Best Letters to Write Down

What are some of your Alphabetical letters to write down?

The Top Ten

1 W (W)

Its really just an Amazing letter. I get a thrill ever time I write it down. HAHHAAH YAH W rules! - TheResistance

2 3 (3)

Yah Three should be above W if you ask me, but, whatever. - TheResistance

3 Alpha (∂)

I MEan SERIOUSLY, there would be no Alphabet without this or Beta! AlpHA FOREVER! <3 alpha - TheResistance

4 G (g)

G really is a great letter, I have so many posters of it around my room. - TheResistance

My lowercase Gs and Qs look similar because I draw the bottoms in almost a line unlike most people. - Turkeyasylum

5 N (n)

M is just a deformed N at birth, Like Q is to O. N is awesome. N is for Nirvana, which is also aweosme. - TheResistance

6 M (m)

Who doesn't like physically challenged letters? Right? YAh M is stupid but I feel bad for him so yah. - TheResistance

7 K (k)

K is a really kool letter, hands down. Maybe not the best but it defiantly deserves to be on this list. - TheResistance

8 E (e)

E is a really awesome letter. I just love writing it down. Too bad its not in my name :( - TheResistance

9 X

A really exotic number to add, I really like it a lot. - TheResistance

X for X-Japan... X must be at the top of the list.

#I love you X how many letters do I need to write before you will except my opinion ffs this is pissing me off you son of a gun#

10 A (a)
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