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21 Make Me Over Make Me Over

What? Why is it not in the top 10? At least top 15. This song made my day, always.

22 First Time First Time

Wow First Time Amazing Song
This is My Favourite Lifehouse Song And Probably In my top 3 Songs of All Time!

This is a Really Great Song By These Guys!
Lifehouse Is Underrated Big Time

Looking at you, holding my breath
For once in my life I'm scared to death
I'm taking a chance, letting you inside

I'm feeling alive all over again
As deep as the sky under my skin
Like being in love, she said, for the first time - Curti2594

I really do like "this" and "All in" song. Never thought that Lifehouse has this much good songs. I checked out this morning and I found myself drown into the songs.. High five for this band. All the songs were good.

Amazing Song! Listen to the sound the beat and the lyrics and you will see what I'm talking about. It's really a well written song.

Um why isn't this song in the top 3?

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23 Whatever It Takes Whatever It Takes

This is an amazing song. Probably my favourite

Because is true, sometimes we need to change for another person

This has always been my favorite lifehouse song. I cannot believe it is in 9th place? Crazy.

The best song they have ever done by far!

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24 Breathing Breathing

Gives a purely nostalgic feeling everytime I listen to it, deserves the first place in my opinion. - Flash667

This song is so catchy love it! I never get bored listening to this all the time =D

Surely deserves the first place. This song has a lyric of love and affection. And every time I hear it, the music of this song gives me a soothing feelings.

If opinion is shared about it... May be it becomes a normal one...

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25 Crash and Burn Crash and Burn

And if I fall and crash and burn,
At least we both know that I tried,
And as I crawl there's lessons learned,
Yeah, they remind me I survived.
Literally, heart touching lyrics. One word: Amazing.

If you watch Castle episode 23 season 2 ending part you will know why this song is the best...

Love this song! Heard it on Castle and has fallen in love with it ever since! Really touches one and just makes you want to sing along!

Can't get this song outta my head

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26 Simon Simon

I am sad to see this song so low in the list. It's definitely among their best written songs and deserves a place at least in the top ten. The lyrics are so meaningful and can be related to by anyone. Give it a listen and you'll not be sorry.

This is for you Sam. Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of you. You can't imagine how much I miss talking to you.

This is among the most meaningful songs I've ever heard. It touches upon the subject of being subjected to abuse or unjust treatment both physically and mentally. No other song matches this on that subject. "Simon" rocks.

Definitely their best song. Makes me want to cry every time I listen to it. Not many other songs can do that...

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27 Easier to Be Easier to Be

This song is just so cute and very underrated. Old Lifehouse was the best Lifehouse.

this is at the last... This is the song that changed my life... This is the song that defines lifehouse... This is bound to be at the number 1 place... Tremendously underrated...

28 Always Somewhere Close Always Somewhere Close

So awesome of a song! - Curti2594

29 Disarray Disarray
30 Angeline

I don't know the album it belongs to (or if it belongs to one) but when Jason plays it during the acoustic medley it blows my whole mind and just love love love everywhere.

Love love this song it should totally be higher lifehouse rocks

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31 Flight Flight

This song is Beautiful and I love the 2nd part of the song when it picks up it's cool! - Curti2594

Number 32. Really? It's even better than 'You and Me' guys. The music, video, lyrics, everything! - prateekj30

You can just play this track for hours!

32 Gotta Be Tonight Gotta Be Tonight

Thumbs up to a good song! - Curti2594

33 By Your Side By Your Side

By Your Side shows that love can survive the time the distance... We can always feel the beautiful presence of someone we love next to us

By Your Side expresses the best of Lifehouse - it speaks to my heart and I think it is the most beautiful song.

34 Had Enough Had Enough

This song is Featuring Chris Daughtry! - Curti2594

35 Chapter One Chapter One

Chapter one has beautiful music. I just love it so much!
I am sure you all will love it.

36 Unknown Unknown
37 Only You're the One Only You're the One

This song. IS.. AMAZING! *_*Forget Top TEN, this should be at least in the Top THREE!

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38 Undone Undone
39 Better Luck Next Time Better Luck Next Time

How is this song so low?!?!

40 Cling and Clatter Cling and Clatter

Great underrated song, it have nice catching chorus

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