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21 If You Can't Say No
22 Stand by My Woman
23 Calling All Angels
24 Fields of Joy
25 A Long and Sad Goodbye
26 Dancin' Til Dawn
27 Push

This song shows the maturity of lenny, across the time, for me is the better song.

28 Don't Go and Put a Bullet In Your Head
29 Come On Get It

Best song of the olddest album. Amazing song, amazing riffs... Just amazing.

30 Circus

I can't understand why this one isn't the most voted

31 Rosemary

This song is so beautiful... It makes me cry every time I hear it.

32 I Build This Garden for Us
33 The Pleasure and the Pain

I don't know how nobody put this amazing song to this list. It's just another masterpiece from Lenny, and should be at least among the top 10.

34 Dirty White Boots
35 New York City
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