Best Life on Repeat Songs

This is a great alternative band prided on hardcore guitar that's sounds amazing, this is coupled with awesome vocals and meaningful lyrics.

The Top Ten

1 Struggle & Sleep

One of their softer songs, but it still comes out on top by being really catchy and having an amazing mixture of vocals and guitar. - Dillonpaul53

2 Southern Girls

This is probably this bands most popular listen to. There is a reason for ths. It comes out swinging with fantastic singing and continues with even more awesomeness. - Dillonpaul53

3 The Need, Not the Cause

This song is extremely good! It has a good flow to it and is definitely one of my favorites. - Dillonpaul53

4 Wide Awake

Super good! I could listen to this song over and over again, in prospect of its musical genius. - Dillonpaul53

5 Myself in Mirrors

Give this song a chance. It is beautiful with an outstanding chorus and sweet instrumentals. - Dillonpaul53

6 The Waiting Game

Another favorite amongst listeners. Sweet verses put this one near the top! - Dillonpaul53

7 Without You Here

A much softer style of song from this guys that lives up to great expectations. - Dillonpaul53

8 Rock the Boat

An overall great song. Listen to this one. - Dillonpaul53

9 Buzzkill

Yet another great song by this great band - Dillonpaul53

10 Atypical

A newer song by these guys that is a decent piece. I recommend it - Dillonpaul53

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