Best Light Machine Guns In Call of Duty Black Ops

The Top Ten

1 M60

Holds the most rounds good to have grip and extended mag perks on it and to have scavvenger pro

Rambos gun is awesome 2 hit kill at good range

2 Stoner63

Wait, why is the stoner so low it is an excellent gun better than any other LMG. High fire rate normal damage normal clip. Vote for Stoner63 - MrDungeonMasta

Higher rate of fire than RPK, super speedy reload time, and the recoil isn't bad at all.

Great performance no matter what map you're in, and it has a neat history behind it as well, it would be a great addition to any real-life collection.
But I'd stick with black-ops

4 HK21
5 MG42
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