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1 Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

This a good lego games has the levels from the 2 lego games I owned as a kid - trains45

Best lego game ever made by far

Tear. Rib. Bull. And I mean REALLY bad. I hate it with my guts. - MarioBros11


If you don´t vote this... Spank you I will.

2 Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Really good, but not quite deserving of No. 2 in my opinion. - MarioBros11

I'm sou exaited

Honestly the best, not only does it have consistent leval lengths, simple mechanics, fun charechters and charm, pretty easy to 100% and finaly compared to other Lego games every charechter makes sense, for example, Lego avengers has some really random choices however with less than 200 charechters it's easy to find the one you need especially because the story charechters are on the first two Rows this game is great co-op and single player...

Now, Complete Saga is great. It made the prequels enjoyable. But it's really two games. I feels like a cheat, to me, to rank it as the best when it's just a repurposing of two other (quite good) games. LEGO Batman is also great. Surprisingly a game the represents Batman in many different forms very well. But some boss battles are too easy or too weird (and, thusly, very hard. Harley is the one I have in mind). This is one of the best SUPERHERO games. It has a fun, large hub. Tons of very different characters. Some decent humour. Fun levels. It's a blast. Definitely the best LEGO game. Excelsior!

3 Lego Batman

Good memories

This is a great game I have it on pc I beat it 100% - trains45

Already on here and it's bad tear rib bull bad - MarioBros11

Best lego game in my opinion.

4 LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

This game really fun I had really fun playing the story and free roam - trains45

Fun Fact: I used to speed run this game a lot when I was younger, and one time beat it one afternoon. - BritishGoat

This game really fun, it can be fun to mess around Gotham city after you beat the story

I really enjoyed this game for a few reasons. The storyline was well-built and not too clique, the humor was appropriate and actually pretty funny, and the free roaming was fun: I never got bored of it!

5 Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures


Orgasmic game

Best and nostalgiest game

An awesome game. Beat it 100% and unlocked Han Solo. Fun Star Wars Easter eggs and great levels that stay true to the movies. While Lego Indy 2 has free roam and all four movies, the levels are literally nothing like the movies besides plot.

6 LEGO Lord of the Rings

Way better than lego The Hobbit. Another reason I liked this one is that I suck at free roaming and exploring, so the map made everything easier. Number 6 is right where it belongs.

So good. Honestly one of the best hack-and-slash rpgs for the Nintendo DS period. - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

Love it

I've played and own almost all of the Lego games and this one by far takes the cake. I love the quests and map with the ability to warp to any location. It just makes it so much fun and convenient. Music is awesome, I just put it on and let it play while I'm doing stuff around the house.

7 LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars

The best LEGO game, for it is the most unique LEGO game.

Best LEGO game ever kind of funny

HOW THE EFF IS THIS ONLY 7 I'm sad now - MarioBros11

Based on season 1 and 2 of the clone wars this game is funny and great and I would play this game more than any other LEGO game besides LEGO lotr and LEGO TCS

8 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

This was the first one I played.

Harry potter rocks. This game is pretty cool because its different from other lego video games

This was the first lego game I ever played and it was the best!

This and 1-4 had so amazing boss fights I loved them!

9 Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

Open world hub, level builder, unique boss battles and stages that weren't in the movies, etc. I got this years ago and I loved the creative direction they went in with this one.

I actually loved this game it had so much in it and the cut stories were not really cut they were just as long as the original adventures maybe even longer, it was funnier too, also the ability to create levels was amazing why everyone hated it I don't know

My, my. Accolates for this game have so much to learn. No offense, none intended at all, but I opened this game on Christmas, 2011, and popped it in and just was so disappointed.

It is the first Lego Game to include open world hub

10 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

My childhood

Cannot stop playing it, I loved it and still do, despite the fact that I've had 100% on it for ages.

Have this and Harry potter 1 and 2 and this beats them hand down, its fun and I have replayed over and over again

First Lego game I played, will always remember it. Good old times...


The Contenders

11 Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

In my opinion it's my favorite Lego game the story mode was amazing and the free roam is so fun

This a good lego game I have it on ps4 I got 100% complete - trains45

I'm sorry, but this game was awful. After you beat all the levels, it got extremely boring, the planets were not interesting and the storyline did not exactly help. Some things did not load as well; it was always just a chance that it would load. - iliekpiez

Awesome game like last but they didn't let us drive around which was fun Please add it in Lego batman 4

12 Lego Jurassic World

I love Blue the Velociraptor and I like to play as her! - ArcticWolf

I love to create my own dinosaurs

Lego batman may have been one of the first video games I have ever played, but this game is the greatest lego game of all time! I got it on the xbox 360 a couple of months ago, and it was one of the only games in history that I actually completed 100%. I love the free roaming and that you can create your own versions of the dinosaurs AND you can use them! I LOVE IT!

Based on classic scenes from all four films with great humour, you can also play as the dinosaurs too. Must have for dinosaur and Lego fans everywhere, great for all ages.

13 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

I recently completed the DS version 100%

One of my ever favorites. I wouldn't give it a No. 1, but I give it a No. 3 and it's absolutely wonderful, and I've got 32% but am not complaining, that means I can play and play on.

This is a great game. Should be in top 5!

I like it a lot because of the level creation. - Extractinator04

14 Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

This and the first lego star wars I grew up with as a kid - trains45

It's really fun and if you get bored of the console version, you can play the DS or GBA ports - myusernameisthis

Horrible - ArcticWolf

I like the ds version too, but the console is also good.

15 Lego City Undercover

It’s funny and open world - PICKLEMAN

As much as I love LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga and LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, this is my favourite. I loved the final level, the game was pretty fun and I thought that LEGO came up with a pretty good storyline. It had lots of things to do after you beat all the levels as well. - iliekpiez

This Lego Grand Theft Auto except with less violence and just as fun as Grand Theft Auto V! Super awesome! Good graphics fun side missions and a excellent plot with the amazing, funny, and classic Lego humor. If your a Lego video games fan looking for a great Lego game for your wii you this is a reccomdation! This would even for none Lego fans. The 3ds adaption is only 4 stars while the wii you is a perfect 5!

If this game was out for more consoles other than the Wii U, I bet it would be much higher on this list. Excellent game with huge open world, great missions, good voice acting, and a boatload of content. Hands down my favorite Lego game since Complete Saga.

16 Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The movie of it bored me that's why I hate Star Wars - ArcticWolf

I have played it and it was worth the money by far

The movie was pretty good so I kinda have high expectations for this one

One of the best Star Wars game of all time. I played it the day it came out and was not disappointed. Wonderful free roam hubs.

17 Lego Star Wars: The Video Game

This a good lego game I remember playing it and the 2nd one as a kid - trains45

Why Star Wars! - ArcticWolf

Why is the foundation of all these games so low it is fun to see how Lego games started off as and the levels were awesome to play them, Except for the Gunship level which was infuriating hard

The only levels I hated on this game was the flying levels those were hard as balls

18 The LEGO Movie Videogame

Fast game but so much to explore

The Best Lego Game there is. enough said!

The game has scene from the movie

I mean I'm stuck on the wild west

19 LEGO The Hobbit

I forgot this even existed - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

The Best video game ever made I beat the whole game this my second favorite lego video game followed by the first The LEGO Movie Video Game still this way better than LEGO Harry Potter has the best storymode - Lordvader3500

Definitely my favorite game. While I can see a game such as Lego Marvel above it, or other older games above it, but games like Lord of the Rings, Batman 2, Lego City Undercover, and Harry Potter 5-7.

This is totally the best one. It is so nostalgic. After I got to 100%, I was like "Aw man, I can't play this anymore". And all around me, I heard hobbit music, and eventually decided I had to go back. So now I'm playing it again

20 Bionicle Heroes

I've never played this, and I won't go hating on it for this reason, but Bionicle is one of my least favorite Lego themes.

Great "dungeons", perfect Soundtrack. Game Play... nah... - Nebular65

You spelled Lego wrong

I've never played it but I heard it sucks, so... - Extractinator04

21 Lego Dimensions

Hey, this is my favourite

The most ambitious crossover event in history.

The insanity of the franchise/character crossovers makes for a soup full of daft matches, fun levels, and tasty content. Got this for my kids, but ended up playing it more than them! They can’t get references to material they haven’t watched yet - Goonies/Gremlins/Knight Rider/A-team to mention a few, which is a shame. Still, their loss is my gain, huzzah!

As well crafted as Star Wars: The complete Saga for consoles is, I would have to give the edge to Lego Dimensions.

22 Lego Marvel's the Avengers

What is this huh - MarioBros11

A newer video game based on the two avengers movies, and including mini-levels of some of the solo marvel cinematic universe movies such as, Captain America the first avenger, Iron man 3, Thor the dark world, and Captain America the winter soldier. This game includes all-new fighting styles, abilities, and even smaller scaled hub worlds including, South Africa, Washington D.C, Sokovia, Malibu, Shield base, Clint's farm, and more! This game was an interesting new take of Lego marvel superheroes, with the actual voice cast of all the main characters. I enjoy this game a lot more than Lego dimensions, which was way too confusing.

The game is incredible. It's better than lego marvel superheroes, the free roam is better, the characters are better, the levels are little bit better and Stan Lee is better.

This is the best Lego games and its has a lot of character

23 Lego Rock Band

I hate Lego Rock Band, not the worst, nowhere near, but also has a long way to go before it can reach the Top 15.

Pretty bad, but still deserves to be higher than Bionicle Heroes. - Extractinator04

Amazing! If you like music games you will like this

I love this game! it is fun to play and the ds version has good graphics.

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24 Lego Indiana Jones
25 Lego DC Super-Villains

1 year since release already time sure flies - trains45

Good game
Lots of characters

This a good lego game it cool to have the villains as the main game - trains45

Its really good

26 Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

I like this one a lot because it is such a big game with a totally original story and has the most recent references. It even has DLC!

I vote that this is the best lego game I mean it has the best customizer

Best game ever

The only bad thing is no X-men. And the Spider-man voicing is godawful. - Mightbot

Glad I'm not the only one who though Spider-Man's voice acting was horrible. - CartoonCriticizer

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27 Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga (DS)
28 Lego Universe

It was an amazing game! Too bad it got shut down, but different people are trying to revive it.



29 Bionicle
30 Lego Chima: Laval's Journey

Personally, Chima is cool, but I hated this game.

I have thos video game its pretty hard to beat - VideoGamefan5

Chima sucks, but this game is pretty fun. Eglor is my favorite

Hard yet fun

31 Lego Worlds

Worst lego game ever - myusernameisthis

I #### love this game but I really want to see another Lego them add like Lego star wars or Lego marvel or pirates of the Caribbean please

Trash don't get it

You can get a Dragon and ride one. - ArcticWolf

32 Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars - Nintendo DS

No different from Lego Star Wars III on Wii - MarioBros11

33 Lego Racers

Build your own kart, unique weapon system and the tracks are all based on classic Lego sets such as Adventurers, Insectoids, Fright Knights and Pirates.

This Thing Is Awesome - VideoGamefan5

Old but still fun

34 Lego Star Wars: The Video Game (GBA)
35 Lego Battles: Ninjago

Underrated. Lego ninja go fans are sure to like it. There are levels based off the first two episodes of the show. Amazing game in all.

This Game Sucks - VideoGamefan5

36 Lego the Incredibles
37 LEGO Island

Great game, nostalgic

The game that started it all. Lego Island created a monster, one that keeps gamers at their consoles for days on end, the best monster there is. God Bless Lego Island.

38 Lego Jurassic World the Video Game

I'll get it soon. Then we'll see - Ethan-metal1

Good game many collectables to keep you playing for hours

It's the coolest game ever

It's the newest Lego game.

39 Bionicle: The Game

Heard it's fun - myusernameisthis

Best Lego game ever, followed by the one with the pizza boy!

Its on xbox really - VideoGamefan5

40 Legoland

They...made a game of a AMUSEMENT PARK what - Ethan-metal1

I had this one, I was so bad, but it helped me through the hard times

41 Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins
42 The Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame
43 Lego Ninjago: Nindroids

Pretty darn good game, it's different from other Lego games and sure is fun

44 Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge
45 Lego Creator: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
46 Lego Battles

Terrible don't buy. - myusernameisthis


Awesome Statagy Game and endless fun because you can make your own team

47 LEGO Loco
48 LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts

Why are all the original Lego games on PC so low on the list? come on guys!

49 Crystalien Conflict

Definitely the best I've played, a fun RTS game.

50 Lego Avengers

Needs higher

It had a hilarious story, amazing game play and characters. The new features they added were awesome! The team up moves, the suit ups, the super jumps, the random crimes, it was all impressive. I won't talk much more but what I will say is that this is both the best LEGO game, and the best Marvel game.

New abilities new hub worlds new characters awesome just amazing it lets us play as our favorite characters just best Lego game in my opinion yet

Great game just great

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