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1 Suzanne Suzanne Cover Art

This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. It does things to my heart that I can't even describe. Leonard Cohen is a lyrical genius and one of my favorite artists ever. Simply and completely beautiful.

Beautiful, sad and nostalgic... Basically all you will ever want from this legendary poet!

This song is the definition of beauty.

Some of the best lyrics ever written

2 Famous Blue Raincoat Famous Blue Raincoat Cover Art

The best work of master song writer leonard cohen. It has a vague and yet complicated concept and you just can't stop listening to it!

This songs is incredible. For everybody it have many mean. There is a story in this song

The story behind this song is just moving

One hell of a letter!

3 Bird on the Wire Bird on the Wire Cover Art

This song plumbs the depths of the human emotion. Simply unparalleled.

An all-time classic song. Shockingly under-rated.

4 Dance Me to the End of Love Dance Me to the End of Love Cover Art

Come on! 10th, best song ever

Absolutly perfect!

5 Anthem Anthem Cover Art
6 Hallelujah Hallelujah Cover Art

Sorry Buckley fans but Cohen really is the man

Jeff Buckley was better at singing it though

Cohen outshines Buckley by a mile on this

My number one pick

7 First We Take Manhattan First We Take Manhattan Cover Art

Definitely my favorite Cohen song. The lyrics are a bit cryptic, but it takes you on a journey.

Should be in the top ten!

8 The Stranger Song The Stranger Song Cover Art

Something about this cold song really makes it special

So hard to choose- but Teachers, Who By Fire, Famous Blue Rain Coat and Wating for a mirical come close.

9 Everybody Knows Everybody Knows Cover Art

Dark, foreboding song that really should be Number 1!

10 Who by Fire Who by Fire Cover Art
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11 You Want It Darker You Want It Darker Cover Art

Captivating lyrics demand your attention

Un conventional and sounds great...

Cohen just gets better with age

12 Diamonds in the Mine Diamonds in the Mine Cover Art
13 So Long, Marianne So Long, Marianne Cover Art
14 In My Secret Life In My Secret Life Cover Art
15 Avalanche Avalanche Cover Art

Poetic masterpiece.
"You strike my side by accident
as you go down for your gold.
The cripple here that you clothe and feed
is neither starved nor cold;
he does not ask for your company,
not at the centre, the centre of the world."

My favorite Cohen song.
A work of art.

16 The Future The Future Cover Art
17 Steer Your Way Steer Your Way Cover Art
18 Here It Is Here It Is Cover Art
19 I'm Your Man I'm Your Man Cover Art

What every woman wish to hear from her man.

20 One of Us Cannot Be Wrong One of Us Cannot Be Wrong Cover Art

I burst into tears whenever I hear this song.

21 Democracy Democracy Cover Art
22 Ain't No Cure for Love Ain't No Cure for Love Cover Art
23 Joan Of Arc Joan Of Arc Cover Art
24 A Thousand Kisses Deep A Thousand Kisses Deep Cover Art

Now this is a song you want to see up near the top of this list.
Always makes me wonder how he comes up with such masterpieces.

L Cohen is a legit genius, so its hard to pick one. This song grows on you. It resonates.

Always makes me cry...

25 Chelsea Hotel # 2 Chelsea Hotel # 2 Cover Art
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