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21 Shark Attack

Easily of my favorite songs by limp bizkit. It has an awesome sound. It really reminds me of break stuff.

One of the best songs on Gold Cobra, sounds like old school Limp Bizkit. - 8gerrard8

I love sharks and limp bizkit :D perfect!

22 Sour
23 Crack Addict

A truly badass song by the lb. To bad not many fans no about it because it was never released on an album. Its only known for WWE wrestle mania 19. But yeah, this is a must-listen.

Amazing song and the theme for Wrestlemania 19

One of the best alternate rock songs ever. Definitely deserves to be in the top 5.

Why this song is ranked so low...It would have been there best one

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24 Just Like This

Come on guys vote for this song is a masterpiece


25 Sanitarium

Best cover ever

26 Pollution

Greatest song from their greatest album. Opening riff is so powerful. Rock your socks off metal, straight up.

Really awesome

?... What the [email protected].. This is the BEST SONG EVER from Fred Durst and company... Sas

Seriously 56 What the f*ck? I don't know why the entire Three dollar bill yall album isn't in the top 11. One of the best albums of the 90's. I miss you limp bizkit. Never been the same since Ross Robinson. Please come back without over produced Freddy D Bullsh*t

27 Indigo Flow
28 No Sex

Why has no one voted for this? best limp bizkit song

29 The Channel
30 Getcha Groove On
31 Nobody Like You

This song should be at least the top 5 this song is really intense especilly at the beggining w the drums and throught out the whole song I like how it is a blast one minute and all low key the next it keeps me on edge

32 Loser

How can this song not be at the top? The lyrics are beautiful

33 Drown

Most emotional song I've ever heard.

34 Stink Finger
35 Lonely World

My favourite, great beat, nice flow.

Should be higher.

This is the best song EVER, it has an amazing lyrics and rhythm
I feel so understood every time I listen to it

Great Lyrics + Great Beat = Great Song

36 Trust?

I think that this song should be higher on this list because its really catchy awesome lyrics and described how there are people you can't trust

37 Stuck
38 Show Me What You Got
39 The Truth

Why is this song and Crack Addict down in the 40's? They are the best Limp Bizkit songs ever! The Truth has great lyrics and the coolest guitar riff I've ever heard. Crack Addict sounds amazing too for similiar reasons.

Sam is the most underrated bassist ever. Her can play bass use the fingers. Unbelievable bassist. - 05yusuf09

Hard ass song. Not my all time favorite by lb but it needs to be voted way up. In my top 3 for sure

Best Limp bizkit track for run

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40 Nobody Loves Me V 1 Comment
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