Top Ten Best Limp Bizkit Songs

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61 Don't Go Off Wandering
62 Everything

Many people don't think they're even capable of producing an instrumental. This song just proves that they are fully capable, and even more-so because of how long it is. Take a moment to absorb its beauty and discover a hidden gem of Limp Bizkit. - Dorito

A 16 minute masterpiece. The intro itself tells a somber story, leading into the best filtered bass and guitar combo that I've ever heard. This is, no doubt, the best song of their whole career

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63 Thieves


Its new, funky and fresh. I love it.

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64 Smack My Bitch Up
65 Let Me Down

Not my favorite songs but one of the best. The drum track kicks ass. John Otto! Fred Durst and Mike are pretty good too.

66 Why
67 Clunk
68 Drown

Most emotional song I've ever heard.

69 The Priest
70 Endless Slaughter

I love Limp Bizkit but this song is torture. - 05yusuf09

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71 The Mind of Les

This isn't really a song but it's a hidden Track on Significant Other and its funny - christangrant

Lol it has a Song Sample - christangrant

72 Leech
73 Stalemate
74 Killer In You
75 Our House
76 My Own Cobain
77 Middle Finger
78 All That Easy
79 Take It Home
80 Intro
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