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21 AAA Life Insurance Co
22 Manulife

Best competetive rates

23 United Home Life / United Farm Family

United Home Life is a company that specializes in simplified issue and guaranteed issue whole life policies. They are not widely known because they do not advertise to the public, but rather offer their products through the sales from contract independent agents. I personally would not recommend this company unless, you have some kind of health issues, a senior, or would just like to purchase a small amount of life insurance for your entire life.

Running a close second to Foresters, but narrowly. Both Foresters and UHL both exceed any of your top 10 companies in benefits and premiums.

24 Principal
25 American Income Life

Hidden gem! American Income Life works with unions, associations and their friends and family. They were very helpful, very low affordable rates and Freedom of Choice certificate allowed me to easily pay funeral home quickly and easily. Thank you American Income Life, really helped when I lost my mother.

Best kept secret in the insurance industry.

Deals with union members mostly but not limited to. The Freedom Choice Certificate allows them to pay directly to the funeral home while the family grieves.

Stands by both its clients and supports the unions and there families going above and beyond. It even adopts families going through hard times to make sure they have Christmas etc

Love this company

I love this company.

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26 Banner Life Insurance Company
27 Foresters

If you want a company that will keep their promise, you might want to think twice about this company. Many people buy life insurance for security and peace of mind. This company doesn't have any of that especially in their claims department (Customer Service). The only way to actually make them pay you the beneficiary would be to either hire an attorney or file a claims with the (Your State) state insurance commissioner to have them help you to get your claims paid, if it's a valid claims (within the 2 year contestable period).

This Fraternal Company cares about how I am treated as a member. We are not policy holders, we are members that have policies. The leadership is always trying to make my experience the best. thanks foresters, and don't let people with an ax to grind get you down.

My mother and father took out a policy with this company and when my father died they came up with every reason under the sun not to pay his death claim. I would not recommend this company to anyone after the experiences we have had.

You do not want to do business with this company. Check this out. What will your rates be in twenty years. There is much better life insurance for you out there.

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28 Western & Southern Life

Excellent rates and costumer service when I went to their office...

29 is THE place to shop for life insurance without a medical exam. They offer the best customer support and fastest turnaround time.

30 AIG
31 Aviva

Best customer service ever and some extra's with their customer base website state of the art "customer friendly". I have policies with several top life insurers, but their websites aren't as friendly as my term policy with AVIVA. You can't even do half of what AVIVA offers to their customers. I love AVIVA. I just wished that they would offer "Whole Life" as part of their life insurance portfolio.

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32 The Hartford
33 Sunlife

Have been dealing with Sunlife for many years. Very happy with their services.

34 Fidelity and Guaranty Life

Fidelity is awful, liars big crooks. I invested 4,000 six years ago with wl insurance I am canceling my policy. Today I will only get back $334.00 what a waste of time. If I wait for 9 more years without canceling insurance earlier I would get on $550.00 I repeat do your homework. The worst company for life insurance

To the comment below... Doesn't look like Fidelity & Guaranty sell any whole life policies. They only offer Indexed Universal Life policies. Of course it is a waste of money to invest in life insurance. Life insurance is never meant or should never be used as a investment vehicle. Well anyways, if you really purchased a whole life policy from any life insurance company, your cash value should have been more if you kept it for at least 6 years. I'm glad you are canceling your IUL. If you are looking for a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash value, buy from a mutual life insurer and purchase a participating whole life. Best regards.

35 National Western Life V 1 Comment
36 Bankers Life

Has been amazing in every aspect. Quote, policy, customer service, everything.

37 American National Insurance Company

Personalized multiple line (home, auto, life, etc.) company that can help you do it all in one place. The person who sells you're the policy is the person who helps you during a loss.

38 American Insurance Association
39 Knights of Columbus Insurance Agency

Fraternal benefits from the Knights of Columbus are the BEST products by far. Call your local agent today or the home office at 800-524-3611.

40 ACE Insurance
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