Best Levels On Call of Duty 4

The Top Ten

All Ghillied Up

I love sniping, and I love stealth. All Ghillied Up is the king of this combo. It is also the most memorable.

Death from Above
Game Over
Sins of Our Fathers
No Fighting In The War Room
Mile High Club

Fun, slightly hard and my second favorite Call of Duty level of all time beaten only by vendetta, Mile High Club is easily my Favorite COD4 level. It's only drawback is it's short. Sweet skydiving and slow-mo ending kill.


Really fun and stealthy, Hunted is long and memorable.

The Contenders

All In

Hard and fun, Heat is awesome.

Crew Expendable

I love every part of this level, from killing the unknowing crew to running with my deagle.

One Shot, One Kill

The holy Jesus of sniping this level was otherwise hard and boring.

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