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1 Get Low

very original song. A great when it came out and still is today.

Lil jons greatest hit shaking night clubs worldwide and has possibly the best crunk hook of them all as well as featuring the awesome flo of the ying yang twins.

UListen to Sample
2 Yeah!


3 What a Night UListen to Sample
4 Snap Yo Fingers UListen to Sample
5 Throw It Up

Best pump up song of all time

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6 Shots UListen to Sample
7 Put Yo Hood Up UListen to Sample
8 BME Click UListen to Sample
9 I Don't Give a F*** UListen to Sample
10 Hey UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Outta Your Mind UListen to Sample
12 Act a Fool
13 Crunk Rock UListen to Sample
14 Real N**** Roll Call

I kinda hate this. I can say one thing, this song is a SERIOUS banger, with its fantastic production and more energy in its loudness than Waka Flocka Flame could ever HOPE to muster.

That said, these lyrics are a special kind of awful. I'm fine with swearing, but if its not done in moderation it can really irk me. Do you know what EVERY line ends with in the ENTIRE song? *points to the second word in the titls* Yep. Honestly, I give this a 2.5/5, the definition of meh. - WonkeyDude98

A real hip hop classic. Even though it says n**** more than any other song. - yaygiants16

This is what true hip-hop sounds like.
It is a classic.
Only people who are not comfortable with lots of swearing will hate this song.
Well,I have to say they are retarded!
This is a hard hitting epic song.
It is Lil Jon's best song and one of the best rap songs ever made.
Ice Cube murders his lyrics as well.

15 Turn Down for What UListen to Sample
16 Get in Get Out UListen to Sample
17 Back Up UListen to Sample
18 Salt Shaker UListen to Sample
19 Give It All U Got UListen to Sample
20 Push That N**** Push That Hoe
21 Bia' Bia' UListen to Sample
22 Grand Finale UListen to Sample
23 Let's Go UListen to Sample
24 Literally I Can't UListen to Sample
25 Da Blow UListen to Sample
26 Cooking by the Book UListen to Sample
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1. Get Low
2. Yeah!
3. What a Night


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