Best Lightsaber Colors

The Top Ten
1 Green

It's a close one, but a lot of the most powerful Jedi out there have one and it's only appropriate that Luke eventually crafts one. I mean, we've got Yoda and Qui-Gon, both of which are some of my favourites.

A green colored lightsaber presents great force powers abilities it is a very great advantage for a Jedi if they have a powerful force abilitiy,but never use it for offense but for defense and knowledge.
Powerful force users are:Luke Skywalker,Yoda,Kit Fisto and Qui Gon Jinn.The best user of the green lighsaber is Grand Master Luke Skywalker

I think I agree with the guy who wrote the two long statements about the awesome green lighsabers and the fact that he likes luke skywalker the best.If I would have to write and vote for the green lightsaber thing I'll have the same opinion with him

Cause of Yoda and Luke Skywalker. I always liked the blue one cause it fit Ralf Macquire's art, but through the prequels and Clone War series I have become a fan.

2 Blue

Going with unique colors like black or orange is cool in its own right, but there's a reason blue is a popular hero's color; it works, look at Superman, he has red and yellow like all other super powered people, but he's on of the only ones with any substantial amount of blue. Luke Skywalker started with a blue lightsaber, then went to green as he matured and gained knowledge and power. But if he hadn't accepted that BLUE lightsaber at the very beginning, the whole Star Wars Saga would have been drastically different.

Blue in my favorite lightsaber color. Blue is just the best one.

My favorite color and also held by Jedi master Luke

I come from a family with a long line of bravery and I read that those who weild a blue lightsaber are very brave. Also BLUE LIGHTSABER LOOK SO COOL! :D

3 Red

Red seems to be the optimal choice, as a lot of people out there would rather be the bad guy than the good one. Villains have better character development, better costumes, better death scenes, and better fan bases at most times. And as a plus, who wouldn't want to be like the ever so famous Darth Vader!

Red is wielded by Darth Vader and all the cool Sith.

General Grievous: Am I a joke to you?

I mean I would love to be one the dark side plus red is my favorite color.

Red light sabers are wielded by sith.The sith are arrogant and believe they are stronger than the light side.The first Sith Empire was founded at around 7000 BBY by a cruel Exiled Dark Jedi,launching the Golden Age of the Sith

4 Purple

The Purple lightsaber is the way it is because you can only get it by using the light and dark side. Double the force, double the awesome. Plus, it looks sick.

Purple is a combination of light and dark, so it's inherently cool. Also, Revan, 'enough said.

Mace was always my favorite and one part that made him my favorite is his lightsaber

Porque is nice color and the Jedi or sith that use this color light saber use both the force and the dark side

5 Yellow

Sentinel could be a combination of guardian and consular. But also a BETTER combination of both

Appeared in the rise of skywalker as Rey's lightsaber at the end of the film

Only The Jedi guards use them and they are strong

Its simply just amazing as its bright colour and equipped with the right looking light saber gives a out standing and strong look to any Jedi that uses it

6 Black

My man darth maul and no he didn't almost lose to pre vizla. He went in using pure combat while vizla used an arsenal of his bounty hunter/mandalorian armour weapons and gadgets and still had lost and he was also a very skilled warrior but 1v1 with maul in duel no chance he wins. Please

Most lightsabers shine white in the middle of the blade and have their color as an aura around it, but black has a black center and a white aura. It's reverse!

Darth Vaguis the Wise's black saber of darkness, made from concentrated antimatter. With something like that... well, all other Star Wars guys are dead and rotten

Black is just so cool and I like that it makes an appearance in the Mandalorian

7 White

Only used by Imperial Knights and one imperial knight went and became one of the best Sith Lords ever.

It takes so much power to change the crystals from red to a pure white and makes it very powerful

"an old Jedi called Sinube used a white light lightsabre in the clone wars as well as Ahsoka in rebels ( by the way Ahsoka's blades are from an inquisitor she defeated and healed because the sith make them bleed.) white is my favourite lightsabre as Ahsoka's and Sinube are great role models that have changed my life

Not as cool as silver but pretty way ahead of the rest, though.

8 Viridian

I don't know what that colour even is!

I don’t know what Viridian is...