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1 The Show
2 Everything at Once

With the commercial of Windows 8, I came across this beautiful song. And I must say, that this is the best song of Lenka. Thank you Windows for bringing such a beautiful song before us. If you understand the lyrics, it's so meaningful, telling what a girl wants to become all at once. And it has a damn beautiful music. I love it!

I don't know why people hate this song. Must listen it. It's a beautiful song.

I started to like the song when I saw the illuminati on the windows 8 advertisement.

3 Trouble is a Friend
4 Knock Knock
5 We Will Not Grow Old
6 Bring Me Down
7 Dangerous and Sweet
8 Don't Let Me Fall
9 Anything I'm Not
10 Everything's Okay

The Newcomers

? Force of Nature
? All My Bells Are Ringing

The Contenders

11 You Will Be Mine

Amazing song...should be much high up the list

12 Nothing Here But Love
13 Live Like You're Dying
14 Like a Song
15 Shock Me Into Love
16 Skipalong
17 Heart Skips a Beat

This song was no where in the list. But it is a nice song as well. Friends, please listen to it.. - azura_enchantress

18 Two
19 Roll With the Punches
20 Sad Song
21 Blinded by Love
22 Here to Stay

This song should be in the top ten...Its one of the most deepest song and totally different one among the rest of lenka song

23 The End of the World

Ranked 22? Well, its much better than that.. Huh

24 Blue Skies
25 The Top of Memory Lane
26 Nothing
27 Find a Way to You
28 Honeybee
29 After the Winter
30 Unique
31 The Long Way Home
32 Go Deeper
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1. Everything at Once
2. Bring Me Down
3. The Show
1. The Show
2. We Will Not Grow Old
3. Everything at Once


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