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1 Green

Luke skywalker is a whiny pain in the ass.

It looks the coolest, plus Yoda and Luke, the two most powerful Jedi of all time, had a green lightsaber.

Green is just a classic color, looks great with many things

Just because

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2 Blue

Going with unique colors like black or orange is cool in its own right, but there's a reason blue is a popular hero's color; it works, look at Superman, he has red and yellow like all other super powered people, but he's on of the only ones with any substantial amount of blue. Luke Skywalker started with a blue lightsaber, then went to green as he matured and gained knowledge and power. But if he hadn't accepted that BLUE lightsaber at the very beginning, the whole Star Wars Saga would have been drastically different.

Blue isn't really my favourite colour but used by one of my favourite characters obi wan kenobi but he still couldn't defeat luke

Blue in my favorite lightsaber color. Blue is just the best one.

Blue is the best colour

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3 Red

Red seems to be the optimal choice, as a lot of people out there would rather be the bad guy than the good one. Villains have better character development, better costumes, better death scenes, and better fan bases at most times. And as a plus, who wouldn't want to be like the ever so famous Darth Vader!

Is da best lieer

Red light sabers are wielded by sith.The sith are arrogant and believe they are stronger than the light side.The first Sith Empire was founded at around 7000 BBY by a cruel Exiled Dark Jedi,launching the Golden Age of the Sith

I can't belive only sith use red lightsabers like darth vader,darth sidious,darth maul with his awesome double lightsaber,kylo ren who isint really a sith,star killer,savage opress,and count dooku

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4 Purple

Darth Revan is a pretty much cool dark side and light side user and force wielder he uses a single synthetic purple crystal as the focusing lense of his lightsaber although this Lightsaber isn't my favorite colour but it's still acceptable owning a purple lightsaber

The Purple lightsaber is the way it is because you can only get it by using the light and dark side. Double the force, double the awesome. Plus, it looks sick.

Purple is a combination of light and dark, so it's inherently cool. Also, Revan, 'enough said.

Darth revan

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5 Yellow

Sentinel could be a combination of guardian and consular. But also a BETTER combination of both

in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - rock2metal

The jedi sentinel is the best

Oof This can Be Perfect for a Roblox Noob

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6 Black

In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - rock2metal

Black is a rare one but not he best green is the best.

Black is just the coolest color - LiamNeeson

Its awesome

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7 Orange

Orange, being my favorite color is naturally my favorite choice. Orange also shows a sense of awesomeness and distinctness though because it is not used frequently.

Orange is not in the movie but since it's my fave colour I would pick orange because its an awesome colour

Though not shown in the movies, a wielder of the colored blade is. Yaddle in the Phantom Menace. Orange is in the middle of a green and yellow crystal.

Orange is an awesome color to begin with! Plus it stands for "Agressive Negotiations".

8 White

Only used by Imperial Knights and one imperial knight went and became one of the best Sith Lords ever.

Ahsoka tano used these in rebels

"an old Jedi called Sinube used a white light lightsabre in the clone wars as well as Ahsoka in rebels ( by the way Ahsoka's blades are from an inquisitor she defeated and healed because the sith make them bleed.) white is my favourite lightsabre as Ahsoka's and Sinube are great role models that have changed my life

9 Gold

It only appears on Star Wars the Force Unleashed for Wii, but this one is a good choice for looking good while you are smashing some clone troopers

This is a cool colour

10 Aqua

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11 Pink

Colors such as blue and green is too common and boring. Plus characters with odd colors are more memorable such as Mace Windew.

I hate pink lightsabers

12 Silver

The best you can have

13 Teal
14 Bronze

The only jedi to ever wield a bronze lightsaber was a wookie making it awesome.

15 Cyan
16 Brown
17 Viridian
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