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This list will rate the top songs from one of the greatest musicals of all time: Les Miserables.

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1 One Day More

This song is just outstanding. It is by far my favorite song in Les Misérables. Every time I listen to it I get this giddy feeling. It gets stuck in my head. Its just amazing. I love how they have like seven people each singing a different song at one time and it STILL goes together! Its brilliant and beautiful! - ilovejeanvaljean

Best song of them all! It's like a huge mash-up of all the songs and so good! Gives me chills every time!

I cry every time I hear this song because I just get overwhelmed with the sheer magnificence of every single voice in this song all overlapping and harmonizing and its just perfection.

10/10 but some notes were iffy

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2 Do You Hear the People Sing?

This song just really lifts your spirits and gets you into a patriotic mood. It has a catchy tune and is hard to forget, which I love. - ilovejeanvaljean

It touches heart! "do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men? Its is the music of a people who will not be slaves again" so touchy!

The Finale version is why I'm voting this piece. Truely one fantastic piece from the best musical in existance! I do hear the people sing!

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3 On My Own

Samantha Banks' performance in this song is easily the best surprise of the movie. Anne Hathaway's version of "I Dreamed a Dream" is positively brilliant and one for the ages, but "On My Own" in this movie totally caught me by surprise, with how good it is...

Honestly, how can you not love this song? Samantha Barks brought the extreme emotion that makes almost everyone cry, and at least puts them into tears. When you take the time to look at this song lyric by lyric, it's such an innovative and touching song.

I love this song. I keep listening to it over and over thinking of people who the song reminds me of. I feel like crying, its just a really good song

Purely from the heart where everything is laid bare for all to see/hear. Gut wrenching as everyone can relate to the utter sadness in one way, shape or form.

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4 I Dreamed a Dream

The lyrics are so representative of how the people, especially women, felt during the time. The lyrical and slow melody further facilitated the people to feel the mood of the song, and how some dreams are just dreams, not reality.

I think it should be first

This song is so sad, and makes you feel terrible for Fantine. And the emotion in Anne Hathaway's voice doesn't help. - ilovejeanvaljean

Beautiful and will make anyone cry.

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5 Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

By far the best most emotional song!

I always remember my dead loved ones when I hear this song. It makes me so emotional! - mood333

It's my best and I can't help but cry when I'm down and listening to it

Eddie Redmayne. That's it.

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6 Stars

Stars was amazing. I especially liked Russell Crowe's version, even though everyone else hates him. Crowe sang Stars in a way that was more of a lullaby. Which made even more awesome.

It's always been my favorite song in the musical, and it's one of the few that aren't really repeated in any way throughout the musical.

I was listening to Stars when I read this and I agree. GOOSEBUMPS!


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7 Master of the House

For a dark, depressing musical, this song really shines simply because it's anything but that. It's funny, lively, and a good change of pace

ALL of them deserve to be number one but I chose this because it's cheeky, lively and great to sing along to. - Britgirl

This one's just so funny so I have to vote for it because it makes me smile regardless to how I'm feeling.

Very comical and a jolly break from such a depressing story

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8 Bring Him Home

Never cried more at a song than this and On My Own. Absolutely beautiful

Heart wrenching! Beautiful melody! Sad lyrics. Best rendition by "VOX" at the "America has Talent" Show Best song ever.

This has so much feeling and pathos, especially when sung by the wonderful Alfie Boe

Hauntingly beautiful! I weep every time I hear it!

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9 Castle on a Cloud

It's a beautiful song. When I listen to it I feel like crying because of the dire situation she's in. This song talks about freedom and is so sweet. I think this song clearly has my vote.

Little girl + Lullaby = Adorable - ilovejeanvaljean

This song is the best song


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10 A Heart Full of Love

It paired with on my own are the most tear jerking songs up until near the end song in my opinion. You can feel all the emotion. You smile with cosette and marius, but you also can sit there and cry along with eponine. I dreamed a dream is the only other one that does hat to a person up until literally like right before the barricade.

Is it bad that I just like this song because of Éponine's touching comments throughout? "He was never mine to lose... Why regret what cannot be..."

This is literally the cutest song ever. Marius and Cosette are also my 2 favorite characters in the musical. I know that this song is super cheesy, but those types of songs tend to draw my attention.

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11 The Confrontation

I completely love this song, I really do. I love the never version with Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe so, so much. I think they are beautiful performers together.

I'm obsessed with it I love the way they conjoin awesome

I love this track! It's not the best one, but is just so epic!

This song is by far the most exciting, and it really gives the audience a better understanding of the relationship between the two men. Their conflict with each other. Javert's single minded quest of putting Valjean back behind bars. Valjean's struggle to find meaning in a life where everything was taken from him.

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12 At the End of the Day

I love this one! It is just classical theatre to me! I can't believe that more people haven't voted for this song.

The music brings the song to top three for me

13 Red and Black

I love the barricade boys, they don't have too large of a part but they stand for so much! - sydney935

Easily the Best song in the entire play how it isn't even in the top ten is a travesty

I love this song so much. If there was a list of my favorite songs, it's in first place.

I really really really like it

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14 A Little Fall of Rain

It's just very very sad. A girl who knew she would never get the boy she wanted sacrificed herself for him dying happily. The ending is the saddest part, especially in the movie "... and rain, will make the flowers... grow" :'(

I'm surprised this one isn't higher up on the list! It's so touching and beautiful.

Cannot stop listening to this!

This song does not get enough recognition. a girl who loved a boy most of her life and he didn't even notice. and when he did, she was literally dying in his arms. so so so incredibly sad, but the emotion in the song is so heartbreaking and passionate. such a beautifully crafted piece of music, the harmonies are so beautiful. this song is one of the most real and honest songs in the show. as Eponine dies mid sentence, Marius finished, "...grow," so soft and pure with genuine emotion it is perfect.

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15 Lovely Ladies

The tune itself is cheerful and bouncy, but underneath it is a very dark, twisted song!

16 ABC Cafe / Red and Black
17 Javert's Suicide

The climax when he is falling and yelling always gives me chills, I wish that perfect moment would last longer.

The pure pain and confusion in this song (especially when sung by Quast) is perfect.

Way handle in the film version was great.

A wonderfully edn to a great story line

18 Valjean’s Death

It's a touching song 🎶

19 Little People

Best song loved it

This was the best and tje worst song why because its just amazing no explications but the scene is extremely sad

20 Fantine's Death: Come to Me

Well the lyrics are just heartbreaking

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