Top Ten Best Letters


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1 A


A is for awesome

Ally - ElSherlock

love A

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2 B

B is the best letter because my favorite word starts with a b and that's bugger

Brian - ElSherlock

You got it b

B is just so unique in its sound, with almost few others being close. It's a great letter and it looks happy. Also, it is rarer, so it is more rich, because you never use something rich up unless you want it dried out. Also my name begins with this wonderful letter!

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3 C

My name's Cora lol


Cassie - ElSherlock

Take a guess why I voted for this one. - Cyri

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4 S

Saisha Is my name

Sheila - ElSherlock


S stands for Smart People Who Think S is the Best Letter in the Alphabet

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5 E

My name is Emmitt Martin.

Eminem - ElSherlock

My name is Emmitt Martin.

My name starts with E, Emmitt Martin. Sometimes I'm energetic, hey that starts with E.

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6 R

R is rebellious and radical, what more needs to be said?

Roger - ElSherlock

R is like the older brother of the alphabet

R should be Higher

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7 Z

Zack - ElSherlock

Zeke or Zekenator

Z is Z. - MaxAurelius

Z is cool

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8 X

Such a cool letter, don't know why. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Symmetrical, and underused! This is the rarest, and the best!

The most rare letter - mathguy37

Nobody uses this thing

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9 D


Daniel - ElSherlock

It looks exactly how it sounds- voluminous but not imposing or sharp like R or C. and of course it's the first letter of the best word in the dictionary, "door"

Sound like for the - mathguy37

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10 H

H is not just a letter, it's the meaning of life. With H, you could cure all diseases, get smarter, and bring world peace to earth. H is more powerful than all of us combined. Soon H will go to earth, and deem 20 people a god. Thanks H, for bringing us love and harmony. - Toab

H is really a very good name.
It is cool

Helga - ElSherlock

My crushes name is Harvey so I love this letter

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The Contenders

11 J


Jordan - ElSherlock

J team! I am Jacob! - Carly19781

This letter starts with Jesus and my name

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12 F

Fred - ElSherlock

HeY iT's FrEd!
-that kid that was famous on youtube like eight years ago - Bammer73

F is the worst in my opinion. - Curtis_Huber


13 U

I love this letter because It's rare to find people with names beginning with U. - Palmeiras

U is my #1 favourite letter.

Its pretty good

U and A are tied in my opinion, but bcs U is under Z and X two of my lest favorite letters EVER, I decided to vote it up. All you U lovers, vote U to top!

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14 M

M is clearly the best letter! Everyone who's name starts with the letter M is:
So M has LOADS of reasons for being the BEST letter! Vote M!


It is clearly the best letter with research shows that 41percent of the worlds name start with M just kidding my name starts with M but it is the best letter ever

I love this letter! If M was a person, I would be friends with him/her.

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15 I

Irina - ElSherlock

It is a word so it is not a sound for - mathguy37


It looks cool

16 N

Natalie - ElSherlock

N is the best letter because it’s the first letter of my name

Clearly N is the best letter ever people. Because it is in the middle of the alphabet and my name starts with it too. So who is with me huh? Didn't hear yu.

N is the best letter ever

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17 Y

Sound like for why - mathguy37

This is a chromosome and is neither a consonant nor a vowel.

This letter looks the best, even though my name doesn't start with it.

The Switzerland of letters. - Donut

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18 T

I love T but we all know why it only got 3%...TRUMP we are all looking at you

Trump - ElSherlock

Spill that T - Pokemonfan10

Sound like for tea - mathguy37

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19 L

Yes - Kyoy

Lola - ElSherlock


My name starts with it, and it looks the coolest. There would be no lit without L.

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20 K

Potasiam comment I get it if you get the joke and explain


More phonetic than c, just take c out of the alphabet. and q, both c and q are wastes.

A fink it would bi robotik end boring afte a wal if wi onli jusd de posibl list leters. Wa a dos leters wests do they tek ap valuabl spes? Den wi ken jast klir half ov wods from dikshanaris det hev mor den van mining. - Alkadikce

21 V

From Mystic Messenger - Hanasaki

Kim Taehyung... that's all I gotta say...

22 G

Gabriel - ElSherlock

G is a mason symbol. - 7357

My favourite letter!

Best letter!

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23 P

Because P is the fast letter in my name as well as my love

Phil - ElSherlock

A sound like for pee. - mathguy37

P is the best letter in the whole alphabet because it starts the name of the greatest band ever. The greatest band ever happens to be the one I am referencing the lyrics to right now.

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24 W

I honestly just think this letter looks cool and is fun to write - especially in cursive. Good on you, whoever designed this letter. - bunnyfloof

That's The Start Of My Name

W is stupid and is definitely not SAVAGE

I'm glad my list really pulled MQ and W back. - Curtis_Huber

25 O

I love O because my name is Ozzy, and I think that's a wonderful name! Here are the other magnificent names that start with O:
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...(drum roll please)
Not exactly the best.

My favorite letter the second most common letter after E. Everybody's name in odd squad starts with O. My favorite shape is shaped likeO. Circle. - mathguy37

The only letter that's a shape, easily the coolest from an impartial stand point. O wins!

The best in the world! '

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26 Q

How is this last the band queen

This is the worst. - NewYorkCityTopic

Q is my 2nd favourite of all the letters.

Q is my homie. - purpleyoshi98

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