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1 A

My name starts with this

Everyone wants this letter on their geography quizzes

My actual name is Albert, and I'm an African-American - TheRedstoneWiz

Everybody puts A in their top 3 favorite letters. - GriffinDoge

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2 B

The B is my favourite letter, because it looks happy.

I just think this is a wonderfully attractive letter - it looks friendly and in need of a hug. The word beautiful starts with a B - the most beautiful word in the Engiish language. Oh, and Britain starts with a B too! - Britgirl

3 C

First letter of my name - Oliveleaf

Awesome, my name starts with C

C is the 3rd letter, 3rd is bronze, bronze is brown, brown is kinda like fire, fire is red, red starts with the letter R, R - (e+d) = 9, 9 / c = 3, 3 = C.

4 Z

My name starts with Z - Zachywaky

Z is the last stupid letter in the alphabet. I hate it. - GriffinDoge

My name starts with zero, it is for zeena which means in Iraq decorations

Z is my favorite alphabet lettler. "F" in second, "U" in third. - Palmeiras

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6 N

Clearly N is the best letter ever people. Because it is in the middle of the alphabet and my name starts with it too. So who is with me huh? Didn't hear yu.

N is the best letter ever

NIRMAL starts with Letter N!
Let's take letter 'N' to the Top of this List... - Nirmal1991USA

N is actual extremely unique. It's just 3 lines but so good lol I don't know how to explain it. It just seems like the coolest letter to me. Doesn't anyone agree?

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7 X

Nobody uses this thing

It's a scary letter

Badass letter.


8 R

It looks Tuff and strong. - Curtis_Huber

It looks so slick

My name starts with r my name is rade

Best letter - Thecyanryan

9 S

Whoever said their first and second name start with S, my first name, middle name, and last name start with S.

S stands for Smart People Who Think S is the Best Letter in the Alphabet

woo hoo my name totally starts w/this! - shawdyslikeamelody

My first and second name start with S!

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11 E

My name starts with this! And most people in my grade has a name that starts with this letter!

My name is Emmitt Martin it begins with e

I love this letter it's literally amazing!

In my In my opinion Letter E is my favorite of all. He's the most used of all of them. Where would a world be without him. E's my favorite letter, along with P, U, Y, C, N, I, K, M, V, and W

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12 U

I love this letter because It's rare to find people with names beginning with U. - Palmeiras

U is my #1 favourite letter.

Its pretty good

13 Y

This is a chromosome and is neither a consonant nor a vowel.

This letter looks the best, even though my name doesn't start with it.

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14 J

My name starts with this letter! - rock2metal

Yeah me too! Best letter ever!

My names Joshua!

My name starts with j

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16 H

My crushes name is Harvey so I love this letter

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17 D

This letter is quiet cool...Deserves to be a lot higher in the list

My name starts with D and I love it. - GriffinDoge

D is better than every letter

Dd is incredible

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18 L

My name starts with it, and it looks the coolest. There would be no lit without L.

Sometimes, the questions are complicated - and the answers are simple.

L is totally my favorite letter. It's the best and it should be first!

Anyone who watches Death Note knows why L is the best letter.

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19 T

It looks Tuff and strong. - Curtis_Huber

T is the best letter ever. Is'nt it obvious. T is a puzzle. When you draw it without lifting the led off the paper, you will have to overlap another line that u have already drawn. I'm still trying to figure out if I can solve the puzzle.

20 V

From Mystic Messenger - Hanasaki

Kim Taehyung... that's all I gotta say...

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