Limp Bizkit - The Kings of Rapcore

Limp Bizkit... My all time favourite rock band. They are released the debut album "Three Dollar Bill, Yall'$" in 1997, the album debuted 22# on the billboard 200.

But their main characteristics was amazingly live shows. Do you see any live performances? AMAZING!

The band released second and legendary album "Significant Other" on 1999 and album climbed #1 on the billboard 200. The singles Nookie, Break Stuff, Re-Arrrenged and N 2 Gether Now were from this album. But unfortunately during Limp Bizkit' live performance at Woodstock 1999, violence erupted during the album's song "Break Stuff" and Fred Durst says: People are getting hurt, don't let anybody getting hurt. But I don't think you should mellow out. That's what Alanis Morissette had you motherf***ers do. If someone falls, pick em' up. We already let the negative energy out. Now we wanna let out the positive energy". Break Stuff won the MTV Video Music Awards for Best Rock Video

In 2000, the band released third album "Chocolate Starfish and The Hot Dog Flavored Water". The album debuted #1 on the billboard 200. selling 1.05 million copies in It's first week, making it the fastest selling rock album, breaking the record held for 7 years by Pearl Jam's vs.

Five singles were released from the album: Take a Look Around, My Generation, Rollin', My Way and Boiler.

The guitarist Wes Borland left the band in 2001, the band continued to record and tour with guitarist Mike Smith.

Limp Bizkit released the fourth album "Results May Vary" in 2003, the album peaked #3 on the billboard 200. The album is the band's only release under the sole leadership of Fred Durst. The album received mostly negative reviews from music critics. The songs was great but the lyrics are ordinary.

In 2004, Wes Borland return to the band, they are released "The Uniquestionable Truth (Part 1)" in 2005 and the band went on hiatus in 2006.

In 2011, Limp Bizkit released sixth and the biggest comeback album "Gold Cobra". The album debuted #16 on billboard 200.

Limp Bizkit currently recording their seventh studio album "Stampede of The Disco Elephants"