Best Lifehouse and Paramore Songs

Two great christian Rock Bands. But which song is your favorite.

The Top Ten

1 Hanging By a Moment - Lifehouse

Makes no sense to kep these bands together like that - ruimoura

2 Fences - Paramore
3 Misery Business - Paramore
4 Broken - Lifehouse
5 All In - Lifehouse
6 Everything - Lifehouse
7 Let The Flames Begin - Paramore
8 Brick By Boring Brick - Paramore
9 Gotta Be Tonight - Lifehouse
10 Spin - Lifehouse

While Hanging by a Moment was a bit more catchy and also more complex, I found Spin more enjoyable, especially the album version with the extra "outro" that was cut out from the radio version.

I don't really understand the thought process behind the list. Lifehouse and Paramore songs only? Both bands have extensive playlists with dozens of songs but I don't see them as having a lot in common. Lifehouse is my favorite band but I enjoy Paramore somewhat too.

Spin is an underrated song. Lifehouse was more creative with the Stanley Climbfall album, but the direction they went in led to a sophomore slump and the album only got 430,000 sales vs more than 2 million for the first album. - Electricbassguy

The Contenders

11 Miracle - Paramore
12 Now - Paramore

It's their new song and I love it!

13 Between the Raindrops - Lifehouse
14 You and Me - Lifehouse
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