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1 BlueXephos

It is the main channel of the British gaming organization. BlueXephos stars Lewis (Xephos) Brindley and Simon (Honeydew) Lane and they are well-known for their Minecraft videos as well as Let's Plays of various games.

2 Pew Die Pie

A Swedish let's player who does mostly horror games. He is known for his frequent exaggerated screaming over the games that he plays. He uses profanities as part of his features. His channel grew from his Amnesia: The Dark Descent playthrough videos.

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3 Toby Games V 1 Comment
4 Chuggaaconroy Chuggaaconroy

The best let's player in my opinion, thank you for bringing so much joy to my life

A Let's Player as what Mario is to gaming. What the Autarch of Flame is to the countdown community. What Rayquaza is to legendary pokemon.

I love Chugga so much and he deserves to be at the top

What. Whaat. A MINECRAFT youtuber. Above Chuggaa? Wha what?!

5 Game Grumps

These Guys Have My Side On Fire every time I Watch Them

Daily and always funny! The hosts are amazing people (Jontron Egoraptor Danny from Ninja sex party and RubberRoss) and play video games that aren't overdone by other lets players. Plus it has gained a loyal following that does remixes and animations for them.

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6 Achievement Hunter

While they aren't one person in particular, they have awesome and hilarious lets plays like Xbox 360 Minecraft, worms, and many others!

7 Captain Sparklez
8 PBGGameplay

This is PeanutButterGamer's secondary channel where he does let's play of various games, either by himself or with a bunch of other YouTube stars and artists. His current biggest feature of his let's play is "Hardcore" let's play. It is a series of let's play where he does let's play with various other YouTubers (let's players or not) with a 1 life rule, meaning that if everyone dies in the game, the game will end and they will move on to another game to be played for the next "Hardcore" let's play. The greatest thing about this series is that you will never know who will be featured in the next "Hardcore" let's play. Worries are negligible, however, as the ones featured in the "Hardcore" series will always be the ones that are courteous and convivial.

9 Sea Nanners

SeaNanners, (also known as Adam) videos may be short, nut they are so hilarious, brighting up the day of his subscribers. It's almost like montages of the best parts of his gaming time and if full of humor!

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10 MarkiplierGAME

One of the funniest Let's Players on Youtube! He cares about his fanbase and he tries hard to make his content a great quality. He does various charity work and raises money for good causes. An all around fantastic guy.

Never fails to make me laugh! He really cares about his fans and does charity live streams

The Contenders

11 Finbar Hawkes

Finbarhawkes, or Finbar as he likes to call himself, is a British let's player.

12 Zonic T Hadgehog
13 Sips
14 RoosterTeeth

How are these guys not already on the list? They're at least 500% better than pewdie pie. Gavin and Michael alone make for the best Let's players on YouTube!

15 Cr1TiKaL
16 The Sindicade Project

Focuses on Minecraft, Call of Duty, Skyrim and commentaries on how he makes his videos

17 Quill18

Very well known Canadian Let's Player whose strategy videos are very unique. He is well known for covering Paradox Interactive's games. He never swears yet he is very entertaining, particularly when things go wrong.

18 Cryaotic
19 WowCrendor
20 AllShamNoWow
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