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1 A

Such a revolutionary yet grotesquely beautiful letter. Words can't describe how linearly three those lines form with graceful angles; making such a perfectly-shaped triangle of such sheer beauty bound within those strong lines. With the letter A, you have the power to save even the worst world problems currently existing in this planet called earth. But not many people understand, this letter is the way, and the true meaning that unlocks the essence of life.

Three lines, forms a triangle, has another small traingle inside, look how it stands it stands up asserting its dominance as if saying "I'm the first f yeah!" This letter is awesome!

In case you forgot, A stands for A Pal For Gary?
Just because A is the first letter doesn't mean you have to love it, like geez.

You know the world is falling apart when people are having debates about the alphabet.

2 B

B is just so unique in its sound, with almost few others being close. It's a great letter and it looks happy. Also, it is rarer, so it is more rich, because you never use something rich up unless you want it dried out. Also my name begins with this wonderful letter!

I just think this is a wonderfully attractive letter - it looks friendly and in need of a hug. The word beautiful starts with a B - the most beautiful word in the Engiish language. Oh, and Britain starts with a B too!

This letter is one of the WORST letters for Asian parents to see on their kids' report cards and tests...

B is the best letter because my favorite word starts with a b and that's bugger

3 C

Take a guess why I voted for this one.

Awesome, my name starts with C

My name starts with c carver

First letter of my name

4 E

My name starts with this! And most people in my grade has a name that starts with this letter!

My name starts with E, Emmitt Martin. Sometimes I'm energetic, hey that starts with E.

I love this letter it's literally amazing!

My name is Emmitt Martin it begins with e

5 S

I love this letter because it is so commonly used and it is the first letter of my last name and the last letter of the middle name.

Whoever said their first and second name start with S, my first name, middle name, and last name start with S.

S stands for Smart People Who Think S is the Best Letter in the Alphabet

My first and second name start with S!

6 H

I just wrote an argumentative essay for my teacher about how influencial the letter H is on our daily lives. All of the questions that we use to gather information about the imperative and trivial things in our life have the letter H in them. The funny thing is, though, that I left every single H in a word out of my essay except for the quotes and the last two sentences. Until I wrote this essay, I never knew how much we used H in what we say.

H is not just a letter, it's the meaning of life. With H, you could cure all diseases, get smarter, and bring world peace to earth. H is more powerful than all of us combined. Soon H will go to earth, and deem 20 people a god. Thanks H, for bringing us love and harmony.

Oh god... It's another crazy kid
H is NOT powerful
H does NOT cure diseases
H is NOT the meaning of life

H for Horny. I am tHat frequently. And I love to Have intercourse witH my partner. WatcHing my stuff makes Her Horny too.

My crushes name is Harvey so I love this letter

7 Z

My name starts with zero, it is for zeena which means in Iraq decorations

Z is my favorite alphabet lettler. "F" in second, "U" in third.

My name starts with Z

Z is Z.

8 R

My name starts with R I took a train that had an R on it it is the best letter

R is just a strong letter. It has a very strong sound. And it sounds cool too.

R is rebellious and radical, what more needs to be said?

R is like the older brother of the alphabet

9 D

In terms of shape, D is beautiful, taking up a fair amount of space without seeming boxy or oversized. The curve is beautiful, and not as hard as that of R or b. The "dee" sound is beautiful as well

It looks exactly how it sounds- voluminous but not imposing or sharp like R or C. and of course it's the first letter of the best word in the dictionary, "door"

This letter is quiet cool...Deserves to be a lot higher in the list

My brothers name starts with a D!

10 X

Symmetrical, and underused! This is the rarest, and the best!

Coolest letter ever made.

Nobody uses this thing

Yes reminds me of my ex

The Contenders

11 F

F is nice, might look aggressive and is the worst grade u could have but without F there would be no Friends or Family or Factory.

The F word is beautiful word in English, you can add it to the beginning of any word and still makes sense!

Asian parents who see this on a report card or test grade will mean instant death and disgrace.

To pay respects

12 M

It is far beyond Significent!


that's all I have to say.

Because my NAME starts with that letter and it means an awful lot to me.

Why is M 15th it deserves to be the first! It's the best letter ever! M for the win!

I love this letter! If M was a person, I would be friends with him/her.

If you love this letter, I respect your opinion.

13 J

I think this letter's cool. I like how it curves at the bottom and this is the first letter of my sister's and my dad's name. S is not a bad letter but I love J.

My favorite is J because it starts with my name and Jesus

This letter starts with Jesus and my name

My name starts with this letter!

14 U

U is actually the rarest intial for names. Of course, in actual language u isn't the rarest neither for beginning or just in general. I feel like U is extremely underrated

I love this letter because It's rare to find people with names beginning with U.

U is my #1 favourite letter.

Its pretty good

15 I

It is a word so it is not a sound for

It looks cool



16 L

My name starts with it, and it looks the coolest. There would be no lit without L.

Sometimes, the questions are complicated - and the answers are simple.

L is totally my favorite letter. It's the best and it should be first!

L is the divine letter, so it is the best letter in english alphabet

17 Y

A vowel and consonant. Instantly makes a word or name it appears in harder to pronounce. A great letter.

This letter looks the best, even though my name doesn't start with it.

This is a chromosome and is neither a consonant nor a vowel.

This program is sponsered by the letter Y: "Y" do you exist?

18 N

Clearly N is the best letter ever people. Because it is in the middle of the alphabet and my name starts with it too. So who is with me huh? Didn't hear yu.

N is actual extremely unique. It's just 3 lines but so good lol I don't know how to explain it. It just seems like the coolest letter to me. Doesn't anyone agree?

I don't believe you. There is a horrible word that starts with this letter. Don't show it to me.

There will be only One Best Letter and that would be the letter N!

19 K

Is so underrated just because A is first doesn't mean it is the best

This is the most beautiful and most sense-making letter.

Potasiam comment I get it if you get the joke and explain

More phonetic than c, just take c out of the alphabet. and q, both c and q are wastes.

20 T

T is the best letter ever. Is'nt it obvious. T is a puzzle. When you draw it without lifting the led off the paper, you will have to overlap another line that u have already drawn. I'm still trying to figure out if I can solve the puzzle.

I love T but we all know why it only got 3%...TRUMP we are all looking at you

The most used consonant and second most used letter.

Sound like for tea

21 G

My sister and My dad name starts with a G!

My favourite letter!

G is a mason symbol.


22 V

Just look at it. Amazing.

Kim Taehyung... that's all I gotta say...

My name starts with v vestina and also kim taehyung like..god...he is just so-

From Mystic Messenger

23 W

I honestly just think this letter looks cool and is fun to write - especially in cursive. Good on you, whoever designed this letter.

It's the most unique saying
Double You

W is stupid and is definitely not SAVAGE

That's The Start Of My Name

24 O

My favorite letter the second most common letter after E. Everybody's name in odd squad starts with O. My favorite shape is shaped likeO. Circle.

The only letter that's a shape, easily the coolest from an impartial stand point. O wins!

Spam O everybody who thinks it's so good. Spam it so it gets all the way to 1!

Why is this almost at last place? You gotta be kidding!

25 P

P is the best letter in the whole alphabet because it starts the name of the greatest band ever. The greatest band ever happens to be the one I am referencing the lyrics to right now.

Because P is the fast letter in my name as well as my love

P is the best letter ever because my nme starts with it

A sound like for pee.

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