

LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars Product Image

The introduction of the Arcade battle mode made this one unique. It sticks true to the T.V. series and has way too many characters, which is a good thing. Beat it 100% and would do it again. The troop command and flashlights and tower defense battles make this game great for its time.

VERY underrated, the Lego Star Wars games have in general been really fun to play and this is no exception. I've 100% this game twice (something I don't find myself doing with the latest released) and I forse myself coming back to the best Lego game time and time again.

I cheat coded everything, but I love the game and gameplay, the graphics, the sound, the characters, all of it. Whoever said it's the worst should play Indiana Jones 2.

Loved there different approach to this game adding three different story lines and new level types

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Product Image

Does a great job at capturing each movie's essence, adds the typical lego games fun and allows you take defense against the dark arts

Harry potter rocks. This game is pretty cool because its different from other lego video games

Not better than it's prequel, but it's an amazing game, dwarfs all the Batmans and pummels City Undercover.

Better than the first. It had more combat and better gameplay

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Product Image

This game just kick some ass. I love the way you can play levels from the four movies. Love it so much. The cutscenes are hilarious. My favourite was captain jack he was hilarious

No one can deny that pirates are awesome. They pilage, rampage, and can take whatever they want. This should stay number 1

Cannot stop playing it, I loved it and still do, despite the fact that I've had 100% on it for ages.

First Lego game I played, will always remember it. Good old times...

Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Product Image

I actually really like this one as it brought unique features to the table. I thought the levels themselves were just okay. Not the best lego game but still a big piece of my childhood and I thank the creators for the memories.

Open world hub, level builder, unique boss battles and stages that weren't in the movies, etc. I got this years ago and I loved the creative direction they went in with this one.

Simply the worst. No other words needed (but I'll get into it anyway:) Glitches. Crappy levels. Horrible level creator. An Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Don't know why they made another game just for that weird movie. Should've just stuck with Original Adventures because its much better

I now own the Wii version which is not as good as the Xbox 360 Version

My, my. Accolates for this game have so much to learn. No offense, none intended at all, but I opened this game on Christmas, 2011, and popped it in and just was so disappointed.

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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Product Image

I loved it. A lot my second favourite Lego game after Lego marvel superheroes 2 I love the characters and unlike some people I'm a huge fan of the lantern planets the story also was pretty good, overall great game nothing too bad at all besides the load bugs.

I'm sorry, but this game was awful. After you beat all the levels, it got extremely boring, the planets were not interesting and the storyline did not exactly help. Some things did not load as well; it was always just a chance that it would load.

This has a epic story I gotta to say its also gives Underrated DC characters chance to shine

In my opinion it's my favorite Lego game the story mode was amazing and the free roam is so fun

Lego City Undercover Lego City Undercover Product Image

This Lego Grand Theft Auto except with less violence and just as fun as Grand Theft Auto V! Super awesome! Good graphics fun side missions and a excellent plot with the amazing, funny, and classic Lego humor. If your a Lego video games fan looking for a great Lego game for your wii you this is a reccomdation! This would even for none Lego fans. The 3ds adaption is only 4 stars while the wii you is a perfect 5!

As much as I love LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga and LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, this is my favourite. I loved the final level, the game was pretty fun and I thought that LEGO came up with a pretty good storyline. It had lots of things to do after you beat all the levels as well.

If this game was out for more consoles other than the Wii U, I bet it would be much higher on this list. Excellent game with huge open world, great missions, good voice acting, and a boatload of content. Hands down my favorite Lego game since Complete Saga.

Has the most detail and best selection of vehicles and characters. The characters don't just make stupid grunts, they actually talk. It also has the biggest map.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Product Image

One of my ever favorites. I wouldn't give it a No. 1, but I give it a No. 3 and it's absolutely wonderful, and I've got 32% but am not complaining, that means I can play and play on.

Can just keep playing it and playing it all day. You don't get sick of just finding collectables in hogwarts.Aweasome game and is just the best.

Lego Harry Potter was a bad idea in the first place

I like it a lot because of the level creation.

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Product Image

Pretty much just as good as "LEGO Starwars: The Complete Saga" depending on what platform you get it on. On Wii or PS2 its great, but on DS it's the buggiest and worst lego game known to man.

It's really fun and if you get bored of the console version, you can play the DS or GBA ports

This and the first lego star wars I grew up with as a kid

I might be wrong, but wasn't this also for the GBA?

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Product Image

One of the best Star Wars game of all time. I played it the day it came out and was not disappointed. Wonderful free roam hubs.

Really really good game. The only reason it's so low is because it just came out recently.

The movie was pretty good so I kinda have high expectations for this one

The movie of it bored me that's why I hate Star Wars

Lego Jurassic World the Video Game Lego Jurassic World the Video Game Product Image

Lego batman may have been one of the first video games I have ever played, but this game is the greatest lego game of all time! I got it on the xbox 360 a couple of months ago, and it was one of the only games in history that I actually completed 100%. I love the free roaming and that you can create your own versions of the dinosaurs AND you can use them! I LOVE IT!

Based on classic scenes from all four films with great humour, you can also play as the dinosaurs too. Must have for dinosaur and Lego fans everywhere, great for all ages.

The game gave me a feeling of adventure and excitement as I revisited the scenes from the films in LEGO style. Feels like I'm living the movie scenes themeselves.

I'd love to see it at No. 8 or so, not Top 5 material, but it's competing with some of the best games ever. Give it some love.

Lego Star Wars: The Video Game Lego Star Wars: The Video Game Product Image

The only levels I hated on this game was the flying levels those were hard as balls

This game is awesome and I think it was the first movie titled Lego video game

This a good lego game I remember playing it and the 2nd one as a kid

What about the pod racing, that one was the true phantom menace.

LEGO The Hobbit LEGO The Hobbit Product Image

This is totally the best one. It is so nostalgic. After I got to 100%, I was like "Aw man, I can't play this anymore". And all around me, I heard hobbit music, and eventually decided I had to go back. So now I'm playing it again

Definitely my favorite game. While I can see a game such as Lego Marvel above it, or other older games above it, but games like Lord of the Rings, Batman 2, Lego City Undercover, and Harry Potter 5-7.

I'd like to see it way higher. I have 52.3% but all the characters and DLC, and the levels are so enticing, great sound, and amen to the guy who said Kili is the best dwarf.

Great Lego game, maybe my favorite. Witch is funny, because the movies were TERRIBLE! But tauriel is the best elf, saruman is the best human, Bolg is the best Orc, Sam is the best hobbit, and kili is the best dwarf.

The LEGO Movie Videogame The LEGO Movie Videogame Product Image

Not the worst (see Indiana Jones 2) but it is the second-worst and a waste of time indeed.

The game has scene from the movie

Fast game but so much to explore

I mean I'm stuck on the wild west

Lego Dimensions Lego Dimensions Product Image

The Ensembles Made For it Was Revolutinary, and Hasn't Been Done in any Previous Lego Game Before, Making it Unique, Adding in Crossovers Between DC Comics, The Lord of The Rings, The Lego Movie, The Wizard of Oz, The Simpsons, Lego Ninjago, Doctor Who, Back To The Future, Portal 2, Ghostbusters, Midway Arcade, Scooby-Doo, Jurassic World, and Lego Legends of Chima, How Does One Company Even Get The Rights To That Many Franchises?! The Story Was Interesting and Creative, The Gameplay is Easy To Get Used To, and The Level Packs Were a Nice Touch.

It had everything! Batman (Kevin Conroy), Gandulf, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Riddler, Wildstylez, Simpsons, Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Wizard of Oz, Jurassic World and many more! This is the legendary crossover game! Lego or not, it is one of the best games ever made!

The insanity of the franchise/character crossovers makes for a soup full of daft matches, fun levels, and tasty content. Got this for my kids, but ended up playing it more than them! They can’t get references to material they haven’t watched yet - Goonies/Gremlins/Knight Rider/A-team to mention a few, which is a shame. Still, their loss is my gain, huzzah!

As well crafted as Star Wars: The complete Saga for consoles is, I would have to give the edge to Lego Dimensions.

Lego Avengers Lego Avengers Product Image

A newer video game based on the two avengers movies, and including mini-levels of some of the solo marvel cinematic universe movies such as, Captain America the first avenger, Iron man 3, Thor the dark world, and Captain America the winter soldier. This game includes all-new fighting styles, abilities, and even smaller scaled hub worlds including, South Africa, Washington D.C, Sokovia, Malibu, Shield base, Clint's farm, and more! This game was an interesting new take of Lego marvel superheroes, with the actual voice cast of all the main characters. I enjoy this game a lot more than Lego dimensions, which was way too confusing.

It had a hilarious story, amazing game play and characters. The new features they added were awesome! The team up moves, the suit ups, the super jumps, the random crimes, it was all impressive. I won't talk much more but what I will say is that this is both the best LEGO game, and the best Marvel game.

The game is incredible. It's better than lego marvel superheroes, the free roam is better, the characters are better, the levels are little bit better and Stan Lee is better.

The levels are pretty bad compared to other games, But all the characters and new innovations and abilities make running around in all the different hubs a lot of fun.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Product Image

I like this one a lot because it is such a big game with a totally original story and has the most recent references. It even has DLC!

Although being a newer game, this defiantly smashes any of the batman games as the roster in this is massive. OK level design and the character customizer is high and beyond. For cinematic and comic fans alike, this and its first game [Avengers Sucked] Are ones to pick up!

I vote that this is the best lego game I mean it has the best customizer

I think its really cool and the characters are amazing

Bionicle Heroes Bionicle Heroes Product Image

I've never played this, and I won't go hating on it for this reason, but Bionicle is one of my least favorite Lego themes.

Great "dungeons", perfect Soundtrack. Game Play... nah...

I've never played it but I heard it sucks, so...

You spelled Lego wrong

Lego Rock Band Lego Rock Band Product Image

I hate Lego Rock Band, not the worst, nowhere near, but also has a long way to go before it can reach the Top 15.

This game’s story and gameplay in general is so much fun! I love the customization, Plus the added bonus of collectible Queen, David Bowie, and Blur minifigures! The DS version is also really good!

Amazing! If you like music games you will like this

I love this game! it is fun to play and the ds version has good graphics.

Lego DC Super-Villains Lego DC Super-Villains Product Image

This a good lego game it cool to have the villains as the main game

An amazing character customization

Good game
Lots of characters

Its really good

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