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1 The Fear

Perfect in almost every way. It's catchy, upbeat and has become somewhat of a club anthem with tonnes of remixes (with the original becoming a club song in it's own right).
Good old lil' shows her clever side and really drives home the idea that we are living in a material world influenced by the press and celebrities. Young people aspire to be plastic and live in a fake world with no morals or true aspirations.
Really is such a good tune and sees lily at her musical and most certainly lyrical best.
Also what I love about lily is that she sings in an English accent! Adds such an authenticity to it.

Such a brill song, and it's the lyrics have SO much truth in them! I hate songs with no meaning and this song has plenty of meaning! All about celebrity culture and how destructive it can be on the soul! Best lily allen song in my opinion. V catchy, good to dance to and has a great chord progression. A cold hard look at "the sun" and in "the mirror"! Perfect!

This song is pretty good, but VERY overrated. - benjigoo

A cool song that is very catchy and will stay in your head all day. Smile is also very good but it's simple that this song is better

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2 F*** You

It's really catchy, I love it so much.

My kids listen to this stuff but I like it

Written about George Bush-fits Trump perfectly too. Catchy song and smart lyrics, the only Lily Allen song I like

Hilarious lyrics and video, too. Too bad Alfie isn't on this list, though.

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3 Smile

I love the song, it totally made me laugh, and its catchy too! unlike a lot of other songs written by other artists

The music video for this song is hilarious and the idea of her getting her revenge on her boyfriend is awesome. - Goldenroses

It's hilarious and very catchy. I think this one and F*** you are definitely the best ones and I always listen to them!

Smile is a great song because her vocals were phenomonal and the plot of the song was great!

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4 Not Fair

Funny, whimsical and subtle with its catchy overtone, this song really lays out one of the major issues regarding relationship chemistry. Sure, you like the guy, but he really sucks in bed!

Not Fair is my second favorite Lily Allen song. It's very retro and the opening is perfect. But my 1st favorite song is The Fear!


It's super catchy and the meaning behind it is that cities like London may seem very fun and friendly but behind the nice looks of it, it's actually very cruel just like other parts of the world that we don't think are as nice.

This is a fantastic song, it even got in the Triple J Hottest 100 one year! - benjigoo

A catchy song that tells us in reality, London isn't as friendly as it seems. - djpenquin999

I used to listen to this song ALL THE TIME ITS AMAZING

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6 Hard Out Here

Hella amazing! Why is this not such a famous feminist anthem, I don't know, but it totally should be!

Awesome song. Why is not at least at the 3 place? I don't like this place for that song. LILY ALLEN rules! - selenafan

One of the best song from lily allen... Deserved to be at top 3 position

Please let this be number 1

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7 22

How is this not either first or second!? Much better than Not Fair, this actually has MEANING!

Great lyrics, cool groove, and amazing harmonies. The chorus sounds incredible, especially when the bass and drums drop out and then come back in at the end.

I love how chic this song is. The chorus beat is stunning, and it really describes all those party girls. My favorite on the album.

Ingenious. Musically and lyrically

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8 Littlest Things

This song is so good! There is another though I can't think of at the moment its about this guy hitting on her she likes leave me alone. BUT This one is BY FAR MY FAVORITE.

This is probably the best song from Lily Allen because it has a very strong message that makes this song really emotional. Love you Lily!

Songs are great well done good luck

Best I-can't-move-on song ever

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9 Who'd Have Known

I love this song so much, it makes me smile whenever I hear it and I believe that it should be in the top 5 since this song just has emotion in it and a lot of people can really relate to it. The best Lily Allen so far, well including smile, that songs is so funny.

Probably one of Lily's most vulnerable sounding songs with such a deep meaning! Absolutely love it.

I just adore this song. It is so relatable and beautiful.

This is my favorite song of hers

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10 Somewhere Only We Know

Beautiful song and video.

A beautiful change from Lily's typical songs

Such a sweet song

Cover or not, it's flawless

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11 Air Balloon

I think this is the best song ever! I love it. It's so catchy. I could listen to it all day because it's that good.

I could listen to it all day

Air ballon is so veryyy superrr great

12 Alfie

This song makes me laugh and cry at the same time! I love you, Lily Allen!

What is dead may never die


13 Chinese

I know this song is lesser known, but it's always been my favorite. I love the way it deals with the specialness of the everyday things couples do, and the sweet romance of a night in!


Well, I actually love all of Lily's songs but this one and Friday Night are properly my best ones but I love them all! Knock 'Em Out has such a jolly tune and it's not even on this list! So glad that she had her two number ones that she did and I wish her luck for the future x Love her songs... <3 ALWAYS!

14 Oh My God


15 Sheezus

Bloody fantastic it is brilliantly amazing you should listen to it because it is ace totally spectacular

We're all watching GAGA, laugh out loud oh HA-Ha Dying for her art so really she's a martyr

Taken out from her new album, such a perfect and mature song.

No way put this higher

16 Everyone's at It

This song is really, really catchy and meaningful. It's smart and relevant, and it deserves to at least be in the top 10.

17 Him

This song should be first. It is by far one of her most meaningful and inspirational songs along with "Kabul S***". It's a cherry song about her assumptions of what God would be like if he was one of us. If you haven't heard it, you should definitely give it a go. It has such a catchy verse that can either make you smile or cry as it address 9/11 and that the world has been going wrong for too long and something needs to change.

18 Just Be Good to Green

Love the song, very catchy! I was singing it last night before I'd even found this poll! Professor Green is a fabulous rapper and they made a great duet!

This is a very cool and very underrated song by Professor Green and Lily Allen. I like the attitude of both singers and I also like the chorus.

Really like it Lily Allen makes this song A LOT better but still could be a good song without her. - lovaboii72

great singing by lily with harsh rap by proffeser green - decorulez97

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19 Our Time
20 Knock 'Em Out

Perfect, and so funny. I love this song so much, it makes me laugh every time and it's just the best to jam out to on a friday night when I'm alone. Love Lily so much

21 5 O'Clock
22 Everything's Just Wonderful

I love this song

23 Shame for You
24 Don't Get Me Wrong
25 I Could Say

Very beautifully sung by Lily.

26 U Killed It
27 Cheryl Tweedy

The most amazing lyrics, revealing sides and truths about Lily Allen we didn't know before.

28 Friend of Mine

A song with a true meaning that everyone can relate to.

29 Nan You're a Window Shopper
30 Trigger Bang

One of her best songs, and lyrically it shows self-awareness.

31 Why
32 Friday Night

I love lilly allens songs SO MUCH and this is one of my very faveroutes, you can hear and understand the lyrics so clearly. It's also has a constant beat wich I love.

I Think It sholud In Top Ten list :3 No, I mean Top Three o. O

33 Never Gonna Happen
34 Little Soldier
35 True Love
36 Back to the Start

Got me a girlfriend... That's what makes this song good...

37 Kabul S***

This is an outstanding piece of lyricism that for some reason got left as a download only bonus track. It's sad that a track this thought-provoking got left off the album entirely.

38 As Long As I Got You
39 URL Badman

WHY PEOPLE WHY! This song is so fantastic, so catchy and tongue-and-cheek!

So catchy why isn't it higher ugh

40 Insincerely Yours
41 L8 CMMR


42 Mr Blue Sky
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