Best The Libertines Songs

The Top Ten

1 Can't Stand Me Now
2 Time for Heroes V 3 Comments
3 Don't Look Back Into the Sun


4 Up the Bracket

Just the right amount of wit in a song to drive a generation.

5 What a Waster

Should be 2 or 3.

6 What Katie Did
7 What Became of the Likely Lads

That's the first song I've listened to by THE LIBERTINES! And I loved it! It is so beautiful! The Libertines are an awesome band!

8 Music When the Lights Go Out
9 Horror Show
10 Boys In the Band

The Contenders

11 Mayday
12 I Get Along
13 Gunga Din V 3 Comments
14 Death on the Stairs

The mix of Doherty and BarĂ¢t's voices shine brightest in this gem of a song.

15 The Man Who Would Be King

That is an awesome song! The lyrics are awesome and the music is so energetic and beautiful!

16 Vertigo

This is how to open one of the best albums

17 The Heart of the Matter

This is my favorite The Libertines song. I love the lyrics! For some reason it reminded me of Joe Strummer.
I can imagine him singing this! It's so strange. Actually, this is a great compliment for The Libertines. I'm not fond of this band, but I really like 'The Heart of the Matter'.

18 The Delaney
19 Bucket Shop

Although a demo, the overall performance in this song rivals ones on "Up the Bracket" and "The Libertines"

20 Anthem for Doomed Youth

Title song of new album. Reminds me of Music When the Lights Go Out. Great literary references!

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1. Time for Heroes
2. Up the Bracket
3. What a Waster



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