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21 V

From Mystic Messenger - Hanasaki

Kim Taehyung... that's all I gotta say...

22 W

That's The Start Of My Name

W is stupid and is definitely not SAVAGE

I'm glad my list really pulled MQ and W back. - Curtis_Huber

23 O

The only letter that's a shape, easily the coolest from an impartial stand point. O wins!

The best in the world! '

My name starts with o and its number 25?!

24 G

My favourite letter!

Best letter!

G is a C made STUPID! - computerfan0

25 P

Peter Joseph "SquarePants - Yungstirjoey

My favorite letter

P is the best letter ever because my nme starts with it

What's the P oint of this list

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26 Q

This is the worst. - NewYorkCityTopic

Q is my 2nd favourite of all the letters.

Q is my homie. - purpleyoshi98

Q is a kool letar tbaich

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