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41 Undone
42 The Joke
43 Cling and Clatter

Great underrated song, it have nice catching chorus

44 Anchor

Great underrated song, it have nice catching chorus, also lyrics is great and have a deep meaning

45 Nobody Listen

This song is from their new album, such an amazing slow sad song! GO LIFEHOUSE

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46 Who We Are

HOW CAN THIS BE 41ST? They named an album after this song! It's so inspirational!

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47 Aftermath

This song made me cry. So beautiful!

48 Out of Breath
49 Hurricane V 2 Comments
50 Where I Come From
51 Fairytales Sandcastles

It's a very catchy tune and it got stuck in my head ever since I heard it. It got lost between their first (non-record album) Diff's lucky day and their first (real album) Who we are.

52 We'll Never Know

I have been a great fan of this band.. Hurts to see such a wonderful song so low on the list.. Honestly give it a try.. N I assure U.. you will be keeping the rear button busy

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53 Crown of Scars
54 Into the Sun

One of my favorites, worth listening to.

55 Wrecking Ball
56 Learn You Inside Out
57 Hurt This Way

It's a really good song

58 You Are Not Alone

A beautiful and inspiring song... I don't understand why this isn't on the list... It soft and slow at the beginning but really builds into a powerful ballad... Perfection

59 Am I Ever Gonna Find Out
60 Nerve Damage
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